Unmasked stupidity?

Few headlines would be as obviously a sign of bad judgment in a non-pandemic year as this one

“Haskins sorry for maskless photo with strippers.”

The Washington Football Team QB Dwayne Haskins has apologized for a picture posted to social media, taken of him Sunday night, in a strip club, without a mask. You can take the stupid embarrassing name off the team, but apparently you can’t take the stupid embarrassing behavior off the team.

South Carolina has COVID-19 issues and so their Saturday bowl game against University of Alabama Birmingham has been canceled. What a disappointment for all those who had grown up dreaming of playing in the Union Home Mortgage Gasparilla Bowl.

Ok, who else heard “Florida mogul and medicare fraud” with Trump’s pardon list and thought ‘Why would Donald pardon Senator Rick Scott?”

Trump has absolutely no intention of giving Americans $2,000. He knows Mitch McConnell would never bring such a bill to the floor. But at this point on his way out Donald is just throwing gasoline-drenched rags along with matches and seeing what he can catch on fire.

If you believe Trump on his plan for $2,000 checks I hope you’re enjoying that beautiful healthcare plan he unveiled earlier this year.

When does John McCain’s ghost of Christmas past show up for Lindsey Graham?

Oh please, oh please, can someone ask Hope Hicks casually on camera what she thinks a Fulbright scholarship is?

Meanwhile, watching Joe Biden today,….. had almost forgotten what it was like to have a Presidential Press conference with coherent, rational answers and no insults to the media.

Miguel Cardona seems like a great choice for Secretary of Education. But enough with all these “major improvement over Betsy Devos” stories. Uh, my cat would be a major improvement over Betsy Devos.

Now it’s South Carolina Gov. Henry McMaster, 73, who has tested positive for Covid-19. He will of course receive a monoclonal antibody treatment. Another reason these GOP idiots ignore the virus, they know THEY will get the care most Americans can’t get.

Such a small point in grand scheme of things. But when this pandemic is over do we ever have to watch Tom Selleck and Joe Namath on commercials again? Asking for a country.

So why are some of these GOP members of Congress being vaccinated for a “hoax”?

$600 probably doesn’t cover the cost of Kelly Loeffler’s hair extensions. Just saying.

Amy Klobuchar on Rachel Maddow talking about Donald’s pardons, saying that Trump is saying “Screw you, screw you to the FBI.” Amy does not swear. She is pissed. As we all should be.

Also on Maddow, Klobuchar talking about how hard Democrats had to fight to get ANY relief through the Senate. And brings up GA Senate races with a simple question – “Which party has people’s backs?”

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