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That bad.

September 25, 2022

Sometimes a score doesn’t tell the whole story of the game.

But want to know how ugly Sunday night’s 49ers-Broncos game was? 7-5 SF lead in the 4th quarter and an 11-10 Denver win final score kind of summed it up

Detroit Lions had ten point lead in 4th quarter, three point lead twice late in game in Vikings territory. But Detroit then had one turnover on downs at the 30, one missed 54 yard FG with 2 minutes to go… and their defense allowed Minnesota’ Kirk Cousins to throw two 28 yard passes in about 20 seconds to win the game in the game.

Well, when you’re as historically bad as the Lions, you do find creative way to lose.

Know Drew Brees retired because he didn’t think he could be a top level NFL QB into his 40s. Saints fans are thinking – we’d settle for mediocre about now.

Georgia DB Javon Bullard arrested at 4:57am this am, charged w/ DUI under 21 & other charges including failure to use headlights, failure to carry a license & holding cellphone.

But Bullard has been starter on team And it’s the SEC. So how long until Coach Kirby Smart says he deserves 2nd chance?

Kansas is 4-0, Kansas State is 3-1 and just upset Oklahoma. Almost as if God is a football fan and She approves of Kansas’s recent overwhelming vote to protect women’s right to choice.

So is Brett Favre going to end up in jail or running for the Senate as a Republican in Mississippi?

CNN headline “DeSantis declares state of emergency for Florida.” More like Desantis iS a state of emergency in Florida.

All you need to know about Fox News: headline “Gasoline prices rise for 5th straight day” Buried in story: “Average price for gallon of gasoline in U.S. started rising again in past week, after declining for nearly 100 days in a row.”

100 days Fox didn’t mention gas prices.

How much do we want to hear someone ask Velveeta Voldemort about “Shanah Tovah.” Thinking his response would be something along the lines of “Shanah’s lying, I barely knew her, and she wouldn’t have been my first choice.”

As GOP politicans spread lie Republicans will be better for economy, is anyone asking them about brain drain that will happen as red states try to ban abortion? Thinking a lot of young women will now avoid college and first jobs in states that take away their health freedom.

Has Fox News attacked President Biden for not Sharpie-ing away a hurricane yet?

Liz Cheney about Velveeta Voldemort “I’m going to do everything I can to make sure he is not the nominee,” adding, “And if he is the nominee, I won’t be a Republican.” Disagree with her on almost every issue, but Liz has more cojones than any other Republican in DC

So with Missisisippi using federal money earmarked as Temporary Assistance for Needy Families, or TANF, on behalf of Brett Favre & other rich people, how many poor people including women and children went hungry or without healthcare? For starters. Again: pro-life my a**

We don’t know definite path yet of Ian, but Joe Biden Saturday approved federal disaster declaration. This authorizes FEMA to start getting involved for the storm forecast to reach Florida as a hurricane.

Despite ALL of DeSantis’s attacks on Biden and Democrats, plus his cruel stunts involving migrants. Joe didn’t even insult Florida.

It’s so nice having a President.