In college football, undefeated Cincinnati, 8-0, is ranked #9, undefeated USC, 5-0, is ranked #13, while three two two-loss teams, Iowa State , Florida and Georgia are ranked #6 and #7 and #8

Not surprisingly, many are upset by what seem to be arbitrary and illogical CFB rankings. At least there’s some normalcy in 2020.

Although Drew Brees is practicing this week, Coach Sean Payton says the Saints QB has “a ways to go.” 49ers fans thinking “a ways to go” sounds better than what we got.


Trump’s Twitter account was hacked, and the Dutch ministry confirms the hacker guessed the password – maga2020!

You can’t make this stuff up.

Marco Rubio clutching his pearls because Biden’s campaign manager & future deputy chief of staff Jen O’Malley Dillon called GOP in Congress a bunch of f*ckers.

Missed Rubio’s outrage when Donald’s lawyer suggested Chris Krebs be “drawn and quartered.”

Jen was right.

After Pete Buttigieg said he proposed at United Gate B5, @fly2ohare now calling themselves on Twitter -“O’Hare Intl. Airport – Place of romance & official O’Hare Intl. Airport (ORD) twitter feed.”

Wonder how many relationships HAVE started in O’Hare lines or during flight delays?

(Or less romantically, how many couples have split in such situations?)

Paraphrasing what Joe Biden once said about Rudy Giuliani – All of Donald’s Trump’s sentences are now lies with a noun, a verb, and “voter fraud.”

On a day when NY Times writes “Russian espionage attack on U.S. government & private companies, underway since spring & detected only a few weeks ago, is among greatest intelligence failures of modern times,” Fox News headlines are about the threat from… China??!

As Palm Beach residents try to keep Donald Trump from breaking a 1990s agreement where he promised not to live at Mar-A-Lago more than 21 days straight can you blame them?

Given Donald’s love for attention, imagine security & media circus in neighborhood on a regular basis.

Mitch McConnell controls Senate but any GOP Senator could have said publicly Mitch needed to call vote on COVID relief bills.

Even opportunists like Loeffler & Perdue could have done so after Nov. election. They said nothing. They didn’t care. Georgia deserves better.

Loeffler & Perdue also issued statement saying they’d protect Atlanta Braves name. “Problem with the statement is Braves have never said they plan to change name.

They’ve said the opposite actually.” No dog whistle left unblown.

Today Cory Booker spoke about a bill to improve privacy of judges & add other safeguards against violence & threats about judges after judge’s son was killed in assassination attempt. Scary that we need this bill. Scarier we now really need such a bill for election workers.

Since Trump signed a deal in 1993 that no one can stay at Mar-A-Lago for more than 21 days that means it’s not really his home. Also means that DONALD committed Voter Fraud. Lock him up.

CNN Chyron says that “WH creates spreadsheet to track “crazy” influx of pardon requests.” Assume the spreadsheet includes space to keep track of current $$$ bids.

More almost 2:00am rambling and angry tweets from Velveeta Voldemort, 43 days after the election.

“Dear White House staff, could you switch to Caffeine-Free Diet Coke?” Asking for a really tired country.

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