Ugly numbers game.



Not lottery numbers, but SF Giants line score in Colorado.

Not the prettiest win of the year. But one of the more….interesting.

(and yes, 10-15-4 is 10 runs, 15 hits FOUR errors.)

For the first time in three years the LA Dodgers no longer have the highest payroll in baseball. The reason, since Trevor Bauer suspended without pay for violating the sport’s domestic violence policy, his $32 million salary no longer counts

(Though with higher tax rates as a repeat offender, the Dodgers are on track to pay $29.4 million in luxury tax alone, which is about two-thirds of the Orioles’ entire payroll.)

President Biden & FLOTUS arrived late for Queen’s funeral & were seated in 14th row. Velveeta Voldemort posted it was due to UK now respecting US less & if HE were in office he would never have been seated “back there.” More like he’d have been seated in the Westminister loo.

Increasingly pretty obvious that Velveeta Voldemort’s rationale for not turning over classified documents could be summed up in two sentences:

1. I don’t wanna.

2. You can’t make me.

Dear Marsha Blackburn. President Biden is not anti-police Democrats are not anti-police. They do not want to “defund the police” and have said so repeatedly. So respectfully asking “are you deaf, or just lying to appeal to your base?” Sincerely, Americans tired of lies.

Am used to trolls but today saw Senator Amy Klobuchar post about helping Puerto Rico and one troll’s response “Now help the people of the USA….”


Today’s GOP:

We are going to arrest women who choose to cross state lines to get an abortion because we claim to care about life

Also today’s GOP: We’ll give women (and children) no choice in being shipped across state lines because we don’t give a d*mn about their lives.

So perhaps the most consequential election of our lifetime is in 50 days. And media is all a tizzy because President Biden said about 2024 “it’s much too early to make that kind of decision.” We need to focus on 2022 to make sure we HAVE real elections in 2024. Do better, media.

And after the Former Guy took to Truth Social to complain that President Biden was seated in the 14th row and he would have had a better seat, I am increasingly convinced that one of Queen Elizabeth II’s late in life goals was to live long enough to make sure he would be out of office and not have an automatic invite to her funeral.

RIP Elizabeth R. (didn’t queue up, but did give up a bit of sleep to watch some of the ceremony online).

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