Well, at least the SF Giants didn’t trade for Josh Hader.

It’s midnight. Do you know in which bar your Yankees’ fan friends are?

Not the Onion. As their suspended quarterback now is backtracking on any pretended remorse, and maintaining his innocence despite being accused by over 30 women, the Cleveland Browns are actually selling women’s Deshaun Watson jerseys.

Someday some of Velveeta Voldemort’s lawyers are going to need to look for new jobs. Wondering how these stints defending the indefensible are going to look on their resumes?

Woke up to see that Jake Tapper had retweeted Ivanka promoting her husband Jared’s book? Who does Jake think he is, Chuck Todd?

Dr. Oz seems to have problems embracing his authentic self. Perhaps he should have a talk with Cory Booker, who not only can reach across the aisle with love, but also is PROUD of being a New Jersey resident.

Lindsey Graham – I demand release of FBI search warrant for Mar-A-Lago because Americans have a right to know the truth. Also Lindsey- I couldn’t possibly testify before a Georgia criminal grand jury trying to find the truth. Today federal judge agreed latter statement is BS.

Mitch McConnell now says GOP may have a hard time retaking the Senate due to “candidate quality”.” Well, if there are “candidate quality” problems in Senate races then maybe they should fire their Senate leader?

Wrap your head around this one. Louisiana AG Jeff Landry delayed $39 million in funds for New Orleans for flood response over city not enforcing state abortion laws. So pregnant women & girls in city can’t make their own health choices but it’s fine if they die in a hurricane?

Apparently I’ve been talking a lot about what a great job Democrats have done with letting Medicare start to negotiate drug prices. Now getting ads on my personal email from PhRMA lying about government price setting. Bring it on.

(Hint, big Pharma, you’re wasting money.)

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