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US dreaming

August 11, 2022

Today’s “Field of Dreams” game in Iowa was between the 46 and 64 Chicago Cubs, and the 44 and 66 Cincinnati Reds.

For fans of both, guessing the dream was that someday soon they’ll get to watch a good baseball team.

Athough SF Giants fans had to enjoy the relief of one night where we were certain we wouldn’t be enraged by the team’s lack of defense.

(Giants were off tonight.)

Remember when we joked that George W. Bush pronounced it nuclear “nucular.” Those days seem so quaint.

Okay, now we know that today was really really really bad for Velveeta Voldemort. Fox News website has TWO headlines on Hunter Biden.

f you are more upset about Beto O’Rourke using the term mother-bleeper when someone chuckled about Uvalde than you are about 19 children and 2 teachers being slaughtered then can I respectfully suggest you go bleep yourself?

Eric Trump said in fundraising email yesterday his father never gotten so much as a speeding ticket.

Eric’s father probably hasn’t driven himself in years, but if he were pulled over going 100 mph he’d claim it was fake radar & the police officer was politically motivated.

Somewhere Richard Nixon has to be thinking, if I’d only blamed Watergate on Democrats trying to sabotage their own losing candidate…. Of course, Nixon didn’t have Fox News.

Well, really, should we surprised that a man who dumped the body of his ex-wife next to the first tee at his golf club, also dumped classified state secrets in his resort basement?

GOP. Merrick Garland needs to release the search warrant.

Breaking news. Merrick Garland is going to release the search warrant.

GOP – where will we move the goalposts tomorrow?

Love this detail: Merrick Garland makes clear that warrants are generally private, and he would not normally ask to unseal the warrant. Except that Velveeta Voldemort angrily already made it public that there was a search warrant. And is lying about it & attacking FBI agents.

So is there a SINGLE Republican member of Congress willing to stand up and at least say we should see what’s in that warrant and what FBI found before a rush to judgment? I’m waiting.

There are military veterans in Congress, including a number of GOP Senators – Ernst, Graham, Cotton, Inhofe, Sullivan…. You’d think one of them at least would say something about a search warrant over a possible serious threat to national security. You’d think..

Mistakes were made…

August 10, 2022

Saw story that Marshawn Lynch was arrested for DUI in Las Vegas.

Later follow-up story, he was (allegedly) driving a car with one missing tire and another flat when he was arrested.

Okay, how drunk do you have to be not to notice..??

(All kidding aside sounds like he’s lucky not to have killed someone, or himself.)

Cleveland Browns say they expect to start QB Deshaun Watson, accused of sexual assault by over two dozen women, in preseason opener this weekend.

Can’t imagine how people get the idea NFL hates women.

Phrase I’m really tired of hearing watching MLB baseball –

“He’s been giving that pitch all day but not this time.” Uh, strike zone doesn’t change.

Neither should umpire’s “interpretation.”

Can anyone remember any instance when Velveeta Voldemort turned down the opporunity to talk… except when he was faced with deposition or other request to testify under oath? #FifthAmendment

Appointed by as Assistant US Attorney General by George W. Bush.

Personal attorney for Chris Christie during Bridgegate.

Appointed to his current position by Donald Tr*mp.

FBI Director Chris Wray.

Should we be shocked that the same Republican party that wants us to forget the death of Brian Sicknick, is now attacking the FBI? They are as much “pro-law and order” as they are “pro-life”

Will keep saying this: All Velveeta Voldemort has to do to prove his allegations that the search warrant is part of a witch hunt is to show us his copy of the warrant. We’re waiting.

Scary story on Facebook turning over private messages to police over Nebraska abortion. Meta claims they didn’t know it was about abortion. Where does this end? Are anti-choice fanatics going to go after airlines & travel agents booking trips for women from red to blue states?

About half of Senators, on both sides of aisle, in Washington are lawyers. Which means they all know rules on search warrants and raids.

Which means Republicans defending Velveeta Voldemrort are not stupid.

They just think we are. (Yes, talking to you, Ted Cruz. Etc.)

Reminder, less than 4 days ago, Democrats, w/ 50-50 Senate, passed major bill to lower prescription drug costs for seniors & to fight climate change. And Inflation Reduction Act is FAR more consequential than GOP manufactured outrage over legal search warrant. #DemocratsDeliver

Cutting through all the BS: The FBI could not have gotten a search warrant without probable cause. Period.

Rich and richer?

August 10, 2022

Federal judge on Tuesday ruled against three golfers who were seeking to participate in the FedEx Cup Playoffs after leaving the PGA Tour for the upstart LIV Golf Invitational Series.

Oh, this millionaire on billionaire violence….

But again, how much does it pain many of us, in anything, to give the PGA the moral high ground,.

Not that the Red Sox are going anywhere this year, but WTF was Chris Sale doing on a bike last week?

If the story has already become that FBI might have planted evidence, then what the FBI found when they executed the search warrant must be very very bad indeed.

No one knows details yet. BUT… Occam’s Razor would say likely reason so many GOP leaders defend a criminal loser against an FBI search warrant over documents just might be their names being in those seized documents.

Actual headline on CNN about Dana Bash “CNN anchor says Trump’s political positioning after search was ‘genius.”‘

Dear CNN, you will never be Fox News.

Stop trying.

PS Real “Genius” is getting Inflation Reduction Act passed in a 50-50 Senate.

Give me a break. Now some in media, not just FOX News, making big deal of President Biden coughing this am before signing CHIPS bill. Uh, many of us considerably younger than Joe have coughs that lingers long after simple cold is over. Let alone COVID. Media hates good news.

Did a single Republican ranting about the unannounced search warrant at Mar-A-Lago say a word about the mistaken no-knock warrant that resulted in the police shooting death of Breonna Taylor? I’ll wait.

Stephen Colbert’s mic drop of the night. Alex Jones swore there was nothing incriminating in his phone records, “that’s what they’ve got… and there’s no d*ck pics, no nothing.” “Oh Alex, I beg to differ, every picture of you is a d*ck pic.”

Different standards

August 8, 2022

Aaron Rodgers’ recently admitted use of hallucinogenic drink ayahuasca during an offseason retreat, which he said gave him “a deep and meaningful appreciation for life” before 2020 season.

2020 season was when the Packers QB won his third MVP. but NFL spokesman said the psychoactive beverage “wouldn’t have violated the league drug policy. “

36 and 75. Worst in baseball by several games even compared to the lowly Oakland As.

So unlike the former Washington Senators, now the Minnesota Twins, the Washington Nationals are “First in war, first in peace, and last in both the National and American Leagues.

Conversation reported by Washington Post from a couple weeks ago.:

Senator Chris Coons: “Can’t think of better way for you to prove [detractors] wrong than to sign off on bold climate deal. Prove every critic wrong.”

Joe Manchin: “Would be like hitting homer in bottom of 9th, wouldn’t it?”

So all this time, Joe wanted not to be king, but to be MLB player?

Damn, I knew she had recurring breast cancer so not completely unexpected. But still so sad. RIP Olivia Newton-John, 73. We honestly loved you.

And they were good friends, going to be a helluva concert tomorrow in heaven.

Karen Carpenter / Olivia Newton-John

The first cherry on the top of FBI executing a search warrant at Mar-A-Lago. Velveeta Voldemort is in New York. He couldn’t do a darn thing to stop them.

ICYMI, same Republicans who were non-linear over idea that Hillary Clinton might have risked national security with a private email server are silent over Velveeta Voldemort having taken at least 15 BOXES of classified materials to his home.

President Biden and Dr. Jill Biden are visiting Kentucky after the deadly floods. The state didn’t come close to voting for him. And Joe’s not insulting anyone or saying the State should rake anything. What a concept.

Now would be a really good time for a Republican Senator who believes in (small d) democracy to say, “No comment, I think we just need to respect the FBI and let the process play out.” I’m waiting…

Random thought. Could there be a copy of the pee tape in the Mar-A-Lago safe?

“Raid of Mar-A-Lago is another escalation in weaponization of federal agencies against Regime’s political opponents, while people like Hunter Biden get treated with kid gloves.” Congrats to all those who had Ron Deathsantis in the “1st to make it about Hunter Biden pool.”

Not hearing much from the Democrats who complain nonstop about Merrick Garland right now.

Again, Mitch McConnell willing to stay up all night & make 88-yr olds in GOPs Senate like Richard Shelby & Chuck Grassley stay up all night, for performative statement against Dems’ Inflation Reduction Bill. But Mitch can’t be bothered to visit flood-ravaged Eastern Kentucky.

WTAF NY Times?

Front page headline: “Analysis: A String of Good News for Biden, but Concerns Remain But whether victories will prove to be turning point for President Biden, one of most unpopular U.S. leaders in modern history, remains to be seen.” Fox News would be proud.

Amy Klobuchar made an interesting point to Jim Acosta about the filbuster – Kavanaugh, Gorsuch and Coney Barrett were all confirmed needing only 51 Senate votes.

But to undo what SCOTUS does now, takes 60 votes.

In Senator Klobuchar’s words “That’s messed up.”

Extra innings

August 7, 2022

Minnesota Twins manager Rocco Baldelli was ejected after the replay crew overturned a call of “out” at the plate for a Blue Jays running, ruling the Twins catcher had blocked the plate.

Rocco said “it was “one of the worst moments I think we’ve seen of umpiring in any game I’ve ever been a part of in baseball.”

Think it was the wrong call. But “worst ever? Has Baldelli ever managed a game with umpire Angel Hernandez?

Okay then, some times the algorithm REALLY messes up…. Just got an email ad from Ticketmaster: “You love the Dodgers. We’ve got your seats.”

So if CVS and Walgreens pharmacists can refuse to fill prescriptions based on their religious beliefs what happens the first time a pharmacist refuses to fill a prescription for Viagra?

And what if a Jewish waiter or waitress refuses to serve a bacon cheeseburger?

15 hours for Votearama – GOP’s attempt to stop or slow down Democrats’ Inflation Reduction Act…

How much longer until they would have gone to penalty kicks?

Republicans spent more time on this performative votearama than they did considering Amy Coney Barrett or checking out sexual assault accusations against Brett Kavanaugh

So can’t wait to see 43 GOP Senators who said US couldn’t afford cap in cost of insulin for people not on Medicare explain before the 2022 midterms how it’s necessary to keep millionaire tax cuts.

May I wish all Democratic Senators a really good night’s sleep tonight after Votearama? And for all Republican Senators, well, bless their hearts.

Lindsey Graham spoke AGAINST a $35 cap on insulin. S.C. ranks 7th highest in USA in percentage of adult population with diabetes. Approximately 1 in 6 African-Americans in South Carolina has diabetes.

GOP doesn’t even want to cap insulin costs for pregnant women. Pro-life my a**.

Not content with being pro-COVID, GOP has now become the pro-monkeypox and pro-polio party.

Ted Cruz is upset about the Inflation Reduction Act adding IRS agents. Maybe he’s worried they’ll audit him trying to deduct Cancun trips as business expenses?

Velveeta Voldemort says he’s going to go to West Virginia to campaign against Joe Manchin.

Uh, one, Manchin isn’t up for re-election until 2024.

Two. Manchin hasn’t been bothered by 48 Senators and most of Twitter barraging him on a regular basis, why would he be scared of a has-been loser former President?

I feel for the flight attendants who had to deal with these cranky GOP Senators after votearama is done. Special sympathetic call out to whoever at United Airlines had to serve Ted Cruz.

The week that almost was

August 5, 2022

Well at least SF Giants fans knew for sure they wouldn’t be disappointed today. Giants had an off day. Sigh.

Dodgers placed Clayton Kershaw on the IL, but manager Dave Roberts said he expects him to be back just before the postseason. Have to wonder, how many Los Angeles fans are thinking – or maybe shut Clayton down FOR the postseason?

There’s a little bit of Gregg Popovich in anyone who’s been a true part of the Spurs organization.

In the US, we’re actually in 2022, now worried about community spread of…POLIO?!! Waiting for GOP anti-vaxxers to take credit.

On a lighter note, (okay maybe not for them), Kim Kardashian and Pete Davidson have reportedly broken up after 9 months together,

So Congratulations to all those who had August 5 in the pool.

Republicans are incensed that Inflation Reduction Act hires more IRS agents. Today’s GOP has finally found a right to privacy they believe in – the right of millionaires to cheat on their tax returns.

Kari Lake has now been declared the winner in Arizona Republican gubernatorial primary. Tuesday night she was screaming about voter fraud. So when is GOP calling in the cyber ninjas?

So if we can get to 52 or 53 Democratic Senators it doesn’t mean that they’ll all agree on everything and all legislation will be easy. But it will be much better. (And at least it won’t always come down to drama with the same two.)

Biden “shocked & saddened” after GOP Rep Jackie Walorski was killed in car crash in Indiana & ordered DC flags at 1/2 mast. Walorski was 1 of 147 GOP Congress members who voted to object to Electoral College results. Joe doesn’t hold grudges. Isn’t it nice having a President?

CNN reports “Trump has specifically been counseled to cut contact w/his former White House chief of staff Mark Meadows.” Of course Velveeta Voldemort will ignore the counsel. But it means Meadows is talking. We’re gonna have a nationwide popcorn shortage.

Meanwhile, it’s Friday night. But let’s see, Kansas, jobs report, Inflation Reduction deal which helps with climate change AND prescription drug cost, now Alex Jones ordered to pay $45 million in punitive damages. Not a bad week so far.

Oops I didn’t hit send

August 3, 2022

so follow up from last night

Has any team in baseball lost two games in a row where they loaded the bases on back to back nights late in the game with zero outs and scored a total of zero runs?

Asking for an SF Giants fan friend who MIGHT be drinking wine…

Amazing truth heard on KNBR today: The late great Vin Scully’s career spanned 45% of MLB history.

Making dinner including a pre-washed bag of baby potatoes which lists roasting and boiling times. Also on the package “remove bag before cooking.” Some moments I really feel for our country..

Stephen Colbert tells story of how President Biden wanted to be so careful not to hurt innocents he had a scale model of Al-Qaeda leader’s house brought to White House so he could examine it. “It’s nice when President says bring me a model and he doesn’t mean a new wife. “

Regarding Stephen Moss tampering story, apparently Dolphins owner improperly talked to Tom Brady in 2019, 2020 AND 2021. Uh, takes 2 to talk. And Brady doesn’t even get his hand slapped. Had Ross talked to Brees NFL would’ve probably suspended 1/2 the Saints for a year. #WhoDat

Velveeta Voldemort fundraising email today starts with a question: “If you voted for me a 3rd time… WHO WOULD YOU WANT TO SEE ON THE TICKET AS MY VP CANDIDATE?”

I can see him asking now… “would it kill you to be my VP?”

Indiana Rep, Jackie Walorski, GOP, was killed with two aides today in car accident. Really sad story

But when I went to Wikipedia to see who Rep. Walorski was… I couldn’t get screen shot fast enough, but someone had edited Wikipedia to say she was murdered before she could expose Biden ties to Ukraine. No joke.

It’s fixed, but if you still wondered how twisted some cult members are..

Conventional wisdom in Kansas flew off its foundation last night faster than Dorothy Gale’s house in that tornado.

Actually quoting Lindsey Graham for first time in ages, in support of Finland & Sweden joining NATO

“1 person I want to thank is Pres Putin from Russia. Without you we wouldn’t be here. You’ve done more to strengthen NATO than any speech I could give. John McCain, I wish you were alive to celebrate.”

So since some of these election deniers won their primaries last night will they be consistent and demand their own elections be thrown out as fraudulent?

It was never just about stopping abortions.

If it were, GOP would be pushing birth control, sex ed, welfare, healthcare, childcare.

It’s about controlling women.

Women have figured it out.

We’re mad AND voting #GetMadAndVote

Right thing, wrong reason

August 3, 2022

Kansas City Royals second baseman Whit Merrifield, who has so far refused the COVID vaccine, indicated he might reconsider if traded to a team in contention that needed to travel to Canada.

Now Merrifield was traded to Toronto Blue Jays.

Waiting for Whit to come up with a creative “It’s not the money” reason for getting vaccinaated.

A break from politics and Dodger-bashing. RIP Vin Scully, 94. One of the greatest ever. (And Vin used to say, he grew up an SF Giants fan.)

Reminder in many of these GOP primaries, it’s always the most passionate, and often extreme, voters who come out in primaries. Remember 2020, California? The big winner for the Democrats on March 3 was Bernie Sanders, 36% to 28% over his nearest challenger Joe Biden.

Remember, Kansas governor is Democrat Laura Kelly. Even in red states some races are winnable. And it starts at a local level. #GetMadAndVote #VoteBlueNoMatterWho

With all the celebrities we’ve had run for office lately, this week making me wish the one who would join them is Jon Stewart.

Apparently even Republican women in Kansas think SCOTUS has gone too far. What’s next on GOP agenda. Repealing the 19th Amendment?

We know it’s been good few days for Democrats w/ agreement on a prescription drug/climate bill, passing PACT act for veterans & killing Al-Qaeda leader Ayman al-Zawahir… How good? Fox News’ lead headline is about Paul Pelosi’s DUI. Amazed they didn’t link him to Hunter Biden.

Georgia’s new anti-abortion law allows people to claim embryos & fetuses as dependents worth $3,000 in tax credits. Uh, so if life begins at conception, shouldn’t every woman under 55 who has had sex be automatically be able to add those tax credits? Because you never know.

So if embroyos and fetuses in Georgia are now going to be eligible for tax credits up to $3,000, could be very lucrative for couples to consider IVF. Wonder if there’s a cap? They really don’t think this misogynistic crap through, do they?

Stephen Colbert getting serious last night on PACT act for Veterans exposed to toxins. “If there are children in room, tell them to age quickly & please vote.” “25 GOP Senators who voted for bill earlier, flipped their vote.” Then Colbert flipped them a finger. You can guess which one.

If you’re a star…

August 1, 2022

Six game suspension for Deshaun Watson after thirty women accused him of sexual misconduct.

So it would have taken 100 women to come forward to get him suspended for the season

DeShaun Watson suspended 6 games w/o pay, but his contract with Cleveland was heavily backloaded, with $690,000 this year, $46 million each of next 4 years. And new Browns QB is not being fined. Not like DeShaun did anything egregious like wearing wrong color socks. #sarcasm.

Arizona QB Kyler Murray has COVID-19 and will have to stay home and miss practice until he tests negative. So since Murray has nothing else to do, is it too late for the Cardinals to temporary reinstate that contract homework clause?

So as Rachel Maddow reports, Blake Masters, Arizona GOP primary Senate candidate, claims January 6 was a FBI false flag. while Mark Finchem, running in GOP primary for AZ Secretary of State, actually was part of the insurrection. This is so confusing.

So if a golf ball lands on Ivana’s grave at Bedminster is that considered a hazard or is it in play?

So John Cornyn has COVID. The first GOP Senator other than Murkowski to get the virus in months, or the first to admit it?

So all these election deniers running in GOP primaries: For consistency if they win shouldn’t they turn down their own victories as fraudulent?

As Velveeta Voldemort either accidentally or on purpose endorsed both “Eric”s in the GOP Missouri Senate primary, maybe he’s using something he learned with his wives and mistresses “Let me call you sweetheart, I can’t remember your name.”

It still boggles my mind how many in the media professed outrage over President Biden’s fist bumb with the Saudi Prince, yet were crickets about Velveeta Voldemort hosting AND profiting off of the Saudi-backed LIV tournament less than an hour from Ground Zero.

Pretty sure Susan Sarandon had more policy agreements with Hillary Clinton than Kevin Costner has with Liz Cheney. But as Amy Klobuchar says “Courage is standing next to someone you don’t always agree with for the betterment of the country.”

And here’s the proof.

Well played Kevin Costner. At least one star of Bull Durham understands that politics can be messy, but that democracy matters.

The Thrill is NOT gone…

August 1, 2022

“I am Will the Thrill Clark. I am part of San Francisco. And I am Forever a Giant.”

(Not perha

As much as I have complained about Tiger Woods being the center of newspaper ESPN headlnes for every golf tournament he now plays in, must confess any ink or media space given to Tiger seems so quaint compared to anythng given to the Saudi LIV golf tournaments.

I know one’s a pitcher and the other was a hitter. And I know he may be gone at the trade deadline. But there are moments that Carlos Rodon gives me Will Clark vibes.

#intense #SFGiants

NFL to rule Monday on DeShaun Watson case. New Browns’ QB agreed to settle 3 of 4 remaining active civil lawsuits against him, after settling 20 others in June. 25 women accused Watson of sexual assault. Why do I expect NFL decision to be “If you’re a star they let you do it?”

Someone at a store in Des Plaines near O’Hare bought a ticket that won the $1.2 billion Mega Millions jackpot. One of first potential things winner might do with the money? Buy a private plane so they never have to deal with O’Hare again.

Canada’s Supreme Court ruled man can be charged w/ sexual assault for not wearing condom w/out partner’s consent during sex. GOP claims to be anti-abortion, so why isn’t some Republican co-sponsoring law like this in US? “Stealthing” surely causes a lot of unplanned pregnancies.

Canada’s Supreme Court ruled man can be charged w/ sexual assault for not wearing condom w/out partner’s consent during sex. GOP claims to be anti-abortion, so why isn’t some Republican co-sponsoring law like this in US? “Stealthing” surely causes a lot of unplanned pregnancies.

Joe Biden tests positive for COVID, tells public, isolates until negative, then isolates again when he gets Paxlovid rebound. Velveeta Voldemort tests positive, hides it, interacts w/ people including superspreader Rose Garden event until he is hospitalized. See the difference?

Democrats’ bill just has a 15% minimum corporate tax for companies reporting more than $1 BILLION in profits annually. Thinking like most of my friends, I don’t make close to a billion, and I pay a lot more than 15% in tax.

Joe Manchin wass booked on FIVE Sunday talk shows. But really, has ANY Senator since President Biden’s inaugural been interviewed as often? Can’t imagine how media attention might have gone to his head.

In case you missed it, not only has GOP delayed healthcare for Veterans over being mad at Democrats agreeing on a Climate/Prescription Drug bill… but also some of them are planning to punish even their friends & relatives in same-sex marriages for the same reason.

If John McCain were alive I don’t think he’d have let other Republicans vote against healthcare for veterans harmed by toxic burn pits. I know people can disagree on issues. But seriously, where is the GOP Senator now w/ enough of a moral compass to sometimes say “This is WRONG?”

So we all know Velveeta Voldemort is a vindictive money-grubbing man. But if you ever thought his 3 chlldren by Ivana were any better than he is -they agreed to put their mom in that ugly spot by first tee. (Ivana had mostly NY friends too, with it being a private club, AND the fact it’s 50 miles from Manhattan, won’t even be simple for them to visit her grave.)