Just a number.

SF Cardinals beat Colorado Rockies 13-0 today, with Albert Pujolls, 42, hitting a grand slam and Adam Wainwright, 40, pitching 7 shutout innings. Apparently Cardinals are the first team in MLB history to have a player at least 40 years old hit a grand slam and another at least 40 to pitch seven shutout innings in the same game.

Talk about a battle for the aged.

With just over 40 games to go, the New York Yankees, 3-7 in their last 10 games, still have a 9 game lead in the AL East.

The nonstop doom and gloom, however, among NY fans and media would have you think the Yankees were 9 games out.

“Oh shut up,” think fans of at least 20 MLB other teams.

If MLB umpire misses a ball getting to first base before the runner, replay will overturn it and the batter will be out. If MLB umpire misses a clear strike and a batter walks instead of striking out, nothing can be done. What’s wrong with this picture?

11 game suspension for Deshaun Watson. Over 30 women accused him of sexual misconduct. So it would have taken 50 women to come forward to get him suspended for the season? WTF NFL?

Stacey Abrams, when CNN’s Erin Burnett tries to credit Brian Kemp for certifying 2020 election “He did his job. I will not lionize someone for not committing treason. If we have lowered our standards so much simply not doing wrong is the only metric, that is deeply problematic.”

Judge Bruce Reinhart, who signed FBI’s search warrant, had home address posted on right-wing sites, along w/ antisemitic slurs. He’s also received death threats. Violence is wrong, period, but where are all the GOP who professed outrage at protests at homes of SCOTUS judges?

Washington Post reports Velveeta Voldemort is having trouble finding lawyers. Gosh, who knew not paying people before throwing them under the bus at the first sign of trouble might decrease your potential hiring pool?

Just over 80 days before Nov midterm elections. Besides lies told by GOP about Democrats, be on lookout for lies told by GOP about themselves: Example, Grassley told constituents he supported $35 cap on insulin, after voting against it. Call them out, folks, #DemocratsDeliver

Velveeta Voldemort statement “American people should be permitted to see unredacted affidavit related to raid & break-in (sic) of his home, Mar-a-Lago.” So if he cares so much about transparency, what about demanding unredacted version of Mueller report? And those tax returns…

DOJ is worried that even redacted search warrant if released may make it obvious to Velveeta Voldemort who might have “ratted” him out to the FBI. Have to assume a number of his former acolyltes and even family members will be staying away from staircases and windows.

Saw headline about “consumer prices rising 10% in July” & was surprised as I’d heard US numbers were improving. Turns out story is from BRITAIN. Where inflation was worse in July than June. And UK still has conservative-led government. By world standards, US doing pretty well.

Deshaun Watson -accused by over 25 women-“I’ll continue to stand on my innocence, just because you know settlements & things like that happen doesn’t mean that a person is guilty for anything… Is that word salad Watson’s way of saying someday he’ll run for Senate as Republican?

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