Gentlemen, start your baskets?

NBA preseason is officially underway.

But seriously, with the regular season so much a nonissue for so many teams, shouldn’t we call this the pre-preseason?

Bad news for Bucks’ rivals, either in the East or in free agency – Giannis Antetokounmpo has signed a five year $228 million contract to stay in Milwaukee. So will any other team in the NBA try to hire Rudy Giuliani to try to overturn this Wisconsin result?

Michigan-Iowa has been canceled this weekend, along with Indiana-Purdue. Does NCAA really expect us to believe that this college football season exists now for any other reason than big televised playoff games?

Woke up on Tuesday to see that Donald Trump, who supported Republican Brian Kemp’s election as Governor of Georgia, now RTed a post saying Kemp and Georgia’s GOP Secretary of State should be in prison….

We really need an advent calendar for January 20, 2021. And it might need to have miniature liquor bottles in it.

Besides Donald Trump, Mitch McConnell is the Republican who’s done most to subvert democracy; blocking Merrick Garland, installing right wing judges, not allowing votes on bills to help Americans survive. MAGAs still turned on him for saying President-Elect Biden.

Dr. Frankenstein’s monster is loose.

Betsy Devos apparently urged her staff at Dept of Education to ‘be the resistance’ as Biden takes over. So petty, Betsy couldn’t even ask them to help provide protection for Joe against grizzly bears?

As we begin to see light at the end of Trump tunnel – your reminder how all Democratic candidates came together to support Joe Biden. I’m a proud moderate Democrat myself. But while we hope GOP will give Biden a chance hoping various factions of our party will do the same thing.

Pretty sure all of us Democrats have at least one person who we would have urged Joe Biden not to choose for his team. Not the point. The worst choice Joe has made, whoever you think that is, is better than the best of Donald’s administration.

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