Mixed doubles

People are complicated. Michigan coach Jim Harbaugh is virulently anti-choice, I’d never vote for him for anything. But he hired Milan Bolden-Morris. And yesterday Milan Bolden-Morris becomes first female grad assistant to coach for a Big Ten team.

Gabe Kapler just gave Carlos Rodon another reason to consider re-signing with SF Giants.

Ignoring analytics to let a tiring Rodon finish a really tough inning with a 3-0 lead, bases loaded, one out. (Carlos got out of it.) Imagine what Rodon could do with Aaron Judge helping him out with run support.

So all that was necessary for the SF Giants to start playing like a playoff team was for them basically to be eliminated from the playoffs? Okay then.

Bummed that coach Becky Hammon left the San Antonio Spurs. On the other hand, she’s already been named WNBA coach of the year. And while i admittedly don’t watch much of WNBA, the end in regulation of tonight’s playoff game between Las Vegas Aces and Seattle Storm is worth watching.

Meanwhile, with about 4 weeks left in the regular MLB season, do the rules say someone HAS to win the AL Central?

Hey media. It’s not “hate speech” if you simply call out people who hate democracy.

Imagine how the media would cover it if Hillary Clinton had a rally.

Heck time for another reminder that when Hillary Clinton simply wrote a book saying “What Happened?” many including the media were all over her for being a sore loser.

Used to be mainstream media television journalists aspired to be like Tim Russert. Now seems like they aspire to be Chuck Todd.

Same media with their knickers in a knot about President Biden’s speech possibly being politically divisive could show us about actual U.S. political division by simply asking EVERY candidate at state and local levels – “Who won the 2020 Presidential Election?”

Former guy who on Jan 6 wanted to hang his VP, who told a mob the election was stolen & if you don’t fight like hell, you’re not going to have a country anymore” just claimed Joe Biden gave “the most vicious, hateful & divisive speech ever delivered by an American president,”

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