Not so midwest nice.

How bad did the SF Giants play against the Minnesota Twins this weekend in Minneapolis?

That licorice ice cream and the pickle pizza at the State Fair don’t seem quite so awful by comparison.

As pundits discuss whether Alabama or Ohio State will win this year’s national championship increasingly feels like the biggest difference between college football and the NFL is that college football doesn’t have a salary cap.

I’m an optimist, it’s one reason I’m a Democrat. Some cult members are irredeemable. But Rob Reiner on with Bill Maher says “a lot of GOP voters are peeling off. Amy Klobuchar adds “Did you think Dick Cheney’s daughter would turn on Tr*mp?” We only need a majority in November.

And more from that Bill Maher show. , Rob Reiner said he thought Archie Bunker would have turned on Tr*mp. Maher disagreed. Though Klobuchar responded “I’m not giving up on some of these people.”

Yep, if Archie hadn’t turned, can imagine Edith at least privately voting blue.

Ron Deathsantis pretends his motto is “Keep Florida Free.” *Free unless you’re a woman, non-Christian, school child, teacher, person of color, LGBTQ, liberal, or just someone who supports everyone’s else’s rights.

Look, I get it, easy to see someone else getting a “deal” or something from the government and feel jealous.

But wonder how many complaining about student loan forgiveness are homeowners who don’t mind at all getting a big mortgage deduction annually that isn’t available to renters.

For starters.

As stories emerge about Velveeta Voldemort bringing classified information regularly with him on foreign trips, including to American adversaries, the question arises… how many of his staffers knew he was doing this.

But NO ONE blew the whistle. You’d think there’d be someone who valued country over party. Or at least over book sales.

All you need to know about how ridiculous 2024 polls are. Just saw one for Democrats’ choice to run for President. From TIPP. Top two.

Biden 30% . Obama 10%

(Michelle. She’s not running. Sigh.)

Former “American Idol” contestant Sanjaya Malakar, who made it into the top ten in 2007 despite being a terrible singer, is back in the news because he just came out as bisexual. Ah for those days that “vote for the worst” was just a problem in reality TV shows.

GOP Senator Roy Blunt “He should have turned the documents over.” Why is that so hard for most Republicans to say.

Fox News headline – “Afghanistan rolls back women’s rights after Biden’s botched withdrawal puts Taliban back in power.” Fixed it for them – “USA rolls back women’s rights after McConnell’s stolen SCOTUS puts religious fanatics back in power.”

According to FairVote, only about 40% of voting eligible population votes during midterm elections. Don’t tell me Democrats can’t keep House as well as increase Senate majority. More people voted for abortion rights in Kansas than voted in 2018 primary. #GetMadAndVote

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One Comment on “Not so midwest nice.”

  1. Marc L Ragovin Says:

    two punchlines?

    A mint 1951 Mickey Mantle rookie card sold for $12.6 million at auction recently. [Actually, the card went for $.25, while the 71-yearold piece of cardboard gum fetched $12,599,999.75 ] [But that’s only because it came with a 71-yearold piece of cardboard bubble gum]

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