Bubble bubble toil and trouble.

James Harden fined $50,000 but not suspended over by NBA over his alleged socializing maskless at a strip club earlier this week.

Well, of course not, Rockets have a game on NBA TV for Saturday.

And yeah, just one game against the Grizzlies. But just saying (and yes, readers can remind me of this) that Las Vegas oddsmakers had San Antonio Spurs near last in Western Conference, with over/ under of 28 out of 72 wins. This is a Gregg Popovich coached team. WTAF?

Opening night – SA over MEM 131-119.

Meanwhile, Houston-OKC postponed tonight since Rockets didn’t have enough players due to positive or inclusive tests.

So congratulations to all those who had “less than 24 hours from opening night” as to when the first game would be a casualty of the now bubble free NBA

The Ohio State university has self-imposed postseason bans for 2020-21…. for its women’s basketball, women’s golf and fencing programs. Yeah, I’m sure those are the programs at OSU that have most abused the NCAA rules.

So both in Southern California and now in Napa, we’ve had unmasked mass caroling events as an example of “religious freedom.” So when they get sick can all carolers stay home, and rely on God instead of hospitals to save them?

Meanwhile, Louisiana Congressman-elect Luke Letlow now in ICU with COVID-19. The New Orleans Advocate points out that while Letlow wore a mask, he frequented campaigned at events where voters didn’t wear masks. Science really doesn’t care if you believe in it or not.

Yes, Charles Kushner hired a prostitute, to seduce his brother-in-law & sent the video of them having sex to his own sister, Rachel Maddow reminded us of one more detail- Charles sent the video to his sister the night of her son’s engagement party.

Again, Trump doesn’t WANT relief for Americans, he just wants to get back at Mitch and Congress. It’s as if Dad would never let you have a real pet but your parents divorce and Mom says you can have a kitten, so Dad then says “how mean of her, I would have gotten you a pony.”

Rachel Maddow explains it clearly…. While Trump had said he would sign a bill, he can stop all COVID relief $$$ now, just by doing nothing & pocket vetoing bill until this congressional term runs out. But only a really cruel deranged man would attack Americans this way….

Also, as Trump vetoes $740 billion Defense bill because Congress did not repeal Section 230, reminder Donald was ORIGINALLY going to veto it because of renaming of bases named for confederate soldiers. . Wonder what excuse he will come up w/ next? The real truth: Trump loves pomp & circumstance, hates our military.

Another of Donald’s last evil deeds- new regulations to allow restaurant owners to take tips from waiters and waitresses, to pay workers in back, or to keep for themselves. As a former waitress, one work – f*cker.

It has left for Mar-A-Lago. Can we just change the White House locks?

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