Almost keeping score?

Preseason football games have started.

For all those whose who don’t think polls months before elections are irrelevant enough.

On Browns pregame show interview – DeShaun Watson, whose six game suspension is being challenged by the NFL – the league wants more – “I want to say that I’m truly sorry to all of the women that I have impacted in this situation.”

I liked “pushed into a lifeboat” better.

(and yes, “Sorry” is the hardest word, but hey, how about, sorry, period?

Just saying, politics aside if you don’t pay your lawyers at some point you’re going to get the lawyers you deserve.

Velveeta Voldemort had as much authority to declassify Top Secret – SCI documents as he had authority to overturn a lawful election. In this country we have Presidents, not kings.

So are we about to find out if Velveeta Voldemort can violate the Espionage Act in plain sight without losing any supporters?

Former Ohio Governor John Kasich “If those documents were there & presented a threat to national security of course you had to go pick up those documents.” This isn’t hard.

Liz Cheney likely to lose her primary next week. Now, Lisa Murkowski did win as write-in in Alaska. But for future could Liz just run for Congress in 2024 somewhere less extreme than Wyoming? Dr. Oz illustrating you don’t have to live in a state to run for office.

Not generally a Ro Khanna fan, but while interviewed by CNN about Inflation Reduction Act he’s asked about FBI search warrant at Mar-A-Lago. “The less the politicians say the better.” Exactly. Let the FBI and DOJ do their jobs.

In the new Diane Keaton movie “Mack and Rita,” a young woman apparently wakes up suddenly to find herself in a much older woman’s body. Thinking many of us “forever young” women of a certain age can relate to that feeling.

You know you live in the US when your company is acquired and as part of onboarding for new company you have to complete “active shooter preparedness training.” (And pass a test.)

I wish this was a joke.

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