Fallen angel

As umpire Angel Hernandez sues again for discrimination, MLB points out in 2018, he was the first umpire to have THREE calls overturned in a postseason game – an ALDS game between the Yankees and Red Sox, and that’s why he was not given the job of working the World Series. But this begs the larger question, why does Angel Hernandez still have a job, period –

College Football Playoff’s board of managers now apparently may accelerate playoff expansion to as early as 2024. Well, with the conference realignment and teams like USC potentially flying to New Jersey for a Big Ten game against Rutgers…, not to mention throwing many historical rivalries that draw students to games out the window, pretty sure we’ve given up the argument on how additional playoff games might affect “student-athletes.

Of course we knew this year’s SF Giants team wasn’t going to be the 2021 Giants. But lately they look more like the 1985 SFGiants. Or the 1962 NY Mets.

Just as well for Sarah Palin that Alaskans chose Mary Peltola over her to fill the late Don Young’s House seat. There will be regular election in Nov. but with only four months left in the term, Palin would barely have time to move to DC before she quit halfway through.

Also, before pundits say, well, it’s only special election, GOP can regroup to get back the Congressional seat Democrat Mary Peltola just won, a reminder: Alaska has elected & re-elected, PRO-CHOICE Senator Lisa Murkowski. With Roe v. Wade gone, choice is on the ballot this Nov!

Fox News is complaining that since President Biden had Marine Band play at speech yesterday, he shouldn’t have “campaigned” for Democrats. Please, for starters, Velveeta Voldemort used Air Force One as a prop when in 2020 for his & other GOP campaigns several times a week.

Tom Cotton is whining about 60%of Alaskans voting for a Republican, but “thanks to a convoluted process and ballot exhaustion – which disenfranchises voters – a Democrat won.

Well, uh, first, Senator Cotton, Mary Peltola, with over 38% was the leading vote getter WITHOUT ranked choice voting. And many Republicans win primaries with less than than.

Second, Senator Cotton, you are saying you want to get to get rid of the voer disenfranchising electoral college?

Tom Cotton doesn’t get nearly the publicity that Ted Cruz and Josh Hawley do, but he tries hard to be equally loathsome.

As Preet Bharara is saying, this isn’t hard. If you tell Justice Deparment something was done – like turning over classified documents – and it wasn’t done, this is not just a lie, it’s obstruction of justice, and it’s a crime.

Wrap your head around this one. As John King at CNN reports today “Some of the classified documents found at Mar-A-Lago were so secret the FBI and DOJ personnel charged with reviewing them needed to get additional security clearances.”

We voted to protect the freedom to choose in Kansas.

We voted to put a Democrat in the Alaska seat held for 49 years by Republican Don Young

See what happens when we vote? #GetMadAndVote #VoteBlueNoMatterWho

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