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Mistakes were made…

August 10, 2022

Saw story that Marshawn Lynch was arrested for DUI in Las Vegas.

Later follow-up story, he was (allegedly) driving a car with one missing tire and another flat when he was arrested.

Okay, how drunk do you have to be not to notice..??

(All kidding aside sounds like he’s lucky not to have killed someone, or himself.)

Cleveland Browns say they expect to start QB Deshaun Watson, accused of sexual assault by over two dozen women, in preseason opener this weekend.

Can’t imagine how people get the idea NFL hates women.

Phrase I’m really tired of hearing watching MLB baseball –

“He’s been giving that pitch all day but not this time.” Uh, strike zone doesn’t change.

Neither should umpire’s “interpretation.”

Can anyone remember any instance when Velveeta Voldemort turned down the opporunity to talk… except when he was faced with deposition or other request to testify under oath? #FifthAmendment

Appointed by as Assistant US Attorney General by George W. Bush.

Personal attorney for Chris Christie during Bridgegate.

Appointed to his current position by Donald Tr*mp.

FBI Director Chris Wray.

Should we be shocked that the same Republican party that wants us to forget the death of Brian Sicknick, is now attacking the FBI? They are as much “pro-law and order” as they are “pro-life”

Will keep saying this: All Velveeta Voldemort has to do to prove his allegations that the search warrant is part of a witch hunt is to show us his copy of the warrant. We’re waiting.

Scary story on Facebook turning over private messages to police over Nebraska abortion. Meta claims they didn’t know it was about abortion. Where does this end? Are anti-choice fanatics going to go after airlines & travel agents booking trips for women from red to blue states?

About half of Senators, on both sides of aisle, in Washington are lawyers. Which means they all know rules on search warrants and raids.

Which means Republicans defending Velveeta Voldemrort are not stupid.

They just think we are. (Yes, talking to you, Ted Cruz. Etc.)

Reminder, less than 4 days ago, Democrats, w/ 50-50 Senate, passed major bill to lower prescription drug costs for seniors & to fight climate change. And Inflation Reduction Act is FAR more consequential than GOP manufactured outrage over legal search warrant. #DemocratsDeliver

Cutting through all the BS: The FBI could not have gotten a search warrant without probable cause. Period.

Rich and richer?

August 10, 2022

Federal judge on Tuesday ruled against three golfers who were seeking to participate in the FedEx Cup Playoffs after leaving the PGA Tour for the upstart LIV Golf Invitational Series.

Oh, this millionaire on billionaire violence….

But again, how much does it pain many of us, in anything, to give the PGA the moral high ground,.

Not that the Red Sox are going anywhere this year, but WTF was Chris Sale doing on a bike last week?

If the story has already become that FBI might have planted evidence, then what the FBI found when they executed the search warrant must be very very bad indeed.

No one knows details yet. BUT… Occam’s Razor would say likely reason so many GOP leaders defend a criminal loser against an FBI search warrant over documents just might be their names being in those seized documents.

Actual headline on CNN about Dana Bash “CNN anchor says Trump’s political positioning after search was ‘genius.”‘

Dear CNN, you will never be Fox News.

Stop trying.

PS Real “Genius” is getting Inflation Reduction Act passed in a 50-50 Senate.

Give me a break. Now some in media, not just FOX News, making big deal of President Biden coughing this am before signing CHIPS bill. Uh, many of us considerably younger than Joe have coughs that lingers long after simple cold is over. Let alone COVID. Media hates good news.

Did a single Republican ranting about the unannounced search warrant at Mar-A-Lago say a word about the mistaken no-knock warrant that resulted in the police shooting death of Breonna Taylor? I’ll wait.

Stephen Colbert’s mic drop of the night. Alex Jones swore there was nothing incriminating in his phone records, “that’s what they’ve got… and there’s no d*ck pics, no nothing.” “Oh Alex, I beg to differ, every picture of you is a d*ck pic.”