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Going and gone..

September 29, 2022

Sometimes you have to love September baseball… Ford Proctor (who?), has played in last few years for Hudson Valley Renegades, Bowling Green Hot Rods, Eastern Reyes del Tigre, Perth (Australia) Heat and Montgomery Biscuits. Started 2022 w/ Durham Bulls.

And tonight he hit his first MLB home run, a grand slam, with the SF Giants.

Meanwhile, the SF Giants at 78-78 are back to .500…. A sentence no one expected to read two weeks ago.

President Biden said his administration was “continuing to take swift action to help the families of Florida. … I want the people of Florida to know that we will be here at every step of the way.” “Siri, tell me something we’ll never hear about from DeSantis or Fox News.”

Senate just passed a stopgap funding bill, that included $2 billion in disaster relief, to keep the government from shutting down Friday. Vote was 72-25. All no votes were Republicans. Including Rick Scott of Florida. No joke. Why does GOP hate Americans?

Is there a way FEMA can get money directly to people in Florida instead of to the Governor’s office. We already know Deathsantis used COVID funds to fly refugees out of state.

We already have a US labor shortage. But the number of people needed for construction and cleanup in Florida after Hurricane Ian is going to be massive. If only there were people who wanted to come to this country to work…

Velveeta Voldemort’s favorite judge Aileen Cannon’s nomination was reported out of Senate Judiciary Committee Sept 17, 2020, 16-6. The six smart “no” votes? Sheldon Whitehouse, Amy Klobuchar, Richard Blumenthal, Marie Hirono, Cory Booker, Kamala Harris.


Roger roger

September 29, 2022

Love hearing SF Giants announcer Mike Krukow after he congratulates Aaron Judge “And I think it’s cool that kids are learning about Roger Maris.”

Aaron Judge, has been intentionally walked 18 times in 2022. Barry Bonds was intentionally walked 35 times in 2001. How often was Roger Maris intentionally walked in 1961, the year he hit 61? Zero. (The guy hitting behind him, Mickey Mantle, was pretty good.)

The NFL may move Sunday’s Chiefs-Bucs game, scheduled for Tampa, to the Vikings’ U.S. Bank Stadium. Would this the first time anything has been moved to Minneapolis for weather?

Stephen Colbert liberally quoting tonight from Maggie Haberstam’s book. While I love Colbert, I’m so old that I remember that when you saw or heard about a crime, you called the police, not saved the story for a book.

So little bipartisan agreement in this country. But here’s a statement my friends on both sides of aisle probably agree with: “I am not buying Maggie Haberman’s book.”

Hoping for the best for Florida. It’s often been said there are no atheists in foxholes. And with natural disasters there are (almost) no Republicans railing against “socialism.”

Wondering again, how many resources does it take for reporters to stand out in the middle of of a big storm and say “yep, it’s a big storm.” (Hoping not too many police and first responder resources.)

Ron Desantis quoting President Biden’s phone call to him -“All hands on desk, he wants to be helpful, whatever you need, ask us. He was inviting us to ask for support. We think this is the best we can get at this juncture….” Would it kill DeSantis to say “”We thank him” or “I appreciate it?”

Velveeta Voldemort has sent out a number of fundraising emails already today. NONE of them express sympathy or ask for help for people in Florida. And he’s a “Florida resident.” Very on brand.

As Tom Cotton accuses the Democratic party of being pro-criminal, I am reminded again, the man really is trying to challenge Cancun Cruz for the most loathsome person in the Senate.