Down not out.

So the NY Yankees fans panic over their team suddenly looking like a team with half the payroll is on hold for tonight with a 13-4 win against the As.

It wasn’t that close. But shouldn’t wins against the A’s have an asterisk?

Meanwhile, SF 49ers get shut out 17-0 in last pre-season game. Let the west coast panic begin.

In competition for most hypocritical Republican complaining about forgiving student loans, Curt Schilling just took the lead. ICYMI, former Red Sox pitcher started video game company, got $75 million in loans from Rhode Island, & defaulted on almost all of it. (He ended up paying back $2.5 million.)

As Texas sends busloads of migrants to DC and NY, know for a fact restaurants and hotels in both cities are struggling to hire staff, often in back of house jobs. These people were so motivated they risked their lives to come to the US. Seems like we could work something out

Kayleigh McEnany “If there’s anyone that we can say, ‘megalomaniac, addicted to power, thinks (they) should’ve been president, still essentially hasn’t conceded the election, & wants to be president again….” (She claims it’s Hillary Clinton. Somewhere Freud is giggling.).

Velveeta Voldemort is now calling Elaine Chao, McConnell’s “crazy wife.” When Mitch was asked if he had a response, his answer was “No.” So letting the Former Guy insult your wife is now a litmus test in the GOP cult?

Fox News was less than positive back when Nancy Pelosi went to Taiwan, with headlines like “controversial,” “cynical reason” “triggering dire warnings from China, “Democrats divided over visit…” For some reason none of that when Marsha Blackburn is visiting Taiwan today.

Yes, there’s disagreement in the Democratic party over student loan debt. Some think Biden shouldn’t have forgiven any of it, some think he didn’t go far enough. But seriously, who agrees with someone else 100% of the time? Even our friends, relatives and spouses/partners?

Has a single Republican complaining about President Biden’s means tested and capped student loan relief said a word about rich people not paying back PPP loans? I’ll wait.

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