Junk food.

SF Giants announcers moved on from the game in late innings to discussing new food items at the Minnesota State Fair. Thinking the corndog rolled in Tater Tots, cheese and onion then deep-fried might be the winner tonight. But almost all of them sounded better than Friday night’s game.

Like most first-world countries, Serbia has several mandatory vaccines for children. Novak Djokovic presumably has had all of them. He’s given up his chance at the U.S. Open, not because he’s anti-vaccine, but because he’s being a stubborn a**hole.

The Oakland As drew just 10,876 fans last night for a game against the visiting New York Yankees. 10,876 against the Yankees? Even old Montreal Expos fans think that’s pathetic.

Nothing will top NY Times review. But this isn’t bad from Washington Post.. “What Kushner’s book really is,is a portrait of man whose moral compass has been demagnetized.” And last line: “His memoir is a litany of petty fights, constant takedown of enemies & cascade of self-aggrandizing prattle.”

Phrase I am really tired of hearing from the media “Is that a problem for Democrats?” If President Biden announced world peace or a cure for cancer this weekend, media would be “Did Joe peak too soon, is that a problem for Democrats?”

Republicans trying to convince Americans that trans teenagers being able to use bathrooms is terrifying. While a former President having highly classified state secrets in random rooms at his resort is no big deal.

Wrap your head around this: The Mar-A-Lago affidavit is redacted in part because the DOJ is worried witnesses might face retribution including physical harm…at the behest of a former President of the United States.

Imagine you’ve been secret spy for USA in another country, at great risk to yourself & your family. But America has promised to keep you safe. And now you find the Former POTUS has kept documents with your name in unsecured boxes at his resort where all you need to get in is money.

Velveeta Voldemort ranting about the FBI “We gave them much.”

Well, for much of the Revolutionary War, Benedict Arnold was a distinguished American general.

Even heavily reacted DOJ affidavit indicates this is the most successful witch hunt since Dorothy dropped a house on one bad witch and melted another.

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