US dreaming

Today’s “Field of Dreams” game in Iowa was between the 46 and 64 Chicago Cubs, and the 44 and 66 Cincinnati Reds.

For fans of both, guessing the dream was that someday soon they’ll get to watch a good baseball team.

Athough SF Giants fans had to enjoy the relief of one night where we were certain we wouldn’t be enraged by the team’s lack of defense.

(Giants were off tonight.)

Remember when we joked that George W. Bush pronounced it nuclear “nucular.” Those days seem so quaint.

Okay, now we know that today was really really really bad for Velveeta Voldemort. Fox News website has TWO headlines on Hunter Biden.

f you are more upset about Beto O’Rourke using the term mother-bleeper when someone chuckled about Uvalde than you are about 19 children and 2 teachers being slaughtered then can I respectfully suggest you go bleep yourself?

Eric Trump said in fundraising email yesterday his father never gotten so much as a speeding ticket.

Eric’s father probably hasn’t driven himself in years, but if he were pulled over going 100 mph he’d claim it was fake radar & the police officer was politically motivated.

Somewhere Richard Nixon has to be thinking, if I’d only blamed Watergate on Democrats trying to sabotage their own losing candidate…. Of course, Nixon didn’t have Fox News.

Well, really, should we surprised that a man who dumped the body of his ex-wife next to the first tee at his golf club, also dumped classified state secrets in his resort basement?

GOP. Merrick Garland needs to release the search warrant.

Breaking news. Merrick Garland is going to release the search warrant.

GOP – where will we move the goalposts tomorrow?

Love this detail: Merrick Garland makes clear that warrants are generally private, and he would not normally ask to unseal the warrant. Except that Velveeta Voldemort angrily already made it public that there was a search warrant. And is lying about it & attacking FBI agents.

So is there a SINGLE Republican member of Congress willing to stand up and at least say we should see what’s in that warrant and what FBI found before a rush to judgment? I’m waiting.

There are military veterans in Congress, including a number of GOP Senators – Ernst, Graham, Cotton, Inhofe, Sullivan…. You’d think one of them at least would say something about a search warrant over a possible serious threat to national security. You’d think..

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