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Small fierce mercies.

December 31, 2020

Tonight Becky Hammon, who is all of 5’6″, became the first woman to coach an NBA game. After Gregg Popovich got tossed, pointed at her, and told her “You’ve got ’em.” The Spurs were playing the Lakers, and were down 11 when Pop got ejected in the second quarter. They only lost by three so overall she did better than he did.-

And Lebron James, doing his hard to hate persona –  “Tonight was a case where she got to step in and show her work, show her talents and her love for the game, and obviously, what she did as a player, first of all, we all know that. So her mind was able to transfer to our league, and she’s been great ever since she got in. It’s a beautiful thing just to hear her barking out calls, barking out sets, and she’s very passionate about the game, so congrats to her and congrats to the league.”

Becky of course, said she’d have rather walked out of there with a win.

Meanwhile, in one of the most 2020 sports stories ever, the Wisconsin Badgers actually made it to a bowl game, the Duke’s Mayo Bowl, won the game, got the trophy – made of Lenox Crystal. And then while celebrating the win in the locker room, yes, their star QB DROPPED it.

Can we call this Cinco de Mayo trophy?

John Cornyn today asks -“Remind me, why would we want to borrow $$ from our children & grandchildren to send a check to someone who hasn’t suffered financial hardship related to #COVID19”? Uh, why should we borrow from them to give a tax cut to someone who didn’t need a tax cut?

Mitch McConnell says the Senate “won’t be bullied” on stimulus checks. Pretty rich considering that Mitch is basically the Biff Tannen of Senate politics.

Kelly Loeffler and David Perdue have been against ANY stimulus checks since April, now they claim, without explanation for their change of heart, that $600 isn’t enough.

I almost like their lies about insider trading better.

500 doses of Moderna vaccine had to be thrown away in Wisconsin after being removed from refrigeration. While it was originally called “human error,” hospital said today employee admitted to doing it intentionally & has been fired. Wonder who that former employee voted for?

Police are now saying they did “everything they could, legally” to investigate 2019 tip that Nashville bomber was building explosives. Explosives! Wasn’t it a tip simply about drugs that led Louisville police to break into Breonna Taylor’s apartment?

WTF Missouri? – Going from Senator Claire McCaskill to Senator Josh Hawley is like giving up your seat in business class for the middle seat in coach next to the lavatories.

F*ck 2020. Now Dawn Wells, 82, Mary Ann on Gilligan’s Island, has died of COVID. 2020 really has been a “three-hour tour” of a year.

Americans making up to $75,000 a year getting $2,000 in a pandemic is an abomination, but millionaires getting a tax cut is patriotic? The Gospel according to today’s GOP.

Bright shiny object alert: So far at least media is paying more attention to Senator Josh Hawley’s planned seditious stunt than to Senator Amy Klobuchar, ranking member on rules committee, calmly explaining the stunt will waste time but won’t ultimately matter.

Another reason we need more women in office – the best women politicians right now recognize Velveeta Voldemort’s wild actions right now for what they are…. a more than month long tantrum. And the best way to deal with a tantrum is not to take the toddler too seriously.

CNN’s Don Lemon asks Amy Klobuchar about those in GOP still contesting election -“How much more proof do they need?” Her response: They’re just messing around, because they’re afraid of Donald Trump.” or as she calls Donald in my favorite of Amy’s descriptions of him “this guy.”

Is part of reason Donald is returning to DC early that he realized today he can always hang out at Mar-A-Lago but he has to be out of White House in 3 weeks?

Saying that masks don’t work because people still get COVID-19 is like saying seatbelts don’t work because people still die in car crashes.

Not bowled over:

December 30, 2020

Apparently there were two more bowl games tonight?

Unless your alma mater is playing, in 2020 does anyone really care?

Random thought. The NBA season is very young. But there appear to be some very bad teams.

Wonder if the Washington Wizards could beat the Washington Generals?

Arizona’s men’s basketball program has self-imposed a one-year postseason ban, stemming from an investigation into their recruiting. Translation- this year barely counts and Arizona hopes NCAA will accept their false contrition and not notice they deserve worse.

Louisiana Congressman-elect Luke Letlow, 41, died tonight of COVID-19. While he never identified publicly as a huge football fan, the New Orleans Saints tweeted out condolences

That moment when an NFL team acts more Presidential than POTUS.

Meanwhile, more from Florida Gov Ron DeSantis, who has prioritized anyone 65 & older, even part-time Florida residents, over essential workers for COVID vaccine, said it makes “no sense for someone that’s 42 to jump ahead of somebody that’s 70 years old.” Luke Letlow was 41.

The evening that a 41 year old newly-elected congressman from Louisiana who aligned himself with Trump died of COVID, Donald was up tweeting until 2a. Not to send condolences to Luke Letlow’s family, but to rant again, about fake voter fraud..

The fact that Pedialyte is trending on twitter as an advance cure for hangovers and that Cardi B is involved tells you much of what you need to know about 2020.

If any Republican really wanted $2,000 checks for Americans all they would have to do is get a couple colleagues to join them in temporarily becoming Democrats, put Schumer in charge for a day, pass bill, then switch back to GOP. IF they really wanted to give Americans the $$$.

Bill Clinton’s law license was suspended and he was forced to resign from Supreme Court bar over lying about a consensual affair. Meanwhile Trump’s legal team keeps on filing insane challenges, including to Supreme Court & keeps losing. When do they get suspended or disbarred?

Is anyone surprised that the same man who blamed the states for all his own failure with ventilators, testing, etc, is now blaming states for his failure with vaccine distribution?

Gambino mob boss Peter Gotti lost a second bid for compassionate release so he says “he can spend his final days with family.” If Gotti had only made a big enough donation to Donald Trump he’d have been free for Christmas.

While most hotels in town are discounting, hotel rooms at Trump Hotel Wash. DC on Jan. 5 & 6, when Congress certifies Joe Biden’s Electoral College victory, are going for $4495.00 a night plus tax & up. So how many rooms does someone have to book to get a pardon?

Colors of the season.

December 29, 2020

Still just love this Saints Alvin Kamara mismatched green and red Christmas cleats story. Apparently sometimes the NFL demands inappropriate equipment be removed during games. But the officials let him play.

The rules say players can be told to remove inappropriate equipment if it’s a safety risk, and the cleats looked fine on that count. OR players can be told they have to change if there is a “branding issue” – translation – a LOGO on the shoes of any nonapproved brand.

But just plain red and green shoes… those were left for the standard league discipline process – ie a fine. Stay tuned.

Meanwhile, Patriots now 6-9 and missing NFL playoffs for first time since 2008. Of course, to be fair, if New England were in NFC East instead of AFC East they’d be in contention for a division title.

Lori Loughlin served more time in prison than Michael Flynn.

If Kelly Loeffler does get sent to prison for insider trading can Lori Loughlin play her in the Lifetime made-for-tv movie?

Apparently the suicide bomber in Nashville said the world “was never going to forget me.” While his cowardly act will cause USA to look at preventing domestic terrorism in future, can we start forgetting him personally, and never using his name, now?

And where was the Nashville terrorist radicalized?

Brian Kelly complaining Notre Dame has nothing to prove in CFP “Don’t know why narrative continues to pop up when we’re always in the game.” Uh, maybe since Fighting Irish usually get blown out in biggest bowl games? (Most recently, 2018 they lost 30-3 to Clemson in CFP semis)

So many trying to figure out what Velveeta Voldemort’s plan was when he blew up the COVID relief deal last week. Do we really expect a toddler has a rational plan when he throws a tantrum?

44 GOP House Reps joined Democrats today passing $2,000 CASH act by 275-134 vote. Wonder how much those 134 who voted no overlap with the 126 who joined Trump in trying to overturn the election?

Wonder if someone in the Senate can figure out a way to add $2,000 stimulus check bill on to confirmation of one of McConnell’s pet judges? THEN Mitch would call for a vote on it.

Trump did finally sign COVID relief bill, but $600 checks have been delayed, along probably with unemployment benefits and many other things. The bill was terribly imperfect and $600 isn’t much, but several provisions were targeted to especially needy recipients, including an eviction moratorium. Which meant that millions of Americans were terrified over the holidays. Speaking of a War on Christmas.

And more on that “War on Christmas,” just got a first class letter (containing a check) mailed from Houston to California on Dec 3, 2020. No marks, rips or tears or anything on the envelope. Just a 25 day delay. Thank you Donald Trump & Louis DeJoy.

As insane as the last 50 plus days have been, and as insane as the next 24 days may be…. imagine what might be happening if we had elected Velveeta Voldemort to four more years….

Under water.

December 28, 2020

Even if COVID doesn’t further disrupt NFL season, the postseason could end up quintessentially 2020:.

Indianapolis Colts could end up 11-5 and miss the playoffs. NY Giants could end up 6-10 and make the playoffs.

Random thought once again, so often NFL teams do a great job with their two minute offense, you wonder why they don’t run it most of the game?

Clippers lost to Mavericks today 124 to 73. 51 points(!) That’s such a resounding loss that these days you half expect Los Angeles to call for a recount.

Lower COVID-19 fatality counts over holiday weekend. But sorry, this wasn’t “Death Takes a Holiday.” More like “Death reporting takes a holiday.”

Meanwhile Fox News headline “Chicago violence: 7 killed, 27 shot on Christmas weekend.”

If you go into the story they talk about a shooting on South Chicago, then add “there was a separate shooting in Rockford, Ill., on Saturday that resulted in three fatalities in a bowling alley, which was called a random attack.”

Somehow Fox neglected to say the suspect in the Rockford murders also shot several others, is from Florida, and is white. (also arrested alive – shocking.)

Could we have avoided this whole toxic temper tantrum COVID-19 relief bill attack if Senators had only named it the “Trump Relief Act?”

Wonder how glad GOP is that Nashville suspect died in bomb blast. Since he was white imagine he would have been arrested alive and could have spouted anti-government possibly pro-Trump rhetoric to anyone who would listen.

Love this first line from Washington Post story – “Trump unexpectedly capitulated Sunday night.” When someone tells Donald what capitulated means, he’s going to be really upset.

Open note to any pundit casually downplaying Velveeta Voldemort’s delay in signing spending / COVID relief bill – bet you weren’t counting on $600, or unemployment benefits or eviction moratorium. A lot easier when it’s an esoteric exercise….

NY Times “Millions of Americans are losing their unemployment coverage today after Pres Trump resisted signing aid package over last-minute objection.”

“Resisted?”- really?

How about “pouted & refused to sigh,” Or “Trump attacked millions of Americans today by not signing…”

A three day lift ticket at Beaver Creek near Vail is $657, more than that relief check Donald has been playing political games with….. And tickets are sold out through Jan 3. AND taxpayers are paying for Secret Service to ski with Pence..

(And we’re not even talking about what Secret Service hotel rooms cost on taxpayer dime, in an area where hotel rooms during Christmas routinely approach four figures.)

Since bible-quoting Marco Rubio chose to attack Dr. Fauci and still seems to think COVID-19 isn’t that dangerous, why did he take vaccine? Mark 2:17 “They that are whole have no need of the physician, but they that are sick.”

Down to the wire.

December 27, 2020

So Raiders won a game a few weeks ago against NY Jets with a few seconds left on the clock.

Tonight they lost a game with a few seconds left on the clock.

Live by the miracle due to stupid defense completely blown coverage, die by the stupid defense and complete blown coverage. (Plus a face mask penalty)

Due to Covid protocols, the Cleveland Browns wlll be missing four WRs tomorrow against the NY Jets.

Bummer, but hasn’t “missing four WRs” been the New Orleans Saints situation most of the season?

Yeah, Bucs won 47-7 today against Lions today, with a 34-0 lead at halftime.

Your reminder, on MNF football against the Saints, Tom Brady and his team scored three points. All game.

Just fun to write that.

And all you need to know about NFL priorities is Saints’ Alvin Kamara will be fined over red & green shoes on Christmas, while Bucs’ Antonio Brown is back from suspension and catching TD passes in 2020 because he his got civil trial for sexual assault & rape postponed, again, until 2021.

So sad, apparently Utah star Ty Jordan’s death was an accidential self-inflicted shooting. But tell me again how guns keep us safer?

Scary thought, while it will be a while until we know the real COVID-19 numbers resulting from Americans ignoring protocols in late December, am thinking of that man who died from COVID on the flight from Florida to Los Angeles. He was pretending he didn’t have symptoms to get somewhere he really wanted to be. How many people convinced themselves they weren’t sick to attend holiday gatherings?

Steven Mnuchin, who negotiated COVID relief package on behalf of the president with Democrats and Republicans must have thought he would end up one of the few administrative officials Velveeta Voldemort wouldn’t throw under the bus. He thought wrong.

Imagine being on team of lawyers who’d worked w/ warring siblings for months on contract to keep family business together & FINALLY got temporary short-term truce. Then the aged & demented patriarch jumped in at end to blow it all up. That’s kind of what happened with COVID deal.

This part of Joe Biden’s statement needs more attention: “Americans spoke clearly–time for bipartisan action & compromise-.heartened to see Congress heed message, reach across aisle & work together. Pres Trump should join them.” Leaders lead, spoiled children throw tantrums.

Colors of Christmas.

December 26, 2020

Alvin Kamara wore one red and one green shoe today while he scored SIX rushing TDs for the New Orleans Saints against Minnesota Vikings. For which he will undoubtedly be fined by Roger Goodell.

Kamara says he’s going to donate an equal amount of NFL’s fine for his red and green shoes to charity. I see a serious GoFundMe campaign ahead.

Troy Aikman “Right now it’s Alvin Kamara 36, Vikings 33.”

Looking back to early May when we thought we MIGHT get COVID under control this summer & didn’t realize how insane Velveeta Voldemort & GOP could become, remember thinking most stressful thing on Christmas would be my favorite Saints playing Amy Klobuchar’s beloved Vikings.

Wait, there have already been seven bowl games in 2020? I really don’t care, do you?

Apparently someone is upset that Melania has never been on the cover of a major magazine.

If only another casualty of 2020 hadn’t been print version of Playboy.

Federal unemployment payments set to expire after December 26 & Velveeta Voldemort spent day golfing & rant tweeting about magazine covers. There’s an imperfect bill he could just sign that would be lifeline for millions of Americans. But the bill is not all about him.


Wonder how many people saw “Love Actually” this Christmas and suddenly thought that adorable little boy Sam looks awfully familiar..” He does. Thomas Brodie-Sangster is also Benny Watts in “The Queen’s Gambit.” You’re welcome.

Less than a week left in 2020. Kind of sums it up. But happy Boxing Day to all my readers who’ve stuck with me so far!!

How it started, how it’s going.

December 25, 2020

Hard to believe it was only early May when NFL schedule was released…. and COVID-19 was something we HOPED would be under control this summer, etc…

But that I figured that my biggest stress on Christmas would be my favorite team having a potential playoff consequential game against my favorite Senator’s (and then VP candidate)’ favorite team? (With some painful history.

Well, at least it’s not a win or go home for Saints against Vikings. Small mercies. And yeah, priorities.

And for the NBA…. Christmas afternoon – Golden State Warriors vs Milwaukee Bucks.

And in homage to the late, great Trebek “I’ll take games that sounded a lot better on the schedule in October for $200, Alex.”

(although, for his fans, sharing what I just learned earlier this week – while ABC originally had his last episode scheduled to air Christmas day, they changed them to final episodes will air the week of Jan. 4, 2021, which means his Trebek’s appearance as host will be on the show that airs on Friday, Jan. 8, 2021.

On a small mercies note, how many Americans who spent 2019 wondering how they could make their escape from awkward family get togethers can now simply blame leaving the party on a bad zoom or Facetime connection?

Not that I haven’t belatedly learned to love the show… But how many of us started out 2020 in a good place and ended up virtually transported to the first episode of Schitt’s Creek?

Fox News “The battle over the COVID package and omnibus spending bill is like a Charles Dickens classic.” Uh, maybe, with Donald playing the part of the Marquis St. Evrémonde…

So on Christmas Eve did Velveeta Voldemort watch “It’s a Wonderful Life” and bemoan the tragedy of the town not becoming Pottersville?

Since we’ve basically been shut down since March, realized today people I have seen most in person this year are my grocery store workers. Made sure to thank them today.

If you really wanted a War on Christmas, you’d probably start by sabotaging Post Office, then attack a desperately needed COVID relief bill & spend Christmas Eve in a twitter tantrum. Just saying.

Just think, in 2021, we can go back to Christmas mornings without knowing or caring what the President of the United States tweeted!

Bubble bubble toil and trouble.

December 24, 2020

James Harden fined $50,000 but not suspended over by NBA over his alleged socializing maskless at a strip club earlier this week.

Well, of course not, Rockets have a game on NBA TV for Saturday.

And yeah, just one game against the Grizzlies. But just saying (and yes, readers can remind me of this) that Las Vegas oddsmakers had San Antonio Spurs near last in Western Conference, with over/ under of 28 out of 72 wins. This is a Gregg Popovich coached team. WTAF?

Opening night – SA over MEM 131-119.

Meanwhile, Houston-OKC postponed tonight since Rockets didn’t have enough players due to positive or inclusive tests.

So congratulations to all those who had “less than 24 hours from opening night” as to when the first game would be a casualty of the now bubble free NBA

The Ohio State university has self-imposed postseason bans for 2020-21…. for its women’s basketball, women’s golf and fencing programs. Yeah, I’m sure those are the programs at OSU that have most abused the NCAA rules.

So both in Southern California and now in Napa, we’ve had unmasked mass caroling events as an example of “religious freedom.” So when they get sick can all carolers stay home, and rely on God instead of hospitals to save them?

Meanwhile, Louisiana Congressman-elect Luke Letlow now in ICU with COVID-19. The New Orleans Advocate points out that while Letlow wore a mask, he frequented campaigned at events where voters didn’t wear masks. Science really doesn’t care if you believe in it or not.

Yes, Charles Kushner hired a prostitute, to seduce his brother-in-law & sent the video of them having sex to his own sister, Rachel Maddow reminded us of one more detail- Charles sent the video to his sister the night of her son’s engagement party.

Again, Trump doesn’t WANT relief for Americans, he just wants to get back at Mitch and Congress. It’s as if Dad would never let you have a real pet but your parents divorce and Mom says you can have a kitten, so Dad then says “how mean of her, I would have gotten you a pony.”

Rachel Maddow explains it clearly…. While Trump had said he would sign a bill, he can stop all COVID relief $$$ now, just by doing nothing & pocket vetoing bill until this congressional term runs out. But only a really cruel deranged man would attack Americans this way….

Also, as Trump vetoes $740 billion Defense bill because Congress did not repeal Section 230, reminder Donald was ORIGINALLY going to veto it because of renaming of bases named for confederate soldiers. . Wonder what excuse he will come up w/ next? The real truth: Trump loves pomp & circumstance, hates our military.

Another of Donald’s last evil deeds- new regulations to allow restaurant owners to take tips from waiters and waitresses, to pay workers in back, or to keep for themselves. As a former waitress, one work – f*cker.

It has left for Mar-A-Lago. Can we just change the White House locks?

Unmasked stupidity?

December 23, 2020

Few headlines would be as obviously a sign of bad judgment in a non-pandemic year as this one

“Haskins sorry for maskless photo with strippers.”

The Washington Football Team QB Dwayne Haskins has apologized for a picture posted to social media, taken of him Sunday night, in a strip club, without a mask. You can take the stupid embarrassing name off the team, but apparently you can’t take the stupid embarrassing behavior off the team.

South Carolina has COVID-19 issues and so their Saturday bowl game against University of Alabama Birmingham has been canceled. What a disappointment for all those who had grown up dreaming of playing in the Union Home Mortgage Gasparilla Bowl.

Ok, who else heard “Florida mogul and medicare fraud” with Trump’s pardon list and thought ‘Why would Donald pardon Senator Rick Scott?”

Trump has absolutely no intention of giving Americans $2,000. He knows Mitch McConnell would never bring such a bill to the floor. But at this point on his way out Donald is just throwing gasoline-drenched rags along with matches and seeing what he can catch on fire.

If you believe Trump on his plan for $2,000 checks I hope you’re enjoying that beautiful healthcare plan he unveiled earlier this year.

When does John McCain’s ghost of Christmas past show up for Lindsey Graham?

Oh please, oh please, can someone ask Hope Hicks casually on camera what she thinks a Fulbright scholarship is?

Meanwhile, watching Joe Biden today,….. had almost forgotten what it was like to have a Presidential Press conference with coherent, rational answers and no insults to the media.

Miguel Cardona seems like a great choice for Secretary of Education. But enough with all these “major improvement over Betsy Devos” stories. Uh, my cat would be a major improvement over Betsy Devos.

Now it’s South Carolina Gov. Henry McMaster, 73, who has tested positive for Covid-19. He will of course receive a monoclonal antibody treatment. Another reason these GOP idiots ignore the virus, they know THEY will get the care most Americans can’t get.

Such a small point in grand scheme of things. But when this pandemic is over do we ever have to watch Tom Selleck and Joe Namath on commercials again? Asking for a country.

So why are some of these GOP members of Congress being vaccinated for a “hoax”?

$600 probably doesn’t cover the cost of Kelly Loeffler’s hair extensions. Just saying.

Amy Klobuchar on Rachel Maddow talking about Donald’s pardons, saying that Trump is saying “Screw you, screw you to the FBI.” Amy does not swear. She is pissed. As we all should be.

Also on Maddow, Klobuchar talking about how hard Democrats had to fight to get ANY relief through the Senate. And brings up GA Senate races with a simple question – “Which party has people’s backs?”

Tip off.

December 22, 2020

Didn’t we just finish the NBA season last month?

CFP Executive Director Bill Hancock told ESPN they’d postpone most of New Year’s Six bowl games, including semifinal games & national championship, if one or both teams can’t participate due to COVID-19 issues. Translation, for the TV money we’ll play in March if we have to.

Anyone playing this BS game about who won more counties or greater land area of the US in Presidential election… ?

If size matters then Justin Trudeau is leader of a more powerful country than the United States.

(land size, of course.)

Maybe helicopter pad at Alcatraz would be appropriate?

But seriously, naming an airport for Trump? And I thought renaming National Airport after the guy who fired all air traffic controllers & screwed up aviation for a decade was as bad as it got…. (I will NOT use that name, even as a travel agent.)

Tonight Rachel Maddow talks about Trump officials are getting anxious that Donald is “spending too much time with people they consider crackpots or conspiracy theorists.” Well, sadly at this point those folks are the only ones who won’t tell him he’s wrong….

Yes, California’s COVID cases are going up and it’s a scary headline. But look, even today at total cases this week per 100,000 California -4,834 Florida -5,887 With almost double per capita testing. While Florida Gov RonDeSantis keeps trying to take fake victory laps.

President-elect Joe Biden “I think the administration deserves some credit in getting this off the ground with Operation Warp Speed.” So he hasn’t even been inaugurated yet & Joe has said more nice things (one sentence) than Donald has said about him or any rival in four years.

Apparently Fox News hosts are complaining about Pete Buttigieg not being qualified as nominee to head Department of Transportation. Because he’s no… Elaine Chao? WTAF?

Checked out menu at Trump Hotel DC- steaks start at $55 & go up, salads $20 & up, even french fries $13…. And Donald insisted on business deductibility of meals. Four people having one dinner w/out wine or drinks could easily hit $600 Americans will receive in COVID relief..

Three martinis alone for two people at Trump’s DC hotel are $100 & that’s before the $55 & up steaks. But hey, if you think allowing that deduction is more important than a bigger stimulus check & aid to states, keep right on voting Republican. Otherwise, need to #FlipTheSenate

Can’t win for losing.

December 21, 2020

NY Jets’ inexplicable win today against Rams did make a few non-Jets fans happy – for starters New Orleans Saints fans who are competing with Rams for playoff seeds, Jacksonsville Jaguars fans, and Trevor Lawrence who probably preferred Florida to NY anyway.

Nothing is certain but death, taxes, and the Falcons blowing big leads against Tom Brady.

Big Ten just changed rules so players who have tested positive for COVID-19 no only have to miss 17 days, down from 21. Which means OSU can have some players back for Jan 1 game against Clemson. I’m sure it’s just a coincidence.

Momma may have been partially right in Waterboy – NCAA “foosball IS da devil.”

So Notre Dame loses by 24 points to Clemson and is immediately rewarded with a CFP spot? Even some non-religious football fans are on their feet screaming Jesus!

Army, 9-2, now “bowl-less” after Radiance Technologies Independence Bowl has been canceled. Uh, think this problem might actually be suited for Donald’s capabilities. Demanding bowl bid for Army also much less dangerous than declaring martial law to overturn an election.

Washington Post reports “draft language of the emergency coronavirus relief package includes a tax break for corporate meal expenses.” One meal for two at French Laundry costs more than the $600 Mitch McConnell will give most Americans.

Wonder what percentage of meals at Mar-A-Lago are considered “business meals? We KNOW it’s about 100% of the meals at Trump’s DC hotel.

Perhaps with everything else that we need to revisit starting in 2021 could be the transition time between election and Presidential inauguration. As the Toddler-in-Chief tries to wreck everything on the way out, California also is basically missing a Senator.

100% support vaccines for all healthcare and essential frontline workers. And yes, admit we need to vaccinate US leaders. But someone tell me with a straight face that people like Marco Rubio and Lindsey Graham couldn’t be replaced by cardboard cut outs.

Is it petty to think that Velveeta Voldemort’s weekend long tantrum has at least precluded him from spending this weekend golfing on the US taxpayer’s dime?

Folks, Mitch McConnell has ALL the power in Senate right now: If you’re outraged working-class Americans are getting same $600 wealthy corporate types can spend on one lunch they write off… until 2022 ONLY way to change this is to Flip the Senate on January 6.

A Rose Bowl by any other name?

December 20, 2020

CFP semifinal scheduled for Rose Bowl moving to AT&T Stadium in Arlington, Texas. So can we call it the “Yellow Rose of Texas Bowl?”

Again, not actually watching NCAA football, but when Notre Dame’s Brian Kelly said his team would boycott the playoffs if players’ families couldn’t come…..? Well, looking at the Fighting Irish’s 34-10 loss to Clemson maybe Karma took care of that problem?

Coach Brian Kelly said #2 Notre Dame is “without question” one of top 4 teams in college football, despite 34-10 loss to #3 Clemson.

Uh, 4-5 Virginia, (0-4 in ACC) came closer to beating Clemson in October with 41-23 loss.

After USC lost yesterday to Oregon and fell out of CFP contention, Trojans announced they would not play in bowl game. Personally I think college football shouldn’t have been played at all in 2020, but seems a bit like NY Jets saying they wouldn’t participate in NFL playoffs.

I’m so old that remember when the worst nationwide joke on Saturday night was a lousy skit on SNL, not the occupant of the White House

Donald Trump TOLD us in 2016 he might not accept election results as ‘fair” if he lost. He TOLD us in 2020, with power of Presidency behind him, he wouldn’t lose a “fair” election. And some people are surprised he’s trying to pull out all the stops to stay in office?

Getting these BOGO offers for buying shoes. And after 2020 thinking what are “shoes?”

Unclear on the concept: Lyft sending me regular notices that they are giving me a discount on my next three rides. At the same time I live in a county with a “Stay-At-Home” order.

Kelly Loeffler has her own personal Bombardier CL30 private jet for campaigning & to commute to/from her various homes. Cost to fly such a plane – about $4,000 per HOUR. But Kelly doesn’t think Americans need even hundreds of dollars in stimulus checks.

Headline on Washington Post article “Why Congress went 8 months without new coronavirus relief as the pandemic worsened.” Uh, do we need a whole article? Two words: Mitch McConnell.

As horror stories pile up like unsorted mail, have to wonder, if Donald taking over the USPS after he leaves office? Remember Colin Powell’s Pottery Barn rule? “You break it you own it.”

Bad enough that GOP Senators who deny the need for COVID-19 relief are mostly multi-millionaires. Now the same GOP Senators who denied the need for mask and other mandates are jumping to the front of the line for COVID-19 vaccines.

These people are socially distanced from reality.

This Presidency is becoming a sad Trump version of Hotel California. “You can un-elect him any time you want, but he will never leave.”

So if Donald LITERALLY poured gasoline, lit a bunch of matches and set the White House on fire would GOP sycophants just stand around and comment on how it was helping him work through his disappointment?

No fighting for these Irish?

December 19, 2020

Notre Dame coach Brian Kelly threatens not to play in College Football Playoff if players’ families can’t attend games. Fine by me.

Not watching college football in 2020 but understand Pac-12 was won by Oregon, which didn’t even win North division. But Ducks got into championship game against USC after Washington had to cancel due to COVID & Colorado was ruled ineligible due to being in South. Is NCAA great yet?

If ex football coach Tommy Tuberville is not going to accept the results of the election, then on January 6, Doug Jones should just refuse to vacate his seat in the Senate. Problem solved.

I’m sorry for all the vitriol and apparently even threats that Justice Roberts is getting right now. But wonder if John Roberts ever realizes that had he not voted for Citizens United, none of this might have happened?

Again, for those in back, there is ONE party who absolutely wants to #DefundThePolice. It’s the party trying to remove COVID-19 relief dollars going to state & local governments, $$ which are really needed to help pay for law enforcement during revenue shortfalls.

GOP IS defunding the police.

Even if we assume that Velveeta Voldemort is not actively working to hurt Americans who disagree with him, would anyone hire a man to run anything whose idea of top security password was “maga2020!”?

As MAGAs still attack the accomplished & hardworking Dr Biden have to ask – Jill is a beautiful woman now and was gorgeous as a young woman. Would GOP respect her more as a future first lady if she had done soft-core porn?

Anyone remember the Peter principle? VP Pence, chair of task force who said even on April 24 COVID-19 would be behind us by Memorial Day, was among first with his wife to be vaccinated while death toll approaches 9-11 EVERY DAY. Can we call this the Peter Principle Presidency?

I’m sure it’s very comforting to those with relatives in ICUs or who have already died in 2020 to know that today VP Pence got a COVID-19 vaccine and hosted a White House celebration for the one-year anniversary of Space Force.

Let this sink in again. Senator Ron Johnson, who’s been estimated to have a net worth between $10.4 million and $39 million, is blocking $1,200 stimulus checks for Americans making less than $75,000 a year.

California getting 40% fewer doses of vaccine next week than promised. Washington, Michigan and other states also complaining. Governor Whitmer actually blamed Trump. Funny, I don’t hear that many complaints from governors of red states? I’m sure it’s just a coincidence.

Why do I have a feeling that places like Texas, Florida and South Dakota with science denying governors will be getting all the vaccine they need so Donald can claim their herd immunity strategies have worked?

South Dakota Governor Kristi Noem is talking about falling numbers of new cases and hospitalizations and deaths. Well, yeah, because many of the at-risk people in the state are already dead. –

(South Dakota’s death rate at 154 per 100,000 (with a case rate of 10,850(!) per 100,000 – yes, 10% of the state) is still three times higher than California’s death rate of 57 per 100,000.)

Residents near Mar-A-Lago trying to block Trump from retiring to his resort there pointing out a 1993 agreement where he said no one could stay longer than 21 days. And they may be getting traction. Sadly hilarious that West Palm Beach residents are managing to show more spine about evicting Donald than most GOP members of Congress.

More numbers games….

December 18, 2020

It’s only Thursday night and six NCAAF football teams ranked in the top 20 have already had games canceled over COVID-19 for Saturday. Over-under on the final total?

The Sun Belt Conference football championship game has been canceled. The game was to feature #19 Louisiana and undefeated #12 Coastal Carolina. Apparently it was a single COVID-19 test in the Coastal Carolina and then contact tracting making playing the game too dangerous.

Anyone else think if the same situation happened with an SEC team of the CFP bubble they might have figured out some way around this?

Newly elected Senator Tommy Tuberville of Alabama indicated that he supports a potential challenge to the electoral vote count when Congress convenes next month to formally affirm Biden’s win.

Who knew electing a washed-up football coach with absolutely no governmental experience might have consequences?

Although, Tommy Tuberville was at a Georgia rally for Loeffler and Perdue that he might challenge the election results on January 6. Uh, if the election was fraudulent, that means we keep Doug Jones in Alabama. Who wants to tell him?

I do really miss days when we political people who also love sports could find this one of the more outrageous stories of the week – “Florida is coming off a home loss to unranked LSU last weekend, but the Gators dropped only one spot to No. 7 in the CFP rankings.

So as Pfizer says they have “millions’ of unclaimed COVID-19 doses not being claimed, of course it could be incompetence. But considering Donald’s continued lies & rage at states that didn’t support him, isn’t it as likely to be another game for him of “quid pro quo?”

Jimmy Carter’s foundation says he will take the COVID-19 vaccine ‘when it is available to him.” Jimmy may not have been the best President I have ever voted for, but he is one of the best men who has ever held that office.

Pfizer “We have millions more (COVID-19 vaccine) doses sitting in our warehouse but, as of now, we have not received any shipment instructions for additional doses.” So how much is Donald going to use lack of distribution as a way to punish blue states?

Tucker Carlson said Dr. Jill Biden was “illiterate?” Would someone like to ask Melania, or for that matter Donald, on air, how to SPELL illiterate?

As Donald calls John McCain “overrated” have to think this would have never happened without an angry GOP rebuttal if McCain’s good friend Lindsey Graham were still alive.

Love the story about the Dutch hacker who guessed Donald Trump’s Twitter password being “maga2020!” But seriously folks, aren’t we a little surprised Donald’s password wasn’t in all caps?

Now, watching Mike Pence get vaccinated on TV may help sway some anti-vaxxers, which is a good thing. But as far as jumping the queue by being an “at risk” American or essential worker, Pence is only 61, doesn’t have co-morbidities, and he’s completely unnecessary in a month….

Open note to GOP: Millions of Americans who won’t be able to see their loved ones this holiday season, and in over 300,000 cases ever again, don’t give a damn about Hunter Biden.

And finally, your reminder that the man estimated to have about 50,000,000 fake followers on Twitter is still ranting about perceived fake votes.


December 17, 2020

In college football, undefeated Cincinnati, 8-0, is ranked #9, undefeated USC, 5-0, is ranked #13, while three two two-loss teams, Iowa State , Florida and Georgia are ranked #6 and #7 and #8

Not surprisingly, many are upset by what seem to be arbitrary and illogical CFB rankings. At least there’s some normalcy in 2020.

Although Drew Brees is practicing this week, Coach Sean Payton says the Saints QB has “a ways to go.” 49ers fans thinking “a ways to go” sounds better than what we got.


Trump’s Twitter account was hacked, and the Dutch ministry confirms the hacker guessed the password – maga2020!

You can’t make this stuff up.

Marco Rubio clutching his pearls because Biden’s campaign manager & future deputy chief of staff Jen O’Malley Dillon called GOP in Congress a bunch of f*ckers.

Missed Rubio’s outrage when Donald’s lawyer suggested Chris Krebs be “drawn and quartered.”

Jen was right.

After Pete Buttigieg said he proposed at United Gate B5, @fly2ohare now calling themselves on Twitter -“O’Hare Intl. Airport – Place of romance & official O’Hare Intl. Airport (ORD) twitter feed.”

Wonder how many relationships HAVE started in O’Hare lines or during flight delays?

(Or less romantically, how many couples have split in such situations?)

Paraphrasing what Joe Biden once said about Rudy Giuliani – All of Donald’s Trump’s sentences are now lies with a noun, a verb, and “voter fraud.”

On a day when NY Times writes “Russian espionage attack on U.S. government & private companies, underway since spring & detected only a few weeks ago, is among greatest intelligence failures of modern times,” Fox News headlines are about the threat from… China??!

As Palm Beach residents try to keep Donald Trump from breaking a 1990s agreement where he promised not to live at Mar-A-Lago more than 21 days straight can you blame them?

Given Donald’s love for attention, imagine security & media circus in neighborhood on a regular basis.

Mitch McConnell controls Senate but any GOP Senator could have said publicly Mitch needed to call vote on COVID relief bills.

Even opportunists like Loeffler & Perdue could have done so after Nov. election. They said nothing. They didn’t care. Georgia deserves better.

Loeffler & Perdue also issued statement saying they’d protect Atlanta Braves name. “Problem with the statement is Braves have never said they plan to change name.

They’ve said the opposite actually.” No dog whistle left unblown.

Today Cory Booker spoke about a bill to improve privacy of judges & add other safeguards against violence & threats about judges after judge’s son was killed in assassination attempt. Scary that we need this bill. Scarier we now really need such a bill for election workers.

Since Trump signed a deal in 1993 that no one can stay at Mar-A-Lago for more than 21 days that means it’s not really his home. Also means that DONALD committed Voter Fraud. Lock him up.

CNN Chyron says that “WH creates spreadsheet to track “crazy” influx of pardon requests.” Assume the spreadsheet includes space to keep track of current $$$ bids.

More almost 2:00am rambling and angry tweets from Velveeta Voldemort, 43 days after the election.

“Dear White House staff, could you switch to Caffeine-Free Diet Coke?” Asking for a really tired country.

Gentlemen, start your baskets?

December 16, 2020

NBA preseason is officially underway.

But seriously, with the regular season so much a nonissue for so many teams, shouldn’t we call this the pre-preseason?

Bad news for Bucks’ rivals, either in the East or in free agency – Giannis Antetokounmpo has signed a five year $228 million contract to stay in Milwaukee. So will any other team in the NBA try to hire Rudy Giuliani to try to overturn this Wisconsin result?

Michigan-Iowa has been canceled this weekend, along with Indiana-Purdue. Does NCAA really expect us to believe that this college football season exists now for any other reason than big televised playoff games?

Woke up on Tuesday to see that Donald Trump, who supported Republican Brian Kemp’s election as Governor of Georgia, now RTed a post saying Kemp and Georgia’s GOP Secretary of State should be in prison….

We really need an advent calendar for January 20, 2021. And it might need to have miniature liquor bottles in it.

Besides Donald Trump, Mitch McConnell is the Republican who’s done most to subvert democracy; blocking Merrick Garland, installing right wing judges, not allowing votes on bills to help Americans survive. MAGAs still turned on him for saying President-Elect Biden.

Dr. Frankenstein’s monster is loose.

Betsy Devos apparently urged her staff at Dept of Education to ‘be the resistance’ as Biden takes over. So petty, Betsy couldn’t even ask them to help provide protection for Joe against grizzly bears?

As we begin to see light at the end of Trump tunnel – your reminder how all Democratic candidates came together to support Joe Biden. I’m a proud moderate Democrat myself. But while we hope GOP will give Biden a chance hoping various factions of our party will do the same thing.

Pretty sure all of us Democrats have at least one person who we would have urged Joe Biden not to choose for his team. Not the point. The worst choice Joe has made, whoever you think that is, is better than the best of Donald’s administration.

Safety net.

December 15, 2020

Saddest people who weren’t Browns fans at end of MNF? Gamblers who had bet on Cleveland, as Ravens were favored by 3 points, and the Browns crazy series of laterals at the end the game with 2 seconds less, resulted in a safety and a 47-42 loss, instead of 45-42, which would have been a push.

Roger Goodell said COVID-19 vaccine priority obviously should for “health care workers, first responders & those in riskiest state. We don’t fall into those categories; we don’t anticipate that & we’re not planning for that.” Some thought it couldn’t be done but Donald gave NFL moral high road

So who do we think actually wrote Attorney General Bill Barr’s “resignation” letter?

Today Senate Majority whip John Thune, “I think once the electoral college settles the issue, it’s time for everybody to move on.” Still nothing from McConnell. We’ll only know he’s accepted President-Elect Joe Biden when Mitch vows to make Joe a one-term president.

Today Senate Majority whip John Thune, “I think once the electoral college settles the issue, it’s time for everybody to move on.” Still nothing from McConnell. We’ll only know he’s accepted President-Elect Joe Biden when Mitch vows to make Joe a one-term president.

Random quote I stumbled upon from Nora Ephron. Seems particularly appropriate these days though – ““Insane people are always sure that they are fine. It is only the sane people who are willing to admit that they are crazy.”

Kelly Loeffler actually appeared with Gym Jordan at rallies today in Georgia. If only Jordan had spent half the energy trying to protect those college wrestlers from sexual assault as he is trying to protect those who now assault our democracy.

Kelly Loeffer pretends she didn’t know who former KKK leader Chester Doles was when she posed w/him for picture. Uh, in Sept 2020, the Atlanta Journal Constitution reported “Marjorie Taylor Greene had Doles escorted out of September rally Loeffler briefly attended.” When you’re known & too crazy for Q-Anon.

Today, while many Georgians struggle during this pandemic, Jon Ossoff and Reverend Warnock are talking about Health, Jobs and Justice.

While Kelly Loeffler and David Perdue put out a statement assuring Georgians they will resist all efforts to rename the Atlanta Braves. No joke.


Wait, Press Secretary Barbie is complaining on Twitter that Joe Biden gave a “DIVISIVE” speech and “should never utter the words unprecedented assault on democracy.” Is she auditioning to play herself on SNL?

In Michigan, State House, Capitol & Senate office buildings are closed during Electoral College meeting – “not made because of anticipated protests, but based on credible threats of violence.” Are we great yet?

Remember when Wisconsin voters were forced to line up, some in garbage bags, to vote in April? In that election they chose liberal Jill Karofsky for the Supreme Court. Monday that court ruled 4-3 to confirm Biden’s win. State and local elections matter.

As the Electoral College certifies Biden’s win today Stephen Miller tells Fox News that Donald will have votes from “alternate slate of electors.” Have to assume the only college this alternate slate could be from is Trump University.

As Joe Biden wins again, this time with the electoral college voting, this is beginning to feel like we’re on an endless loop of watching Dorothy melt the witch in Oz.

Well, to be fair, not like Donald Trump accepts as factual the number 306 when it’s on his scale either.

For want of a shoe.

December 14, 2020

Florida lost against LSU in part because of a late game 15 yard unsportsmanlike conduct penalty when a Gator defender threw a shoe from a Tigers’ player that came off in his hand when he tackled him.

Tough lesson for Marco Wilson but at least if the kid goes pro he will be ready for major NFL fines over stuff like shoes and socks.

Well at least losing 40-3 against the Seahawks meant no last second heartbreak this week for Jets fans.

Minnesota Vikings placekicker Dan Bailey missed all three field goals and an extra point against the Buccaneers.

Uh, if Vanderbilt classes are over for the year, is Sarah Fuller available?

Cleveland’s baseball team plans to drop name Indians after 105 years. So who’s next…. the Braves? Or the “White” Sox? Actually for that matter waiting for Southern states to tell NY to drop Yankees.

Georgia Supreme Court deals Trump team yet another loss today. Someone needs to tell Donald this isn’t like the Super Bowl in dealing with Georgia. He’s not going to come back from anything like a 28-3 deficit.

Understand it’s a lot to expect Americans to volunteer for military & potentially risk their lives to protect their fellow citizens. But whoever thought that a bridge too far for millions of us would have turned out to be a cloth face covering?

If you feel safe in public without a mask, but don’t feel safe in public without a gun – you might want to rethink your risk assessment skills.

Should we be shocked that many Americans ignore CDC in favor of people like Trump & Florida Gov. DeSantis who say mask-wearing is unnecessary?

Same country where we regularly have fad diets that say you can have as much “fill-in-the-blank” as you want or drink some magic potion & still lose weight.

So would Donald like to tell American people why he and his mob family need to go to front of the line for a vaccine for a virus that is 99.9% harmless?

So we didn’t vote for the lady with the private email server in order to elect a guy who just let Commerce and Treasury departments get hacked AND fired our top cybersecurity expert.

Are we great yet?

Once again, if Democrats really did have both ability & immorality to steal the 2020 election, don’t you think we’d have gotten rid of Mitch McConnell and Lindsey Graham too?

At yesterday’s pro-Trump rally, protesters shouted “Destroy the GOP” and booed Georgia Senators David Perdue & Kelly Loeffler. So wonder what Republican plan is to close the Pandora’s box after Donald is gone?

Great opening line from Washington Post – “Thousands of maskless rallygoers who refuse to accept the results of the election turned downtown Washington into a falsehood-filled spectacle Saturday, two days before the electoral college will make the president’s loss official.”

Scoring like a girl

December 13, 2020

Sarah Fuller today kicked TWO PATS (point after touchdown) for Vanderbilt in a 17-42 loss to Tennessee. Coach Todd Fitch later said plan was to give her kicks inside 10-yd line;… that in practice, Sarah was better than other kickers on the roster at short range: “It was truly off statistics of week’s preparation…(she) made most of those kicks.” #PlayLikeAGirl

(of course the bigger story for 0-9 Vanderbilt, that the Commodores actually SCORED two touchdown.)

Arizona fired coach Kevin Sumlin today, after the Wildcats’ 12th straight loss yesterday night 70-7 (!) loss to ASU. With a record like that in Arizona wonder if Sumlin will be asked to join Trump’s legal team?

Joe Biden has won so many times now in Wisconsin his team should be bowl-eligible.

Wikipedia took down the edit someone made to the description of Joseph Epstein on his page after he attacked Jill Biden in the Wall Street Journal for using the “Dr.” title despite her PhD . Phooey. So I guess we just need to share amongst ourselves. “Misogynistic condescending jackass, Essayist, short-story writer, editor, teacher.”

How much would I like to see, to one of their faces, Joseph Epstein refer to Dr. Condoleezza Rice or Dr. Angela Merkel as “kiddo?”

Speaking of Doctors, a good Clinical Psychologist with a PhD or PsyD might be able to help Joseph Epstein with his feelings of inadequacy.

So where is the WSJ article saying how wrong it was for Scott Atlas, a non-practicing neuroradiologist to be acting like an infectious disease doctor?

So what’s Donald’s next step? An election appeal to the Supreme Food Court – With Justices Burger and Sotomayor McCheese?

Once again. “Parler” – French for talk. MAGAs can’t even come up with a Twitter alternative without help from a foreign country.

If Velveeta Voldemort had only fought COVID-19 half as hard as he is fighting to overturn the election, he might have actually won the election.

Molly Ivins quote of the night – “What you need is sustained outrage…there’s far too much unthinking respect given to authority.”

Final upbeat note:

It is now fewer days (38) until Joe Biden is inaugurated, until it has been days (40) since Biden won the election.

Chess match?

December 12, 2020

Bad wording/timing award to Kyrie Irying, fined $25,000 for not speaking with media ” I do not talk to pawns. My attention is worth more.”

Did someone tell Kyrie the most loved show in America this year might be “The Queen’s Gambit?”

As a Saints fan, I understand not getting over it when you get cheated out of a win by a bad call.

But Donald Trump’s refusing to accept election loss is as if every replay in the 2019 NFC Championship game showed LA’s Robey-Coleman hadn’t been within 10 yards of New Orleans WR Tommylee Lewis.

Well, if the 126 GOP members of House really feel strongly that November election was invalid they can always resign their seats in protest!

One of many WTF moments for the day – Diamond and Silk tweeting – “If the Supreme Court can’t save our Republic, then where is the Military?”

Uh, you mean the military that Donald called “Suckers and losers?

“Texas has not demonstrated a judicially cognizable interest in the manner in which another state conducts its elections. All other pending motions are dismissed as moot.”

Joe Biden has won, again.

Donald Trump thought he’d bought & paid for three Supreme Court Justices. Again I give you Molly Ivins, with Molly’s paraphrase of an old quote “As they say around Texas Legislature, if you can’t drink their whiskey, screw their women, take their money & vote against ’em anyway, you don’t belong in office.”

In the Orlando Sentinel apology for endorsing Congressman Michael Waltz “During endorsement interview didn’t think to ask ‘Would you support effort to throw out votes of tens of millions of Americans in four states to overturn election in order to hand it to person who lost, Donald Trump?’

Our bad.

RBG died on Sept 18, 2020, just after as Americans had begun voting, as Amy Klobuchar said, “in droves.” GOP ignored early voting & in 38 days rammed through her replacement.

Now it’s 38 days after Nov 3 after voters spoke “in droves’ & pretty clear Trump’s GOP never planned to accept those votes either.