A Rose Bowl by any other name?

CFP semifinal scheduled for Rose Bowl moving to AT&T Stadium in Arlington, Texas. So can we call it the “Yellow Rose of Texas Bowl?”

Again, not actually watching NCAA football, but when Notre Dame’s Brian Kelly said his team would boycott the playoffs if players’ families couldn’t come…..? Well, looking at the Fighting Irish’s 34-10 loss to Clemson maybe Karma took care of that problem?

Coach Brian Kelly said #2 Notre Dame is “without question” one of top 4 teams in college football, despite 34-10 loss to #3 Clemson.

Uh, 4-5 Virginia, (0-4 in ACC) came closer to beating Clemson in October with 41-23 loss.

After USC lost yesterday to Oregon and fell out of CFP contention, Trojans announced they would not play in bowl game. Personally I think college football shouldn’t have been played at all in 2020, but seems a bit like NY Jets saying they wouldn’t participate in NFL playoffs.

I’m so old that remember when the worst nationwide joke on Saturday night was a lousy skit on SNL, not the occupant of the White House

Donald Trump TOLD us in 2016 he might not accept election results as ‘fair” if he lost. He TOLD us in 2020, with power of Presidency behind him, he wouldn’t lose a “fair” election. And some people are surprised he’s trying to pull out all the stops to stay in office?

Getting these BOGO offers for buying shoes. And after 2020 thinking what are “shoes?”

Unclear on the concept: Lyft sending me regular notices that they are giving me a discount on my next three rides. At the same time I live in a county with a “Stay-At-Home” order.

Kelly Loeffler has her own personal Bombardier CL30 private jet for campaigning & to commute to/from her various homes. Cost to fly such a plane – about $4,000 per HOUR. But Kelly doesn’t think Americans need even hundreds of dollars in stimulus checks.

Headline on Washington Post article “Why Congress went 8 months without new coronavirus relief as the pandemic worsened.” Uh, do we need a whole article? Two words: Mitch McConnell.

As horror stories pile up like unsorted mail, have to wonder, if Donald taking over the USPS after he leaves office? Remember Colin Powell’s Pottery Barn rule? “You break it you own it.”

Bad enough that GOP Senators who deny the need for COVID-19 relief are mostly multi-millionaires. Now the same GOP Senators who denied the need for mask and other mandates are jumping to the front of the line for COVID-19 vaccines.

These people are socially distanced from reality.

This Presidency is becoming a sad Trump version of Hotel California. “You can un-elect him any time you want, but he will never leave.”

So if Donald LITERALLY poured gasoline, lit a bunch of matches and set the White House on fire would GOP sycophants just stand around and comment on how it was helping him work through his disappointment?

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