Colors of the season.

Still just love this Saints Alvin Kamara mismatched green and red Christmas cleats story. Apparently sometimes the NFL demands inappropriate equipment be removed during games. But the officials let him play.

The rules say players can be told to remove inappropriate equipment if it’s a safety risk, and the cleats looked fine on that count. OR players can be told they have to change if there is a “branding issue” – translation – a LOGO on the shoes of any nonapproved brand.

But just plain red and green shoes… those were left for the standard league discipline process – ie a fine. Stay tuned.

Meanwhile, Patriots now 6-9 and missing NFL playoffs for first time since 2008. Of course, to be fair, if New England were in NFC East instead of AFC East they’d be in contention for a division title.

Lori Loughlin served more time in prison than Michael Flynn.

If Kelly Loeffler does get sent to prison for insider trading can Lori Loughlin play her in the Lifetime made-for-tv movie?

Apparently the suicide bomber in Nashville said the world “was never going to forget me.” While his cowardly act will cause USA to look at preventing domestic terrorism in future, can we start forgetting him personally, and never using his name, now?

And where was the Nashville terrorist radicalized?

Brian Kelly complaining Notre Dame has nothing to prove in CFP “Don’t know why narrative continues to pop up when we’re always in the game.” Uh, maybe since Fighting Irish usually get blown out in biggest bowl games? (Most recently, 2018 they lost 30-3 to Clemson in CFP semis)

So many trying to figure out what Velveeta Voldemort’s plan was when he blew up the COVID relief deal last week. Do we really expect a toddler has a rational plan when he throws a tantrum?

44 GOP House Reps joined Democrats today passing $2,000 CASH act by 275-134 vote. Wonder how much those 134 who voted no overlap with the 126 who joined Trump in trying to overturn the election?

Wonder if someone in the Senate can figure out a way to add $2,000 stimulus check bill on to confirmation of one of McConnell’s pet judges? THEN Mitch would call for a vote on it.

Trump did finally sign COVID relief bill, but $600 checks have been delayed, along probably with unemployment benefits and many other things. The bill was terribly imperfect and $600 isn’t much, but several provisions were targeted to especially needy recipients, including an eviction moratorium. Which meant that millions of Americans were terrified over the holidays. Speaking of a War on Christmas.

And more on that “War on Christmas,” just got a first class letter (containing a check) mailed from Houston to California on Dec 3, 2020. No marks, rips or tears or anything on the envelope. Just a 25 day delay. Thank you Donald Trump & Louis DeJoy.

As insane as the last 50 plus days have been, and as insane as the next 24 days may be…. imagine what might be happening if we had elected Velveeta Voldemort to four more years….

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