Colors of Christmas.

Alvin Kamara wore one red and one green shoe today while he scored SIX rushing TDs for the New Orleans Saints against Minnesota Vikings. For which he will undoubtedly be fined by Roger Goodell.

Kamara says he’s going to donate an equal amount of NFL’s fine for his red and green shoes to charity. I see a serious GoFundMe campaign ahead.

Troy Aikman “Right now it’s Alvin Kamara 36, Vikings 33.”

Looking back to early May when we thought we MIGHT get COVID under control this summer & didn’t realize how insane Velveeta Voldemort & GOP could become, remember thinking most stressful thing on Christmas would be my favorite Saints playing Amy Klobuchar’s beloved Vikings.

Wait, there have already been seven bowl games in 2020? I really don’t care, do you?

Apparently someone is upset that Melania has never been on the cover of a major magazine.

If only another casualty of 2020 hadn’t been print version of Playboy.

Federal unemployment payments set to expire after December 26 & Velveeta Voldemort spent day golfing & rant tweeting about magazine covers. There’s an imperfect bill he could just sign that would be lifeline for millions of Americans. But the bill is not all about him.


Wonder how many people saw “Love Actually” this Christmas and suddenly thought that adorable little boy Sam looks awfully familiar..” He does. Thomas Brodie-Sangster is also Benny Watts in “The Queen’s Gambit.” You’re welcome.

Less than a week left in 2020. Kind of sums it up. But happy Boxing Day to all my readers who’ve stuck with me so far!!

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