Not shut out.

Police investigating couple who allegedly engaged in sex act in Coliseum stands during A’s game. Well, apparently at least someone from Oakland scored during the game.

By GOP standards, being a former college football player alone qualifies you to run for office. Which means if you’re an experience former Governor AND a former QB (at Wake Forest), you should be a slam dunk.

Vote Charlie Crist for Governor of Florida.

Fernando Tatis, Jr, 23, was rehabbing wrist injury from motorcycle accident when he got suspended 80 games. Now he’ll have shoulder surgery. Today “There is no one else to blame but myself. I have lot of work to do…l’m learning, I’m maturing.” If true, better late than never.

Was Stanford faculty club waitress decades ago. Had to give name, address etc for Secret Service security check weeks in advance just to work ONE dinner with DOD Secretary Caspar Weinberger. Despite all those documents, how many staff with no security checks work at Mar-A-Lago?

In increasingly authoritarian Hungary, National Meteorological Service officials were fired for forecasting storms that didn’t happen – the forecast canceled Budapest fireworks. Crazy. But by that token could US permanently fire someone who tried to Sharpee away a hurricane?

As Texas tries both to fight all forms of gun control and to criminalize all abortions, wonder what happens if a pregnant woman accidentally shoots herself in the stomach?

Democrat Iraq War vet Pat Ryan just won a special election in NY19, a congressional swing district. Ryan’s message: “He fought for our families, for our freedom. And freedom includes a women’s right to choose. How can we be a free country if government tries to control women’s bodies?”

Matt Gaetz, under investigation for sex trafficking possibly involving minors & known to have asked Velveeta Voldemort for a pre-emptive pardon, won his primary tonight with about 70% of vote. Ladies and gentlemen, today’s supposedly pro-child pro-law and order Republican party.

CYMI, it takes an special kind of arrogance to tweet against President Biden taking a working vacation at his Delaware beach house While you’re tweeting from Italy aboard a luxury yacht. (No joke)

Yes, I am talking about you, Senator Rick Scott.

Nice to be looking for a hotel for a client near the White House and seeing the Waldorf Astoria. The Trump name is OFF the property. Too bad for our country we can’t get his name off the GOP.

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2 Comments on “Not shut out.”

  1. Augustine Ruiz Says:

    In those seats about the only thing you could engage in is a blow job. Hopefully he was having a beer at the time. Imagine if the “kiss cam” picked them out?

    • Hah, You can look it up. apparently some bored fan saw them and videoed it on their phone. you could find the clip on google, not posting because i hate to run afoul of rules on inappropriate stuff. Cheers.

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