Together again?

Kevin Durant’s demand for a trade a couple months ago didn’t work out, and now KD and his team, per the Brooklyn Nets “have agreed to move forward with our partnership.” So can we call this a “conscious recoupling?”

IF Giants have off-day in Minneapolis Thursday before 3 games vs Twins. And Aug 25 is 1st day of Minnesota State fair. Inspired by MN Senator Amy Klobuchar I took a look at new fair foods – maybe Giants need some deep fried ice cream or a cotton candy float to energize their offense?

NY Yankees had an off-day today. So put a temporary stop on Yankees fans’ panic button.

NY starts a series Thursday in Oakland vs the As. Expect a sweep. Or put that button on code red.

Student loans forgiveness vs PPP loan forgiveness is just the latest. But GOP could save themselves a lot of embarrassment if they just acknowledged that Americans know how to use Google.

So will 2022 midterm elections turn out to be the political equivalent of Lysistrata for GOP? With a twist: F*ck with women, and you will get f*cked by women.

WTAF? Florida Governor Ron DeathSantis, about Dr. Anthony Fauci, who has dedicated his life to public health, “Somebody needs to grab that little elf and chuck him into the Potomac.” Fauci already has Secret Service due to death threats. ReTHUGlican party is too mild.

Whatever he says, whatever he does involving schools Florida Governor Ron Deathsantis long-term mission for public education is clear – he wants to get rid of it. Education causes Democrats

If you think USA can’t afford forgiving a limited amount of student debt but were fine with USA reducing tax rates for millionaires and billionaires, may I respectfully suggest you STFU?

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One Comment on “Together again?”

  1. Marc L Ragovin Says:

    Gene Simmons turned 73 today. I’m not saying he’s aged poorly, but he looks like the KISS of Death

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