No fighting for these Irish?

Notre Dame coach Brian Kelly threatens not to play in College Football Playoff if players’ families can’t attend games. Fine by me.

Not watching college football in 2020 but understand Pac-12 was won by Oregon, which didn’t even win North division. But Ducks got into championship game against USC after Washington had to cancel due to COVID & Colorado was ruled ineligible due to being in South. Is NCAA great yet?

If ex football coach Tommy Tuberville is not going to accept the results of the election, then on January 6, Doug Jones should just refuse to vacate his seat in the Senate. Problem solved.

I’m sorry for all the vitriol and apparently even threats that Justice Roberts is getting right now. But wonder if John Roberts ever realizes that had he not voted for Citizens United, none of this might have happened?

Again, for those in back, there is ONE party who absolutely wants to #DefundThePolice. It’s the party trying to remove COVID-19 relief dollars going to state & local governments, $$ which are really needed to help pay for law enforcement during revenue shortfalls.

GOP IS defunding the police.

Even if we assume that Velveeta Voldemort is not actively working to hurt Americans who disagree with him, would anyone hire a man to run anything whose idea of top security password was “maga2020!”?

As MAGAs still attack the accomplished & hardworking Dr Biden have to ask – Jill is a beautiful woman now and was gorgeous as a young woman. Would GOP respect her more as a future first lady if she had done soft-core porn?

Anyone remember the Peter principle? VP Pence, chair of task force who said even on April 24 COVID-19 would be behind us by Memorial Day, was among first with his wife to be vaccinated while death toll approaches 9-11 EVERY DAY. Can we call this the Peter Principle Presidency?

I’m sure it’s very comforting to those with relatives in ICUs or who have already died in 2020 to know that today VP Pence got a COVID-19 vaccine and hosted a White House celebration for the one-year anniversary of Space Force.

Let this sink in again. Senator Ron Johnson, who’s been estimated to have a net worth between $10.4 million and $39 million, is blocking $1,200 stimulus checks for Americans making less than $75,000 a year.

California getting 40% fewer doses of vaccine next week than promised. Washington, Michigan and other states also complaining. Governor Whitmer actually blamed Trump. Funny, I don’t hear that many complaints from governors of red states? I’m sure it’s just a coincidence.

Why do I have a feeling that places like Texas, Florida and South Dakota with science denying governors will be getting all the vaccine they need so Donald can claim their herd immunity strategies have worked?

South Dakota Governor Kristi Noem is talking about falling numbers of new cases and hospitalizations and deaths. Well, yeah, because many of the at-risk people in the state are already dead. –

(South Dakota’s death rate at 154 per 100,000 (with a case rate of 10,850(!) per 100,000 – yes, 10% of the state) is still three times higher than California’s death rate of 57 per 100,000.)

Residents near Mar-A-Lago trying to block Trump from retiring to his resort there pointing out a 1993 agreement where he said no one could stay longer than 21 days. And they may be getting traction. Sadly hilarious that West Palm Beach residents are managing to show more spine about evicting Donald than most GOP members of Congress.

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