No full house

Former UCLA QB Troy Aikman tweeted today that a largely empty Rose Bowl Saturday was “an embarrassment” for a Bruins home game today against South Alabama.

So maybe that’s another reason UCLA decided to join the BIG Ten. Figuring fans of midwestern teams will show up for games and a nice Los Angeles weekend?

As it increasingly looks as if Brett Favre may have engaged in criminal behavior can we update all those old Brett indecision about retirement jokes and change the punchline to Tom Brady?

Sometimes I wonder how people can be so stupid as to vote for obvious liars. Then (no joke) I see on a bottle of California champagne/sparkling wine. “Never use a corkscrew.”

Velveeta Voldemort took shots at JD Vance at Ohio rally supposedly supporting Vance “JD is kissing my a**, he wants my support. I’m 18 points up. If I was 18 points down, he wouldn’t want my support.'” Positioning himself to claim when Tim Ryan wins Senate it’s all JDs fault?

Wonder how many unwanted pregnancies involve men using erectile dysfunction drugs? And wonder how loud GOP would scream if a Democratic Senator introduced legislation to severely restrict use of Viagra?

Yes, California Gov. Gavin Newsom has national ambitions. And yes he wants to make headlines. But today CNN equated Newsom’s putting pro-choice billboards across US with Ron DeSantis and Greg Abbott’s shipping actual human beings across the US.

Do better, CNN.

Important detail. The refugees Deathsantiss sent to Martha’s Vineyard weren’t even from Florida. He sent a plane to pick them up in Texas before traveling to Massachusetts. Ron’s got money for cruel stunts. But again, wait to see what happens when Florida gets hit by a hurricane.

Right-wing media claiming DeSantis & Abbott’s cruelly sending desperate refugees to blue states is brilliant ways to make point less affected states should share more costs. So next time there’s natural disaster in red state should Biden bus displaced victims to Florida or Texas?

Republicans – our TOP priority is the sanctity of human life from the moment of conception Also Republicans – actual desperate people, including women and children, from the moment they flee their homelands in hopes of freedom and jobs, are less than human.

He’s the son of a Cuban refugee who escaped a dictator and made it to the US after only after a family lawyer bribed official to grant him an exit permit. Which makes Ted Cruz’s behavior towards desperate women and children fleeing Venezuela particularly reprehensible.

If there were a US rail strike this weekend media would be all over President Biden for failing to stop it. Now, since Joe helped broker a deal, Fox News etc claims the deal was too expensive. And mainstream media has moved on to other clickbait…

Why are people talking about Judge Aileen Cannon destroying her career with her nonsensical decision on Mar-A-Lago documents. Aileen figures either Velveeta Voldemort gets back in White House and appoints her to SCOTUS, or she takes over at Fox from Janine Pirro.

So while Governors Abbott and DeSantis are vying to see who can show the most hate towards migrants, Governor Youngkin has entered the chat by bullying transgender students.

Even back in my school days, women & girls avoided lines by using mens’ rooms. Kids don’t care who uses what bathroom. Forcing transgender students to use facilities to match their birth gender isn’t about protecting kids. It’s about hate, period. Hate has become GOP brand.

Many Americans cannot understand while the British will wait in line up to 24 hours to pay respects to the coffin of their Queen. They think people should only queue up that long for really important things, like the launch of a new iPhone.

Increasingly convinced one of Queen Elizabeth II’s late-in-life goals was to live long enough that Velveeta Voldemort would no longer be President and so wouldn’t be invited to her funeral.

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