Can’t win for losing.

NY Jets’ inexplicable win today against Rams did make a few non-Jets fans happy – for starters New Orleans Saints fans who are competing with Rams for playoff seeds, Jacksonsville Jaguars fans, and Trevor Lawrence who probably preferred Florida to NY anyway.

Nothing is certain but death, taxes, and the Falcons blowing big leads against Tom Brady.

Big Ten just changed rules so players who have tested positive for COVID-19 no only have to miss 17 days, down from 21. Which means OSU can have some players back for Jan 1 game against Clemson. I’m sure it’s just a coincidence.

Momma may have been partially right in Waterboy – NCAA “foosball IS da devil.”

So Notre Dame loses by 24 points to Clemson and is immediately rewarded with a CFP spot? Even some non-religious football fans are on their feet screaming Jesus!

Army, 9-2, now “bowl-less” after Radiance Technologies Independence Bowl has been canceled. Uh, think this problem might actually be suited for Donald’s capabilities. Demanding bowl bid for Army also much less dangerous than declaring martial law to overturn an election.

Washington Post reports “draft language of the emergency coronavirus relief package includes a tax break for corporate meal expenses.” One meal for two at French Laundry costs more than the $600 Mitch McConnell will give most Americans.

Wonder what percentage of meals at Mar-A-Lago are considered “business meals? We KNOW it’s about 100% of the meals at Trump’s DC hotel.

Perhaps with everything else that we need to revisit starting in 2021 could be the transition time between election and Presidential inauguration. As the Toddler-in-Chief tries to wreck everything on the way out, California also is basically missing a Senator.

100% support vaccines for all healthcare and essential frontline workers. And yes, admit we need to vaccinate US leaders. But someone tell me with a straight face that people like Marco Rubio and Lindsey Graham couldn’t be replaced by cardboard cut outs.

Is it petty to think that Velveeta Voldemort’s weekend long tantrum has at least precluded him from spending this weekend golfing on the US taxpayer’s dime?

Folks, Mitch McConnell has ALL the power in Senate right now: If you’re outraged working-class Americans are getting same $600 wealthy corporate types can spend on one lunch they write off… until 2022 ONLY way to change this is to Flip the Senate on January 6.

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