Not bowled over:

Apparently there were two more bowl games tonight?

Unless your alma mater is playing, in 2020 does anyone really care?

Random thought. The NBA season is very young. But there appear to be some very bad teams.

Wonder if the Washington Wizards could beat the Washington Generals?

Arizona’s men’s basketball program has self-imposed a one-year postseason ban, stemming from an investigation into their recruiting. Translation- this year barely counts and Arizona hopes NCAA will accept their false contrition and not notice they deserve worse.

Louisiana Congressman-elect Luke Letlow, 41, died tonight of COVID-19. While he never identified publicly as a huge football fan, the New Orleans Saints tweeted out condolences

That moment when an NFL team acts more Presidential than POTUS.

Meanwhile, more from Florida Gov Ron DeSantis, who has prioritized anyone 65 & older, even part-time Florida residents, over essential workers for COVID vaccine, said it makes “no sense for someone that’s 42 to jump ahead of somebody that’s 70 years old.” Luke Letlow was 41.

The evening that a 41 year old newly-elected congressman from Louisiana who aligned himself with Trump died of COVID, Donald was up tweeting until 2a. Not to send condolences to Luke Letlow’s family, but to rant again, about fake voter fraud..

The fact that Pedialyte is trending on twitter as an advance cure for hangovers and that Cardi B is involved tells you much of what you need to know about 2020.

If any Republican really wanted $2,000 checks for Americans all they would have to do is get a couple colleagues to join them in temporarily becoming Democrats, put Schumer in charge for a day, pass bill, then switch back to GOP. IF they really wanted to give Americans the $$$.

Bill Clinton’s law license was suspended and he was forced to resign from Supreme Court bar over lying about a consensual affair. Meanwhile Trump’s legal team keeps on filing insane challenges, including to Supreme Court & keeps losing. When do they get suspended or disbarred?

Is anyone surprised that the same man who blamed the states for all his own failure with ventilators, testing, etc, is now blaming states for his failure with vaccine distribution?

Gambino mob boss Peter Gotti lost a second bid for compassionate release so he says “he can spend his final days with family.” If Gotti had only made a big enough donation to Donald Trump he’d have been free for Christmas.

While most hotels in town are discounting, hotel rooms at Trump Hotel Wash. DC on Jan. 5 & 6, when Congress certifies Joe Biden’s Electoral College victory, are going for $4495.00 a night plus tax & up. So how many rooms does someone have to book to get a pardon?

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  1. Marc L Ragovin Says:

    So Josh Hawley is going to object to the electoral college vote count next Wednesday, making this the 675th attempt to overturn the election. “Geez, give it up already, it’s embarrassing,” said the 1972 Russian Men’s Olympics Basketball Team

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