Down to the wire.

So Raiders won a game a few weeks ago against NY Jets with a few seconds left on the clock.

Tonight they lost a game with a few seconds left on the clock.

Live by the miracle due to stupid defense completely blown coverage, die by the stupid defense and complete blown coverage. (Plus a face mask penalty)

Due to Covid protocols, the Cleveland Browns wlll be missing four WRs tomorrow against the NY Jets.

Bummer, but hasn’t “missing four WRs” been the New Orleans Saints situation most of the season?

Yeah, Bucs won 47-7 today against Lions today, with a 34-0 lead at halftime.

Your reminder, on MNF football against the Saints, Tom Brady and his team scored three points. All game.

Just fun to write that.

And all you need to know about NFL priorities is Saints’ Alvin Kamara will be fined over red & green shoes on Christmas, while Bucs’ Antonio Brown is back from suspension and catching TD passes in 2020 because he his got civil trial for sexual assault & rape postponed, again, until 2021.

So sad, apparently Utah star Ty Jordan’s death was an accidential self-inflicted shooting. But tell me again how guns keep us safer?

Scary thought, while it will be a while until we know the real COVID-19 numbers resulting from Americans ignoring protocols in late December, am thinking of that man who died from COVID on the flight from Florida to Los Angeles. He was pretending he didn’t have symptoms to get somewhere he really wanted to be. How many people convinced themselves they weren’t sick to attend holiday gatherings?

Steven Mnuchin, who negotiated COVID relief package on behalf of the president with Democrats and Republicans must have thought he would end up one of the few administrative officials Velveeta Voldemort wouldn’t throw under the bus. He thought wrong.

Imagine being on team of lawyers who’d worked w/ warring siblings for months on contract to keep family business together & FINALLY got temporary short-term truce. Then the aged & demented patriarch jumped in at end to blow it all up. That’s kind of what happened with COVID deal.

This part of Joe Biden’s statement needs more attention: “Americans spoke clearly–time for bipartisan action & compromise-.heartened to see Congress heed message, reach across aisle & work together. Pres Trump should join them.” Leaders lead, spoiled children throw tantrums.

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