How many chances?

49ers coach Kyle Shanahan said QB Jimmy Garoppolo return a ‘win-win’ for both parties.

More like, at this point it’s the only way we can both pretend it’s not a lose-lose.

So admittedly not a regular WNBA fan but I AM a Becky Hammon fan., now coach of the Las Vegas Aces who are #1 seed in the west. They were upset in semifinals game one on August 28 but the next game is August 31? Then game three is September 4?

And we thought the NBA stretched things out…

These days, if a little boy stood up and said “The Emperor has no clothes,” if he were surrounded by GOP cult members they’d arrest the kid, then blame his teachers and parents for making him too “woke.”

Bomb threat at Boston Children’s Hospital turned out to be false alarm. This time. But hospital has been receiving threats over transgender health care. Wrap your head around this: Some right-wing extremists think attacking sick children would prove they want to protect children.

Joe Biden: “To my MAGA Republican friends in Congress, don’t tell me you support law enforcement if you won’t condemn what happened on January 6.” For God’s sake, whose side are you on? Very proud today to have voted for this President! #VoteBlue2022

As Brian Kemp and Lindsey Graham come up with excuse after excuse for ignoring subpoenas in Georgia, you know who didn’t come up with fake excuses not to testify? Hillary Clinton.

How long until Melania says Donald was only her “covfefe” husband?

They say Velveeta Voldemort is a pack rat. Well, as someone who is a bit of a pack rat myself, we never keep important stuff in just one place. He has three US homes & a number of resorts. Does anyone really think all the documents he shouldn’t have taken were at Mar-A-Lago?

Don’t want to read another word about how much it might cost each American for Biden’s student loan debt relief unless in same story media says how much it cost each American for GOP’s millionaire/billionaire tax cuts.

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