Not quite out the door

Now the University of California Board of Regent and Pac 12 commissioner both have expressed concerns including both financial, climate (due to increased travel) and academic issues, on UCLA’s proposed move to the Big 10.

Well, the Big 10 probably only wanted USC anyway.-

Amazon says their Prime Video 1st regular-season game (& exclusive broadcast) of “Thursday Night Football” Sept 15 got 15.3 million viewers. Non-cable networks already have limited free games, but how long until Amazon & other streaming services try to monopolize NFL viewing too?

Imagine if Hillary Clinton had said “there was nothing classified in my emails and if there had been I would have declassified them with my mind.”

Some in GOP talking about leaving same-sex & interracial marriage rights to the states.

This would make travel as potentially dangerous for couples as abortion ban are for pregnant women. Imagine being in a red state with an emergency where a decision could only be made by a blood relative or spouse….

CNN, clearly trying to become Fox News Light, is moving Jake Tapper to the 9pm prime time news slot. So Tapper’s audition to move to the dark side has gone well.

Amy Klobuchar channeling her friend John McCain, who hated Citizens United “If you’re Democrat, Republican or independent, you want to know what money is being spent & who is paying for negative ads you see on TV.” She’s right. We all do. Why does today’s GOP not want us to know?

Deathsantis says he’ll spend “every penny” of $12 million (Covid relief fund) set aside by FL GOP lawmakers to seek out migrants planning to travel to Florida & divert them elsewhere. “Planning to travel?” So Ron now has to leave state to find people to traffic for his ambitions?

If your elderly parent said he didn’t need a lawyer because he was taking care of important legal document with his mind, you’d be calling around looking for assisted living options.

One way to know how badly things are going for Velveeta Voldemort at any time would be “Hunter Biden meter.” As in how often conservative media & Republicans bring his name up. And regular reminder, Hunter is not White House special advisor nor does he have security clearance.

Now that the Special Master and conservative 11th Circuit Court have both basically ruled against Aileen Cannon how long until she puts in her application to be a legal analyst on Fox News.

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3 Comments on “Not quite out the door”

  1. Al Major Says:

    Hi Janice! With the goings on in Boston, maybe a great time to push forward Becky Hammon’s name as the, at least, the Celtic’s interim head coach? I think with the Brad Stevens as the VP of Basketball Operations, the organization may be progressive enough to consider? Let’s start a petition!

    Al in Bellingham

  2. And they named Mazzulla? Darn

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