Out of town.

Small in the grand scheme of things but with Ian bearing down on Florida, whoever set it up that the Tampa Bay Rays’ last regular season scheduled home game was two days ago looks like a genius.

Boise State QB Hank Bachmeier has entered transfer portal. He told ESPN that his main priority in choosing a school is finding the best situation to both win games and prepare himself for the NFL. Well, at least Hank’s not even pretending it’s about academics.

Golfweek reports that LIV Golf is nearing a deal to buy airtime which would see its events broadcast for the first time. The network is Fox Sports.

I am shocked said nobody.

Chrissy Teigen admitted her heartbreaking 2020 “miscarriage” at 20 weeks was actually “life-saving abortion” w/ nonviable pregnancy. Now Cancun Cruz claims Teigen is lying & just calling miscarriage an abortion because she is pro-choice.

STFU is mildest response I can think of.

President Biden has been nothing but supportive of Florida, January 6 committee has postponed Sept 28th hearing, even Ron Deathsantis has toned his rhetoric down a bit. But political leader who has said NOTHING about Ian is one who claims to be Florida resident at Mar-A-Lago.

Are all these Republicans apparently in love in authoritarianism paying attention to Putin’s forced draft? Or are they just thinking if US ends up with such a leader they’ll be too old and decrepit to be “mobilized?”

Mitch McConnell supports Electoral Count Act. Chuck Schumer supports Electoral Count Act. Nine Republicans co-sponsor Electoral Count Act.

It passed out of Rules committee 14-1.

But just to keep it from being too much of bipartisan Kumbaya moment -we’had Cancun Cruz objecting. Will Rogers never met Ted Cruz.

Open note to people who discover secrets that are seriously dangerous to democracy and/or national security. You have a better chance of selling a book some day if you divulge those secrets at the time you learn them.

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