Coming up Aces.

Las Vegas Aces 85, Connecticut Sun 71. WNBA Finals Game 3 is September 15, but after game 2, Mark Davis’s decision to give the biggest ever ($1 million) WNBA coaching contract to Becky Hammon might be looking like a bargain. And maybe some NBA teams missed their chance.

LIV Golf’s season-ending team championship includes match-play head-to-head knockout playoff and $50 million purse and will be played at Tr*mp National Doral Miami in late October.

“Siri, what is blood money?”

All these headlines, like this from People: “King Charles Has Mishap with Pen in Ireland: “I Can’t Bear This Bloody Thing.”

Apparently Charles briedly forgot the date, and then the pen leaked all over his hand.

Well, 1st it was Northern Ireland.

2nd his mom just died, he’s 73 yrs old, exhausted & just taken on rather big job. Most of us would probably do more than scream at a pen.

President Biden, talking about GOP trying to require Social Security to be reauthorized every 5 years, or in Ron Johnson’s case, every year: “You paid for Social Security, you paid for Medicare.”

He’s right. We almost all have. I’ve had deductions taken from my paycheck since I was 15 years old.

Lindsey Graham is introducing legislation for a nationwide abortion ban. Graham has never been married or even known to be in a serious relationship but thinks he has the right to control women’s healthcare decisions. Who does Lindsey think he is, the Pope?

So tired already of GOP BS argument that nationwide 15 week abortion ban would “put America in line with most of western world.”

Most of western world has universal healthcare, maternity/paternity leave, subsidized childcare, etc.

GOP isn’t pro-life, they are pro-birth. And anti-women.

Some Democratic Senators didn’t vote & Yale Law graduate Arianna Freeman’s confirmation as Circuit Court judge failed for now – 47-49, a rare defeat for President Biden.

GOP attacked her work as court appointed defense lawyer & Ted Cruz attacked her for defending death penalty inmates. Freeman is black. Coincidence?

Kenneth Starr, 76, has died. Starr spent over $52 million investigating Bill Clinton, then later was fired as President of Baylor University for ignoring a sexual assault scandal involving the football team. And Starr defended Jeffrey Epstein.

If you can’t say anything nice…

So no comment.

Joni Ernst whining today Democrats are spending too much Senate time confirming judges. Well, if GOP wouldn’t have all these largely performative efforts to drag confirmation votes out, Senate would have time for many more things. So Senator Ernst, maybe talk to your colleagues.

Amy Klobuchar pointed out on “All In With Chris Hayes ” that Lindsey Graham’s bill is worse even than it sounds. Would outlaw abortion at 15 weeks in blue states, but more restrictive state laws completely banning abortion would take precedence.

And if GOP took over House & Senate their goal IS a complete ban


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