Under water.

Even if COVID doesn’t further disrupt NFL season, the postseason could end up quintessentially 2020:.

Indianapolis Colts could end up 11-5 and miss the playoffs. NY Giants could end up 6-10 and make the playoffs.

Random thought once again, so often NFL teams do a great job with their two minute offense, you wonder why they don’t run it most of the game?

Clippers lost to Mavericks today 124 to 73. 51 points(!) That’s such a resounding loss that these days you half expect Los Angeles to call for a recount.

Lower COVID-19 fatality counts over holiday weekend. But sorry, this wasn’t “Death Takes a Holiday.” More like “Death reporting takes a holiday.”

Meanwhile Fox News headline “Chicago violence: 7 killed, 27 shot on Christmas weekend.”

If you go into the story they talk about a shooting on South Chicago, then add “there was a separate shooting in Rockford, Ill., on Saturday that resulted in three fatalities in a bowling alley, which was called a random attack.”

Somehow Fox neglected to say the suspect in the Rockford murders also shot several others, is from Florida, and is white. (also arrested alive – shocking.)

Could we have avoided this whole toxic temper tantrum COVID-19 relief bill attack if Senators had only named it the “Trump Relief Act?”

Wonder how glad GOP is that Nashville suspect died in bomb blast. Since he was white imagine he would have been arrested alive and could have spouted anti-government possibly pro-Trump rhetoric to anyone who would listen.

Love this first line from Washington Post story – “Trump unexpectedly capitulated Sunday night.” When someone tells Donald what capitulated means, he’s going to be really upset.

Open note to any pundit casually downplaying Velveeta Voldemort’s delay in signing spending / COVID relief bill – bet you weren’t counting on $600, or unemployment benefits or eviction moratorium. A lot easier when it’s an esoteric exercise….

NY Times “Millions of Americans are losing their unemployment coverage today after Pres Trump resisted signing aid package over last-minute objection.”

“Resisted?”- really?

How about “pouted & refused to sigh,” Or “Trump attacked millions of Americans today by not signing…”

A three day lift ticket at Beaver Creek near Vail is $657, more than that relief check Donald has been playing political games with….. And tickets are sold out through Jan 3. AND taxpayers are paying for Secret Service to ski with Pence..

(And we’re not even talking about what Secret Service hotel rooms cost on taxpayer dime, in an area where hotel rooms during Christmas routinely approach four figures.)

Since bible-quoting Marco Rubio chose to attack Dr. Fauci and still seems to think COVID-19 isn’t that dangerous, why did he take vaccine? Mark 2:17 “They that are whole have no need of the physician, but they that are sick.”

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