For want of a shoe.

Florida lost against LSU in part because of a late game 15 yard unsportsmanlike conduct penalty when a Gator defender threw a shoe from a Tigers’ player that came off in his hand when he tackled him.

Tough lesson for Marco Wilson but at least if the kid goes pro he will be ready for major NFL fines over stuff like shoes and socks.

Well at least losing 40-3 against the Seahawks meant no last second heartbreak this week for Jets fans.

Minnesota Vikings placekicker Dan Bailey missed all three field goals and an extra point against the Buccaneers.

Uh, if Vanderbilt classes are over for the year, is Sarah Fuller available?

Cleveland’s baseball team plans to drop name Indians after 105 years. So who’s next…. the Braves? Or the “White” Sox? Actually for that matter waiting for Southern states to tell NY to drop Yankees.

Georgia Supreme Court deals Trump team yet another loss today. Someone needs to tell Donald this isn’t like the Super Bowl in dealing with Georgia. He’s not going to come back from anything like a 28-3 deficit.

Understand it’s a lot to expect Americans to volunteer for military & potentially risk their lives to protect their fellow citizens. But whoever thought that a bridge too far for millions of us would have turned out to be a cloth face covering?

If you feel safe in public without a mask, but don’t feel safe in public without a gun – you might want to rethink your risk assessment skills.

Should we be shocked that many Americans ignore CDC in favor of people like Trump & Florida Gov. DeSantis who say mask-wearing is unnecessary?

Same country where we regularly have fad diets that say you can have as much “fill-in-the-blank” as you want or drink some magic potion & still lose weight.

So would Donald like to tell American people why he and his mob family need to go to front of the line for a vaccine for a virus that is 99.9% harmless?

So we didn’t vote for the lady with the private email server in order to elect a guy who just let Commerce and Treasury departments get hacked AND fired our top cybersecurity expert.

Are we great yet?

Once again, if Democrats really did have both ability & immorality to steal the 2020 election, don’t you think we’d have gotten rid of Mitch McConnell and Lindsey Graham too?

At yesterday’s pro-Trump rally, protesters shouted “Destroy the GOP” and booed Georgia Senators David Perdue & Kelly Loeffler. So wonder what Republican plan is to close the Pandora’s box after Donald is gone?

Great opening line from Washington Post – “Thousands of maskless rallygoers who refuse to accept the results of the election turned downtown Washington into a falsehood-filled spectacle Saturday, two days before the electoral college will make the president’s loss official.”

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