Up for the count

Nothing against Aaron Judge, who is a great player. But should home runs against the Pittsburgh Pirates have an asterisk?

And for all the effort by MLB to tinker with postseason schedule to add two playoff teams seems like the only drama at season’s end might be – with Judge and Pujols, old fashioned home run counts.

RIP Maury Wills, 89 one of the greatest base stealers of all time. Even as an SF Giants fan I can acknowledge this former member of the LA Dodgers was so good back in the day that Giants groundskeeper at Candlestick Park watered down the dirt between the bases in hopes of slowing him.

“Orange Jesus?” Thank whoever in GOP came up with that name for ruining the childhood memory of an “Orange Julius” for many of us.

Since Ron DeathSantis seems to have extra money and available planes lying around perhaps he could quit the refugee stunts and work on sending food and other necessary supplies to his fellow Americans in Puerto Rico?

As this point it almost seems like the person who told Velveeta Voldemort that Judge Dearie would be a pushover is the same person who scheduled a press conference at Four Seasons landscaping.

So did Velveeta Voldemort suggest Judge Dearie because he was confused and “Dearie” is his private nickname for Judge Judy?

GOP House members want President Biden to send them documents related to son Hunter’s foreign business dealings. Of course they all asked Former Guy for similar documents on Jared & Ivanka, especially after they unlike Hunter, were given security clearances by their dad. #sarcasm

Stephen Colbert last night points out Florida Governor Ron DeSantis abducted the refugees he sent to Martha’s Vineyard from Texas – “For a guy who acts so concerned about borders he doesn’t seem to know where his state ends.”

Stephen Colbert tonight may have the best revenge idea yet to retaliate against Texas bussing migrants to NY. Let’s send Texas busloads of Times Square tourists -“Hundreds of people holding M&Ms wandering aimlessly in search of the Bubba Gump Shrimp Factory…”

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