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And then there were six.

September 12, 2022

All the machinations and effort MLB went into for getting three wild card teams in each league, largely to increase TV viewership.

And there’s a good chance now with less than a month left in season that a week out it will all not matter except for seeding.

ESPN reporting Stephen Curry said Warriors “internally discussed” a trade to get Kevin Durant back. Well, as big a hit as would’ve been against NBA salary cap Golden State probably figured, hey, would only be for year or two max before KD got disgrunted & wanted to leave again.

GOP – we can’t possibly track gun purchases as that would be an infringement on our freedom as Americans. Also GOP- we see no problem tracking women’s menstrual periods and if they buy pregnancy tests.

If you’re a Democrat now who wants attention from the media, forget introducing important legislation or traveling to Ukraine or touting benefits of infrastructure law or Inflation Reduction Act – just give a vague or negative answer about President Biden running in 2024.

Republicans who are scrubbing mention of abortion from their campaign websites want voters to act like Susan Collins who believed Brett Kavanaugh when he said he respected precedent and was “no threat” to Roe. Be smarter than Susan Collins.

Imagine if Maggie Haberman and others released the information they had for their books while Velveeta Voldemort was being impeached for a second time.

NRA is furious over major credit card companies decision to put gun sales into a new tracking category saying “it’s about creating a national registry of gun owners.” And their point is?

The Emmy’s were tonight. Has Velveeta Voldemort ranted yet that he hasn’t been nominated?

Congratulations to The White Lotus, that won Emmy for best limited series. Great very dark comedy-drama set at a resort in Maui. Even if for those of us in the travel industry many of the fictitious guests came awfully close to making us think we were watching a documentary.

Fox News again attacking John Fetterman over delaying debate schedule with Dr. Oz for “auditory processing” issues after Fetterman’s stroke. But re Herschel Walker, who without medical issues, has nonstop excuses for not debating Senator Warnock – nothing to see here, move along.


Not so underage?

September 12, 2022

Carlos Alcaraz,, 19. is the US Open winner and now the youngest ever men’s tennis number one ranked player. Now, at 19 he’s legal to drink in Spain, but wonder if he’ll get carded now in New York.

Yes, more important things going on right now: BUT – WNBA finals have started, and Becky Hammon, first NBA woman assistant coach with San Antonio Spurs, is now with Las Vegas Aces and the first WNBA coach to be paid $1 million a year. In case you were looking for a sporting event to care about

While many college football fans were disappointed by their teams’ performances Saturday, at least most of us can at least smile at thought of Marshall’s upset win over Notre Dame.

Yes, Joe Biden is 79, and not thrilled myself that every member of Democratic “official” Senate leadership is 70 or older. But as to Democrats having an age problem. Uh, Velveeta Voldemort is 76, and Mitch McConnell is 80.

But yeah, good that President Biden is going to the Queen’s funeral. He can both pay his respects to Elizabeth II, and offer advice to the new young King Charles.

Is it just possible Queen Elizabeth lived so long in part because she couldn’t bear the thought of Velveeta Voldemort as US President being entitled to go to her funeral.

King Charles III has gotten off to a good start with the British people. But if he really wants to be beloved, the new King could issue a proclamation barring alleged traitor and insurrection leader Donald Tr*mp from the UK.

Inn Meet the Press interview VP Kamala Harris said she had “great concern about the integrity of this Supreme Court.” And “I think this is an activist court.” What was her first clue?

So Velveeta Voldemort wants us to forget anything bad happened involving his supporters on January 6. Well, it’s not like he wants us to forget 15 out of 19 hijackers on 9-11 were citizens of a country run by his supporters and big donors….

Is Senator Warnock REALLY polling close to even with Herschel Walker? Doesn’t matter. Even if Reverend Warnock were polling 20 points ahead, only “poll” that matters is election results. Warnock is a good Senator, Walker seriously needs help. But it all comes down to VOTES.

If you weren’t already a John Fetterman fan. This line from him tonight about the midterms “Women are the reason we can win. Don’t piss women off.” #VoteBlue2022