Sympathy and lack thereof.

The NY Yankees have lost 12 games off their 15 1/2 game lead in AL West and their “first round bye is in danger.”

“Oh boo bleeping hoo” said fans of about 20 teams with smaller playoffs and none chance even to get in the playoffs.

Mark Davis, owner of Las Vegas Raiders & Las Vegas Aces complains his e Aces WNBA finals game 1 is at same time as Raiders game. Do I really care if billionaire can see both of his teams?

No. But WNBA supposedly is trying to grow their audience. Who scheduled their finals game 1 on NFL opening Sunday?

Joe Biden was right, “you can’t love your country only when you win.”

Also true of baseball. But okay, SF Giants have ten hits in last three games…?!! . Not ten runs, ten HITS. That’s testing fan love.

Facebook/Meta is scared of bipartisan antitrust leglislation, continuing to run regulary dishonest and expensive ads claiming it will harm consumers & innovation and contribute to inflation.

To be fair, Meta’s profit was lower in 2022 Q2 than in 2021. They ONLY made, in this 2nd quarter $6.69 billion.

Steve Bannon claims “35 Trump Allies” were raided yesterday…. Well, why tell a small lie when a huge one can go just as viral?

GOP: Why has John Fetterman been avoiding debating Dr. Oz. What is he hiding?

Also GOP: Why does Reverend Warnock keep asking Herschel Warnock to debate him? What do debates matter?

Fox News for some reason isn’t covering Steve Bannon’s latest arrest & perp walk, even to proclaim his innocence. Maybe because this time Bannon’s been charged with defrauding his own GOP donors… who sent money allegedly to build a border wall.

It’s. A. Cult.

For anyone who’s been told by millennials or Gen Z that they’re too old to aspire to a top job, remind them, King Charles III is 73 years old.

“God Save the King” being played in England for the first time in my lifetime. I’m not crying, you’re crying.

How grateful that we are that for Queen Elizabeth’s funeral the US will be represented by President Joe Biden instead of the Former Guy.

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