Big and little leagues

Baltimore Orioles beat Boston Red Sox on Sunday night in Little League Classic in front of sellout crowd 2,467 fans at Williamsport’s Bowman Field. 2,467 fans. Or as the Oakland A’s call that at the Coliseum- a good Tuesday night.

SF Giants were 107-55 in 2021 Baltimore Orioles were 52-110 in 2021 Who had the Orioles closer to an MLB wild card spot in 2022 than the Giants?

Marcell Ozuna booed by home fans at the beginning of his in 1st game since his Friday morning DUI arrest.

Wonder why Braves fans didn’t boo Ozuna in his 1st game this season – after suspension for May 2021 arrest for assault charges of strangulation & battery after police said they witnessed him attacking his wife.

“The Handmaid’s Tale” is on Florida’s banned book list. Guess Governor Deathsantis doesn’t want kids reading his mission statement?

In my Florida high school we had Romeo & Juliet abridged version. Without Mercutio’s dirty lines.”Cut off the heads of the maidens, or their maidenheads.” “O that she were an open-arse & thou a popp’rin pear … We found unabridged copies & read carefully to find the good stuff.

So Velveeta Voldemort now calls McConnell a ‘broken down hack’ & says the Senate Minority leader is ‘openly disparaging’ Republican candidates. Translation, when many of these nutjobs lose in November, the Former Guy will blame Mitch.

Used to think Jake Tapper wanted to be Anderson Cooper. Now it appears he wants to be Chuck Todd.

We know many documents were destroyed / flushed in Velveeta Voldemort’s White House. But DOJ says he illegally took many boxes of documents with him, why? Two answers make sense: They include information that incriminate others. Or they include information he could sell.

Fundraising email from Ivanka “My husband wrote a book.” The bad reviews mean Jared’s ghostwriter would probably prefer that no one knows they exist. But might be more accurate to say “My husband wrote a sentence.”

Travel agents have to laugh at lies from Fox & some right-wing media pretend NY is housing migrants bussed by Greg Abbott to NYC in “luxury hotel.” Daily Mail headline “$700 a night”. It’s the Row Hotel, former Milford Plaza. Check out reviews. Rates start closer to $100 a night.

A question for Florida Governor Ron Deathsantis: How can it be triggering and inappropriate for high school children to read books that talk about sex, but just fine for a 16 year old to be forced to bear a child?

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