Tip off.

Didn’t we just finish the NBA season last month?

CFP Executive Director Bill Hancock told ESPN they’d postpone most of New Year’s Six bowl games, including semifinal games & national championship, if one or both teams can’t participate due to COVID-19 issues. Translation, for the TV money we’ll play in March if we have to.

Anyone playing this BS game about who won more counties or greater land area of the US in Presidential election… ?

If size matters then Justin Trudeau is leader of a more powerful country than the United States.

(land size, of course.)

Maybe helicopter pad at Alcatraz would be appropriate?

But seriously, naming an airport for Trump? And I thought renaming National Airport after the guy who fired all air traffic controllers & screwed up aviation for a decade was as bad as it got…. (I will NOT use that name, even as a travel agent.)

Tonight Rachel Maddow talks about Trump officials are getting anxious that Donald is “spending too much time with people they consider crackpots or conspiracy theorists.” Well, sadly at this point those folks are the only ones who won’t tell him he’s wrong….

Yes, California’s COVID cases are going up and it’s a scary headline. But look, even today at total cases this week per 100,000 California -4,834 Florida -5,887 With almost double per capita testing. While Florida Gov RonDeSantis keeps trying to take fake victory laps.

President-elect Joe Biden “I think the administration deserves some credit in getting this off the ground with Operation Warp Speed.” So he hasn’t even been inaugurated yet & Joe has said more nice things (one sentence) than Donald has said about him or any rival in four years.

Apparently Fox News hosts are complaining about Pete Buttigieg not being qualified as nominee to head Department of Transportation. Because he’s no… Elaine Chao? WTAF?

Checked out menu at Trump Hotel DC- steaks start at $55 & go up, salads $20 & up, even french fries $13…. And Donald insisted on business deductibility of meals. Four people having one dinner w/out wine or drinks could easily hit $600 Americans will receive in COVID relief..

Three martinis alone for two people at Trump’s DC hotel are $100 & that’s before the $55 & up steaks. But hey, if you think allowing that deduction is more important than a bigger stimulus check & aid to states, keep right on voting Republican. Otherwise, need to #FlipTheSenate

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2 Comments on “Tip off.”

  1. Frank Workman Says:

    Given the offensive nature of the name ‘Cleveland Indians’, how about a change to ‘Northeast Ohio Indians’?

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