Late and not lamented.

NFL is apparently cancelling the Pro Bowl. “What a shame” said absolutely nobody.

Brooklyn Nets’ Kyrie Irving says he gave up 4-year, $100M-plus contract extension to be unvaccinated. So the man who has said the earth is flat and vaccines are bad, is telling us he doesn’t get math either. Got it.

Congratulations to the Cleveland Guardians, baseball’s youngest team, on clinching the AL Central

How young are the Guardians? Let’s just say it wouldn’t be a shock if the locker room celebration included milk and cookies.

Online trivia game tonight had a question: “Give last names of all of the women who have served as prime minister of United Kingdom.”

As an Anglophile that was an easy one, there have been three.

(It’s a sadly easier answer in the US, zero.)

So if you’ve just been at O’Hare Airport and you’re eating Garrett’s cheese popcorn for lunch that counts as dairy and a vegetable, right? Asking for a friend.

With Hurricane Ian bearing down, wonder how many Floridians in the path of Hurricane Ian would love to get out of the state asap on a plane chartered by Ron Desantis.

So let’s get this straight…latest “how many people have to be lying for Velveeta Voldemort to be telling the truth,” allegation is that FBI, led by Donald’s appointee Christopher Wray, PLANTED evidence at Mar-A-Lago? Even OJ Simpson thinks that’s a stretch.

For anyone following Italy’s decision to elect Giorgia Meloni PM and thinking they might be facist-curious, here’s a simple fact: When you give up democracy, it’s really really hard to get it back. Facists with power don’t like elections.

Vladimir Putin just granted Russian citizenship to Edward Snowden. Wait until Snowden figures out that means he can be drafted for Putin’s war against Ukraine.

Rachel Maddow brings up a really scary point about election deniers, now a major faction of GOP,

If elections don’t matter then it doesn’t matter what voters want. The ruling party can do what THEY want.

Admittedly my day job isn’t writing & don’t get paid for tweets but wish we lived in a country now where people discover serious crimes against democracy didn’t feel they had to save the details for their books….

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