Swinging for the fences.

SF Giants scored 18 runs in their 7 game losing streak. They scored 13 tonight. Baseball is a funny game.

But yeah, 15-25 since the All-Star break, losers of 5 of 6, 3 runs or fewer 6 times in last 7 days, and batting .105 with runners in scoring position. It’s been a pretty bad run for the Giants.

Oh wait, never mind, that above sentence is about the NY Yankees.

(who still have a 5 game lead in the AL East.)

College Football approved expanding 4-team playoff format to 12, starting by 2026 Fear has been extra playoff weeks would be hard for student-athletes. But w/ new mega conferences requiring regular cross country flights, guess CFP & NCAA gave up on fiction of “student-athletes.”

In Argentina, a man tried to assassinate the Vice President. The country canceled all football (soccer) matches. Imagine if the NFL had done the same after January 6 having heard the mob wanted to “hang Mike Pence”

Bill Barr knew Velveeta Voldemort was a snake when he picked him up.

So who’s next to go at CNN? Jim Acosta, Anderson Cooper or Don Lemon? Since apparently speaking truth is now considered partisan.

Biden didn’t attack all Trump supporters last night. He attacked”MAGA Republicans,” adding “not every Republican embraces their extreme ideology.” If long-time Trump supporter Liz Cheney isn’t conservative enough now because she believes in rule of law, you’re a MAGA Republican.

Many in the media think turning the US into an authoritarian dictatorship is good for ratings. Have they actually paid attention to what happens to media in a real authoritarian dictatorship?

It’s not whether or not there are classified documents buried with Ivana. It’s that we have a former President of the United States who is so corrupt and self-serving that we seriously wouldn’t put it past him.

A potential tragicomic detail about the classified documents Velveeta Voldemort took to Mar-A-Lago – have to think there’s a good chance some of them ended up in the garbage covered with spilled Diet Coke and/or ketchup.

Finally, a brief break from snark, how lucky were all of us to be able to watch Serena Williams?

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