Tuesday night, Cy Young favorites face off Astros ace Justin Verlander, 1.85 ERA, takes on White Sox ace Dylan Cease, 1.96 ERA. So it being baseball it the game will either be a great pitchers’ duel, or they’ll both be knocked out by the 5th inning.

Fernando Tatis Sr, complaining about son’s suspension “Millions of fans (will) stop watching baseball now. It’s a total disappointment for something so insignificant.” Speaking of not worth it, w/ $340 million contract, why take so much as aspirin w/out checking w/ team doctors?

Lots of apoplectic Yankees fans tonight over their team’s 2-8 record in last 10 games.

NY is ONLY now 10 games ahead of Rays and Blue Jays with 46 to play….

Fans of most other teams in baseball, oh, STFU.

If you went to a random MLB baseball game this weekend you went through more security than anyone would have needed to get to classified documents at Mar-A-Lago.

Assume someone has told Rudy Giuliani that prison would make even Four Seasons Landscaping look luxurious.

At this point the hardest job on Rachel Maddow’s staff has to be whittling down the potential stories to an hour on Monday. So many indictments, so little time.

If some liberal teacher in Arizona said President Biden had “BDE,” Kari Lake would demand their immediate firing. And if it happened in Florida, DeSantis would say the heck with tenure & process, and would suspend the teacher himself.

“Donald Trump and his supporters have become quite creepy.” – Adam Kinzinger. No lies detected.

Velveeta Voldemort claiming he wants to help Merrick Garland “turn down the heat” is like an arsonist offering to turn up at the five-alarm fire fire he set with a small leaky water bucket.

Rachel Maddow reminds us 5/1 yrs ago we knew White House knew Michael Flynn was being investigated as foreign agent before Velveeta Voldemort chose him as National Security Advisor.

lNew hires need background check & fingerprinting to be bank tellers. When someone tells you who they are..

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2 Comments on “Unpredictable.”

  1. mdavis195256 Says:

    Hi Janice,

    Your comment about Cy Young favorites facing off tonight, Astros’ Verlander vs. White Sox’s Dylan Cease brought back some memories for me. Seventy years ago, almost to the day (August 26, 1952) was the first baseball game my father took me to, the Washington Senators vs. Chicago White Sox at the old Griffith Stadium. It was a pitchers’ duel, Bob Porterfield for the Senators vs. Billy Pierce for the White Sox. The Senators won 1-0. Great game with the Senators scoring their one run in the 8th. Porterfield had a hot streak from the second half of the 1952 season through his great 1953 season. He was 22-10 in 1953 but could have been 27-5 if he was with a better team. Five of his losses were by one run in a low scoring game if I remember correctly. Billy Pierce was one of the outstanding lefties of the ‘50s and deserved to be in the Hall of Fame in my opinion but didn’t make it.

    Michael Davis

    • Cool memory. thanks for sharing. I am a bit younger than you but remember when pitchers finished their games, Mickey Lolich was my first favorite, he could also have been HOF but had his potential CY young best year when Vida Blue had his phenom year, and lost a number of complete games. (Also I am still mad at the As for beating the Tigers in 1972.) All the best

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