Scoring like a girl

Sarah Fuller today kicked TWO PATS (point after touchdown) for Vanderbilt in a 17-42 loss to Tennessee. Coach Todd Fitch later said plan was to give her kicks inside 10-yd line;… that in practice, Sarah was better than other kickers on the roster at short range: “It was truly off statistics of week’s preparation…(she) made most of those kicks.” #PlayLikeAGirl

(of course the bigger story for 0-9 Vanderbilt, that the Commodores actually SCORED two touchdown.)

Arizona fired coach Kevin Sumlin today, after the Wildcats’ 12th straight loss yesterday night 70-7 (!) loss to ASU. With a record like that in Arizona wonder if Sumlin will be asked to join Trump’s legal team?

Joe Biden has won so many times now in Wisconsin his team should be bowl-eligible.

Wikipedia took down the edit someone made to the description of Joseph Epstein on his page after he attacked Jill Biden in the Wall Street Journal for using the “Dr.” title despite her PhD . Phooey. So I guess we just need to share amongst ourselves. “Misogynistic condescending jackass, Essayist, short-story writer, editor, teacher.”

How much would I like to see, to one of their faces, Joseph Epstein refer to Dr. Condoleezza Rice or Dr. Angela Merkel as “kiddo?”

Speaking of Doctors, a good Clinical Psychologist with a PhD or PsyD might be able to help Joseph Epstein with his feelings of inadequacy.

So where is the WSJ article saying how wrong it was for Scott Atlas, a non-practicing neuroradiologist to be acting like an infectious disease doctor?

So what’s Donald’s next step? An election appeal to the Supreme Food Court – With Justices Burger and Sotomayor McCheese?

Once again. “Parler” – French for talk. MAGAs can’t even come up with a Twitter alternative without help from a foreign country.

If Velveeta Voldemort had only fought COVID-19 half as hard as he is fighting to overturn the election, he might have actually won the election.

Molly Ivins quote of the night – “What you need is sustained outrage…there’s far too much unthinking respect given to authority.”

Final upbeat note:

It is now fewer days (38) until Joe Biden is inaugurated, until it has been days (40) since Biden won the election.

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3 Comments on “Scoring like a girl”

  1. Kit Ashley Says:

    Epstein should be troubled by DR. Martin Luther King!

  2. Marc L Ragovin Says:

    I heard Warner Brothers is releasing a remake of Bullet called The McQueen’s Gambit

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