Headlines and lies.

Actually ESPN headline “Kansas City Chiefs seize early control of the AFC West, defeat Los Angeles Chargers.

It’s NFL WEEK 1 – Yes, VERY early control.

Beginning to look like Brett Favre might, besides his indecision late in his career, might also be a genuine crook. If so, guess we can change all those Favre retirement jokes and just substitute Tom Brady.

NY Times burying lede:”Since Biden took office, more than million migrants have entered US, many will wait months or yr for hearings. More than million were SIMILARLY admitted on temporary basis over 2-yr stretch of Trump administration.” GOP Govs didn’t sent them to Mar-A-Lago.

When you lie to desperate refugees including women and children and put them on a plane to a strange place with no food or water, at the same time you try to take healthcare freedom from America women, pretty safe to say that NFW are you “pro-life.”

If GOP Governors actually wanted to help with migrants entering US they’d look at the combination of US labor shortages and people willing to risk their lives to come to US to work – and urge GOP Senators to work with Democrats on immigration reform.

Stephen Colbert suggests DeSantis use $12 million he’s using for cruel stunts during global warming on something more useful…like snorkels or waterproof meth (for gators ).

Seriously, when Florida next gets hit by hurricane how long until Ron asks for federal $$?

CNN’s Jake Tapper has become somewhat of GOP apologist lately, but apparently finally found a limit.

When PA GOP candidate Mastriano, with links to anti-semitic site GAB, lied that Josh Shapiro’s Jewish parochial school (where 60% of kids get tuition assistance) is “1 of most privileged schools in US.,” Jake had had enough.

School is also Tapper’s alma mater.

Tammy Duckworth talks on how young women who go to college in Southern states can be denied reproductive decision making. (Not just college students. What if woman attends say, wedding or family event in Nashville or New Orleans & has an pregnancy crisis, for starters?)

Amy Klobuchar on abortion rights “The women of this country and the men who stand with them have had it.” Yes we have


Big Tech ads claim antitrust legislation hurts consumers. Amazon now tells 3rd-party sellers they can’t offer items at lower price, anywhere. Small businesses cannot sell on EBay or even own site for less. That’s wrong & contributes to higher prices.

Don’t fall for Big Tech lies

For all that some in GOP like to lie and accuse Biden’s nominated judges of being soft on crime, the judge who is really coddling a criminal is Aileen Cannon.

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