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Battle lines

December 31, 2018

Can’t imagine how Stanford got the #NerdNation nickname

From Twitter tonight,

Meanwhile, after Eagles won 24-0, looks like Redskins offense decided to take part in Washington DC Trump shutdown.
Actually, yeah, I know, the worst team in NFL would still beat a team like Alabama easily.
But Jets, Redskins, Raiders and 49ers did their best today to try to convince us otherwise.
Cleveland was down by 2, with 1 & 10 at Baltimore Ravens 39 and 1:18 to play in 4th quarter.  Three incomplete passes in a row & Mayfield throws a 4th down interception. So yeah, much improvement, but as a way to lose – that’s SO Browns.
Patriots up 31-3 late in 4th quarter, still keeping their starters in against hapless Jets. Sort of thing that has Belichick & company so beloved by NFL fans outside New England.
Maybe today’s game is all part of Saints plan to push Drew Brees as MVP choice by showing how they look without him?

Maybe it’s just me but thinking while jokes about school shooting survivors may distract people from remembering your sexual misconduct, those jokes won’t much for your overall image.  #LouisCK

So if Mexico is supposed to be paying for the wall, why hasn’t Trump shut down the Mexican government?


Today’s Trump fundraising email “While Nancy Pelosi sits at her luxurious resort in Hawaii, I’m at the Oval Office working for YOU.”
Uh, wasn’t it the Senate who refused to go along with Donald’s ransom demands? And Mitch is in Kentucky.

A new report found half of US adults have an immediate family member who has been in jail or prison. Well, soon maybe we won’t be able to say Trump family can’t relate to average Americans.

And then there were two.

December 30, 2018


So apparently when you spot Alabama 28 points they have a pretty good chance of winning a football game.

Your reminder that of four teams in CFB Playoff only one of them was from a state that elected a Democratic senator in 2018.

To be fair, these CFB Playoff routs ARE the committee’s fault. In choosing between top college-level teams this year they didn’t even consider the Oakland Raiders.


OPM- Office of Personnel Management message to federal employees started –  “Feds, here are sample letters you may use as a guide when working with your creditors during this furlough. If you need legal advice please consult with your personal attorney.”

Uh, federal employees are not allowed to access their government emails during a shutdown. So how are they going to see this? For that matter if you can’t pay bills how can you pay an attorney?


Can someone remind Donald Trump that Congress HAD deal to prevent shutdown, until he threw a tantrum & got departing House members to pass ridiculous new bill on way out.

No doubt Nancy Pelosi would never think of just passing the original bill on Jan 3?.

I’m so old I remember “I’ll tell you what, I am proud to shut down the government for border security, Chuck, So, I will take the mantle. I will be the one to shut it down. I’m not going to blame you for it.”

Headline from NY Daily News “Reports that “Robert Mueller has obtained ‘nude selfie’ from Russian company targeted in his investigation: court filing.”

And if anyone needed a potential image to use as an appetite suppressant for their New Year’s diet?



And here comes the Sun (Bowl)

December 29, 2018

Stanford vs. Pittsburgh in El Paso, Dec 31….. where at least Cardinal will no longer carry the weight of an entire conference on their shoulders…. because.


Washington State and thus the Pac 12 actually won a bowl game. Just when conference was finally about to get regular offers to play SEC teams.

Watching MusicCityBowl with Auburn and Purdue and knowing Boilermakers were  the team that beat Ohio State…. well, it does not strengthen Buckeyes’ contention that they should be in CFB playoff


Teddy Bridgewater starting for New Orleans at QB on Sunday. One argument for Drew Brees as  NFL MVP might be having done such a good job he AND many other starters can rest week 17.

Tigers are a 12.5 point favorite on Saturday, but apparently most betting money for CFB Playoff game between Clemson and Notre Dame is coming in on the Fighting Irish.

Will winning bettors be required to donate some of their profits to Notre Dame. #TouchdownJesus

Question of the week, what are more meaningless in December?  Most college football bowl games, or most NBA “regular season games?”

Today’s fundraising email to me said President Trump “was SHOCKED to see that your name was missing from the list of Official Build The Wall Members.”

Well, if Trump really were shocked we’d have even more ammunition for 25th amendment.

Just wondering, could we get Donald Trump put federal money towards eradicating dangerous diseases if we told him the viruses came into the country illegally?

Trump now says he will stay in DC and miss his New Year’s Eve bash at Mar-A-Lago.    But okay, let’s be logical here — all the VERY expensive tickets have been sold that guarantee access to the President.

So choice here is, go down to see the few people he actually likes in January or February when shutdown is over, or stay home, avoid the rich donors he tolerates,  plus the germs he fears, and blame it on the Democrats….

Well, maybe if they include teacher’s colleges?

December 28, 2018

Nick Saban is against expanding the college football playoff from four to eight teams.

Makes sense, we all know Alabama wants to win championships by playing as few good teams as possible.

San Antonio Spurs last night beat NBA’s Western Conference current best Denver Nuggets. While the Golden State Warriors lose back to back home games against Los Angeles Lakers and Portland Trail Blazers.

So is NBA about to change their motto to “Any given Sunday, or Monday, or Tuesday, or Wednesday, or Thursday, or Friday, or Saturday?”

Wisconsin 35- Miami 3. Almost as low a score for Hurricanes in New York as the Yankees averaged in ALDS.

41 bowl games this season…. for how many of this young men will it be the most overhyped and meaningless game of their lives… until they get drafted by a team like the Jets.




Can we get bipartisan agreement on the fact that when it’s a 45 minute line to order a grilled cheese and someone sees a friend in line and says ‘”hey can I order with you too” that should be a felony?

As Trump uses sad shooting death of policeman to push his wall, guess no one told him officer Ronil Singh came here from Fiji as an unskilled young immigrant who wanted to be a police officer.

While Trump lies about a fake 10% pay raise for military, members of US Coast guard will be working without pay starting tomorrow due to his Shutdown. #Details

A cell signal reportedly put former Trump lawyer Michael Cohen outside Prague around the time of the alleged Russian collusion meeting.

“Fake cellphone signal” tweets in 3.2.1….

But okay, should we really be surprised same Trump administration that doesn’t seem to believe in records of what they write and say in public also didn’t understand the concept of locating cell phones?


144 USA police officers killed in line of duty in 2018 and Trump decides to tweet about the one who apparently was shot by someone in the country illegally.

Cheezed off?

December 27, 2018

Bad news for fans of good college football – After an 80 minute weather delay in 1st quarter, the First Responder Bowl was canceled. Worse news for fans of good college football – After 6 INTs in 1st half, the CheezIt Bowl wasn’t canceled.

CheezIt Bowl featured 9 interceptions in one game. To put that in perspective Drew Brees and Aaron Rodgers have thrown 7 interceptions between them all season.
Cal and TCU combined for 9 interceptions in CheezIt Bowl Thereby prompting fans of both teams to scream repeatedly “CheezIt Christ.”
Pac 12 now 1-10 in their last eleven bowl games.   Maybe the conference should start boycotting bowls or something?
If this keeps up soon they’ll be known as the “Pac It In” conference?
Now it’s acting Attorney General Matt Whitaker who’s been caught embellishing his resume, and claiming falsely that he was an Academic All-American at the University of Iowa.
Though Donald Trump so hates being upstaged in any way fully expect that within a week he will declare that he too was an Academic All-American at Wharton.
Trump so hates being upstaged in any way fully expect that within a week he will declare that he too was an Academic All-American.
On the day that we discover Trump faked his bone spurs, Ruth Bader Ginsburg leaves the hospital after yet another cancer surgery. #Badass
Trump left the country and the stock market is bouncing back big time. Anyone know how to change the White House locks?
How long until Trump declares some sort of wall victory that entitles him to take his vacation at Mar-a-Lago?
Apparently many expensive tickets have been sold to a New Year’s Eve gala at Mar-A-Lago where guests were promised access to Trump.     And money from ticket sales will go directly into Donald’s pockets. So we may not know the exact excuse he will use to attend…. but there will be one.

Happy Boxing Day.

December 26, 2018

Think I raised my son right, this was his Christmas present to me.xmasshirt


Tom Brady “I know I’ve talked about it for a long time. I have that goal to not only play next year, but beyond that.”
Possible translation, “Giselle isn’t ready for me to just sit around the house.”

Whats a bigger shock, that the Lakers beat the Warriors 127-101 on Christmas? Or that they were only up 71-57 when Lebron James got hurt in the third quarter.


A foot doctor’s daughters now say their late father diagnosed President Donald Trump with bone spurs to help him avoid the Vietnam War draft as a “favor” to his father Fred Trump.
So can we start calling him #CadetFakeBoneSpurs?

I’m so old I remember staying up late Christmas Eve in hopes of hearing Santa.
Instead of in dread of what POTUS might tweet.

Apparently 7-year-old who Donald Trump said it was”marginal” for someone her age to still Santa said she’d never heard word “marginal” before.
Again, education causes Democrats.

Apparently the three ghosts who visited White House last night didn’t make much impression on Donald Trump.

Whatever you believe…

December 25, 2018

Merry Christmas is not a mean sentiment   But “Happy Holidays” is boring and kind of a cop-out.  So heck  “Merry Whatever you Celebrate.”



Christmas Eve might have left Raiders fans wondering if they will ever see a professional home football game in Oakland again..

Fans in New Jersey might be forgiving for wondering the same thing with the Giants and Jets.

Clemson will not have star Dexter Lawrence for CFB playoffs after the DT tested positive for a banned substance. Maybe Lawrence was just trying to prove he is NFL ready?

Meanwhile, Alabama coach Nick Saban suspended three players for the CFB semifinal game against Oklahoma Saturday for “violations of team rules.” The players included two reserves and one starting offensive lineman who’d been dealing with turf toe and might not have played anyway.

But I’m sure Saban would have suspended the players anyway if they were stars…. #sarcasm.


Donald Trump -“I am all alone (poor me) in the White House waiting for the Democrats to come back.”
Oh, Democrats are coming back. But just guessing Trump should be careful what he wishes for. Especially starting Jan 3.

So confused, Trump whining about being “all alone” today. But he still has Fox News and the one he loves best. Unless staffers took down all the White House mirrors.

Trump to a seven-year old calling in on NORAD’s Santa line “Are you still a believer in Santa Claus? ‘Cuz at seven it’s marginal, right?”
Many Americans to their children “Are you still a believer in US democracy? ‘Cuz at 242 it’s now marginal, right?”

A group called Kremlin Annex is outside the White House playing music loudly. Please can someone get them the music tonight to Linda Ronstadt’s “Poor poor pitiful me.”

Trump now so upset about Fed chair Jerome Powell, maybe Donald should just fire the idiot who hired him.

In the Trump version of Christmas, Jesus Mary and Joseph are detained at a border wall and Herod is celebrated for keeping Judea great.

Any given Christmas Eve Eve?

December 24, 2018

Thinking a lot of folks might be forgiven for wondering why Nick Files isn’t Eagles starting QB?

6-8 Broncos vs 3-11 Raiders on Monday Night Football this week. So many NFL fans are getting their Christmas turkey earlier.


Wizards and Suns combined for 295 in Triple OT NBA game. Curiously enough 295 is approximate over-under if  Chiefs and Saints end up in the Super Bowl.

So did the Washington Redskins decide to show solidarity with government workers Saturday by shutting themselves down in the 4th quarter?

Treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin tweeted that he had called leaders of US largest banks to confirm they had liquidity to keep offering credit. Thereby trying to reassure Americans who weren’t worried until he tweeted?



Here’s a compromise for Donald Trump – whatever we decide to spend on his wall or slats or whatever, Democrats get an equal amount to put into whatever social problem they want that he’s cut.

So wait, this morning we aren’t talking about “artistic steel slats” and are back talking about “a good old-fashioned wall.” This is SO confusing.


If we had a President he would be at least sending “thoughts and prayers” to Indonesia.

Same POTUS who said he’d run unarmed into a school to face an armed killer was afraid to fire his Secretary of Defense in person or even by phone.

Just thinking, anyone who REALLY cared about safety in this country might make sure TSA agents got paid during a shutdown.

So if Mexico is paying for the wall will they cover paychecks of furloughed government workers too?

Trump is staying at the White House over Christmas.  Is it really because of the government shutdown. Or is it just possible Donald doesn’t want to face his rich friends after tanking the stock market?

Wonder if since he’s stuck in DC, if Trump will issue an executive order demanding McDonald’s stay open on Christmas.

Bowling for green?

December 22, 2018

Four more made-for-TV college football bowls Saturday. And can anyone who isn’t a gambler or alum of a school involved say they’re seriously planning to watch any of them?

One of Saturday’s bowls is the “Dollar General Bowl.”  Is that the price they hope fans will pay to attend?

With Cincinnati trading for Yasiel Puig, Reds may not contend in 2019, but at least dugout may have thermo-nuclear capability.

Troy Tulowitzki is being paid $38 million by the Toronto Blue Jays not to play. If SF Giants just sign him to play along with Pablo Sandoval ($18 million due from Red Sox) would they set a record for players being paid by other teams.

Must admit, it takes a certain kind of stable genius to shutdown the government over a wall that he promised us Mexico was going to pay for.

Reports that Trump has attacked Matt Whitaker because POTUS feels prosecutors that the acting AG oversees have filed charges that make him look bad. Truly amazing that buses run in DC with all the people Donald has thrown under them.


Melania Trump has gone down with her son to Mar-a-Lago while Donald stays in Washington. So seems like SOMEONE at least got what she wanted for Christmas.

Lost in the craziness of  Friday morning’s tweet storm from Donald Trump “I know tech better than anyone…”
Says the stable genius who can’t even use spellcheck on his phone.

TSA workers will remain on job, but they will not be paid, except presumably retroactively. And you think airport experience was bad enough before Government Shutdown.

Trump says he is prepared for a “very long shutdown.” Did someone forget to tell him new Democrat-controlled House starts on January 3?

Quote of the day “Rather than talking about putting up a fence, why don’t we work out some recognition of our mutual problems? Make it possible for them to come here legally with a work permit, and they, while they’re working and earning here, they’d pay taxes here. And when they want to go back, they can go back. They can cross. Open borders both ways”
From that noted liberal Ronald Reagan.

On a brighter note, today is literally the darkest day of the year in the US. So we’re all uphill from now!

Blink and you missed it..

December 21, 2018

Yes, Thursday December 20, was the “Bad Boy Mowers Gasparilla Bowl.

(and if you knew without Google who was playing in it…. well, you just MIGHT have too much time on your hands.)

On those days when you feel overwhelmed and unworthy at work, remember Nathan Peterman, signed by the Raiders, has a job as an NFL Quarterback.


Ohio State coach Urban Meyer, after he retires, again for health reason, will co-teach a course at the school on character  and leadership.

Some statements don’t even need a punchline.

Saints coach Sean Payton “The 46-man roster on game day is soon to be, I think, will be soon dated. I think that’s gotta change
If we’re interested in health and safety — and it sounds like we are; at least that’s something we talk about a lot — that number should be higher. And that’ll affect the overall roster size. And that might cost a little bit more money, but that’s the price.”

Uh “cost a little bit more money.” Wonder if NFL will suspend Payton again for that.

Can’t stop thinking about all those voters who thought there wouldn’t be any difference between Donald and Hillary…

Though in related news,  Donald Trump has announced his next book will teach executives healthy management techniques.

GoFundMe campaign for the wall up to over $9 million Wonder how many MAGAers who have donated would balk at, for example, paying $1 more for coffee or a burger to give restaurant workers a living wage


Even Fox News is making James Mattis’s departure a headline. But in their “Five things you need to know about Mattis” – #2 is “Obama appointed him to commander of U.S. Central Command.”

That moment when the last adult in the room decides the spoiled toddler is too much to handle….


So if you REALLY wanted to lead a war on Christmas, wouldn’t a first step be furloughing employees right before the holiday?

Wasn’t that long ago I bemoaned not being able to get on a flight for several hours without landing & thinking “WTF did Trump do now?”
Now we can’t even go for lunch or a coffee break.

Yesterday Trump tweeted “We have defeated ISIS in Syria.”
Today’s tweet – “Russia, Iran, Syria & many others are not happy about the U.S. leaving, despite what the Fake News says, because now they will have to fight ISIS and others, who they hate, without us.”
So we defeated them but they are back already? This is SO confusing…

Let’s hope no one tells Donald Trump that Santa Claus is a foreigner without a visa giving gift to people regardless of their immigration status.

I do think today the Democratic Virtual Advent Calendar just exploded.

But hey, if we have a government shutdown tomorrow, at least furloughed workers will be able to say “Merry Christmas!”

If elected they might not serve.

December 19, 2018

Seriously does anyone other than the players involved care who gets selected for the Pro Bowl?


New Orleans Saints need one more victory to clinch home field advantage throughout the playoffs.  And the Panthers, who they play for the final game of the season,  have just shut down Cam Newton.

Though my son points out that Carolina’s best passer on Monday night was actually Christian McCaffrey.

Whew, Ohio, was trending tonight. But it’s not a mass shooting or disaster, but just for a football bowl game. Okay, be honest folks, who knew Ohio University HAD a football team?

Maybe one way to get more interest in these meaningless bowl games is that winners get guaranteed games scheduled with Power 5 conferences?

Cuban Baseball Federation has reached an agreement with MLB to allow to allow Cuban players to sign major league contracts without defecting.
Nobody tell Donald Trump.

So if we want to practice on a wall, maybe America could start by building one at the Florida border over Christmas? Or at least around Mar-A-Lago?

Marco Rubio, one of 12 Senators to vote against – If I’m uncomfortable in the end I’m going to air on the side of public safety and vote against it.” Right, unless the bill favors NRA or gun lobby.

Have often thought having troops in the Mideast is a mistake. But to suddenly pull them out of Syria on a day when Flynn plea and Trump Foundation being dissolved are making headline, well, T.S. Eliot had it right: “The last temptation is the greatest treason. To do the right thing for the wrong reason.


Trump Wednesday night tweeting about “The Ingraham Angle.” Can someone please shout at him to turn off the TV and “Do your job”?

I’m so old I remember waking up during the holiday season without thinking “What tantrum is POTUS throwing this morning?


So if Mexico is somehow “indirectly paying for the wall” can I tell IRS I am indirectly paying my taxes?

Smocking something?

December 18, 2018

New Mets GM Brodie Van Wagenen “Internally, we would argue that we’re the favorites in the division right now.” Wait, I thought New York hadn’t yet legalized marijuana.

Redskins safety Montae Nicholson arrested early this am after he and a woman companion allegedly attacked another couple, Sounds like claiming Reuben Foster already has inspired his new teammates.

Damn, RIP Penny Marshall, not only Laverne but the director of “Big” and “League of Their Own.” No doubt she’s on her way to heaven saying “Are you crying? Are you crying?! There’s no crying! There’s no crying in baseball!

Trump is directing DOD to establish Space Command, aka Space Force. Does he think he can get Michael Jordan in charge?

Amazing, Tucker Carlson’s claim immigrants make the U.S. “poorer and dirtier.”
Wonder how many of the people who clean his home and hotel rooms he frequents are American born?

Wait, all of a sudden White House says they will accept $1.6 billion for wall instead of $6 billion. But why should it matter if Mexico is paying for it?

United Airlines is telling Premier members they now have free access to “Preferred Seats” – standard legroom but in “first few rows behind Economy Plus.”
Translation, most fliers will be now paying more not to sit in the VERY back of the bus.

Steve Mnuchin, asked about Trump’s “middle-class tax cut.”- “I’m not going to comment on whether it is a real thing or not a real thing,”
Translation – Trump made it up.

Today’s Trump fundraising email:
“..Your name is *NOT* yet on the Official First Family Christmas Card. President Trump and the First Lady have been working so hard to bring Christmas cheer to the White House……Because it’s not just their home. It’s your home too.
That’s why the official Christmas card we give them on Christmas Eve won’t be complete without your name.”
Uh, they won’t even be in White House on Christmas Eve, they’ll be at Mar-A-Lago.


The First Step Act is a good first step in criminal justice reform. But with such overwhelming support, have to wonder, why did Mitch McConnell refuse to bring it to the Senate floor until now?
Almost as if Trump asked him to wait to provide distraction on a very very bad day


December 18, 2018

And yes, we all expected the New Orleans Saints to be on the cusp of clinching home field advantage throughout the playoffs because of their stellar…. defense??


And also  didn’t everyone have the San Antonio Spurs going 5-1 on their homestand by beating the now 20-12 Philadelphia 76ers and losing to the now 7-24 Chicago Bulls?

Your post Saints-Panthers game reminder, that while Cam Newton is a very good QB, it took a lot to be expelled from the University of Florida under Urban Meyer.

Must admit I liked the Woody Allen  movie “Manhattan”  MUCH more before I knew it was autobiographical.


Got an online ad for “official” Trump merchandise on sale for Christmas, IF you use the code ‘NOEL.” Wait, Noel is a French word. I thought we’re making America great again


Just thinking, if we have a Government Shutdown presume Secret Service still needs to guard Donald Trump. But to save manpower and money shouldn’t it only be indoors, meaning he shouldn’t venture outside to say, a golf course?


Utah just lowered DUI blood-alcohol content limit to 0.05, strictest in US. So any guy who wants to party this holiday season should be sure to be driven home by his most sober wife.


New report says that after the election, Russian disinformation teams targeted Robert Mueller. Now we might be talking the REAL witch hunt.



Your reminder that most people working illegally in this country flew in on visitor’s visas. You know, like at first Melanija Slavs, now FLOTUS.

If you are more outraged about Sarah Sanders not being able to finish her cheese plate than a 7-year old girl dying after being detained by the Border Patrol, you just might need to rearrange your priorities.

So if we DO have government shutdown Dec. 21 would that mean Air Force One is grounded from flying to Florida? Asking for a country.

Strange bedfellows, or at least field fellows…

December 17, 2018

While rooting for team you love is best, a one-night fling with someone playing “your” team’s rival can also be very satisfying.  Thank you Eagles, on behalf of all Saints fans. #BeatLA

Have to think a lot of casual NFL fans are wondering why this Nick Foles guy isn’t the Eagles regular starting QB.
Come to think of it..


Meanwhile,  Steelers Patriots features a team led by (alleged) rapist against the  cheaters… Sometimes choosing who to root for in NFL football can be so confusing…


-Christmas PSA – hey folks, if you care about American jobs, forget spending money on a wall, spend your money at small businesses.

A farm tied to an outbreak of E.coli  with romaine lettuce now is recalling other lettuce and cauliflower.
Once again, a chance for anti-science Trumpster to “own the libs” – proudly eat those vegetables.


So was calling his former long-time personal attorney a “Rat” another moment Donald Trump became Presidential?

Meanwhile, now there are rumors that Ross, Nielsen and even Devos might be leaving Trump White House. This ship of state  is losing rats faster than a boat carrying a cat convention.

Maybe the point of having Stephen Miller in White House is to convince immigrants they don’t want to come to a country that includes people like him?

Was spending the third Sunday in December shut up in the White House rage-tweeting another way Trump was saving Christmas again?


The real  reason Trump was so upset by SNL It’s a Wonderful Life spoof? – he always sided with Mr. Potter.

Who knew Rick Perry MIGHT end up being one of the least harmful Trump cabinet members?

Can’t decide for sure the windows this weekend for Democratic Virtual Advent Calendar.  But a strong case can be made for SNL’s “It’s a wonderful Trump” and Stephen Miller’s Wooly Willy hair. (google it, youngsters.)


December 16, 2018

As bowl season got started Saturday, suppose in a time of constant change, it’s somehow comforting to know that ASU is keeping last year’s Pac12 Bowl reputation alive.

So maybe tonight’s second half collapse by San Antonio Spurs against the Chicago Bulls was just the team’s way of suggesting to Gregg Popovich he retire and run for President.

Boston Red Sox, MLB’s top spenders, owe $11,951,091 in luxury tax. But in support of their fans, perhaps team will offer beer and hot dogs on a deferred payment plan.

Great cold open “It’s a Wonderful Trump” on Saturday Night Live. And much funnier than more accurate remake where Clarence would have just pushed Trump off that bridge.

To the gray-haired guy in the nice convertible I spent 10 minutes driving behind today: It kind of ruins the youthful muscle car effect to drive with your blinker on.

Your reminder that Reed O’Connor, the Federal Judge who is trying to overturn Obamacare, has great Healthcare benefits he can keep after retirement.


As we fret about who might be presidential candidate in 2020, a reminder that in late 2006, Barack Obama was the choice of a whopping 17% of Democrats.

Have seen some wondering, with all the purges in Trump White House how is Betsy DeVos still in the Cabinet? Well, we all know Donald Trump is threatened by smart women….

A game of bowls?

December 15, 2018

First five College Football Bowl games start on December 15. And if you can name more than one of them, you just might need a life.

A announced three-team NBA trade between Wizards, Suns and Grizzlies fell through tonight, allegedly over confusion over whether it involved Dillon or MarShon Brooks.  Now the fun for all three teams’ coaches  convincing the players who were supposed to be gone that the team really values them.

Up to 40 foot waves are forecast for SF Bay Area beaches this weekend, the Mavericks surf competition has been cancelled, and National Weather Service is saying “Don’t go to the beach. Don’t step on the sand. Stay on the sidewalk.”
Too soon to start a pool on the number of Darwin award candidates?


Chris Christie turned down Trump for the Chief of Staff position. So did he burn that bridge or just close it down?


Mark Mulvaney is already Trump’s OMB director and acting czar of the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau. So now being acting Chief of Staff will be a third job he doesn’t do.


Michelle Obama spoke before a sellout crowd tonight in San Jose as part of her book tour. Wonder if Melania had one of her staff there to take notes for future speeches.

Lindsay Graham now says he’s fine with Trump ‘lying about sex.’
Uh, hasn’t Lindsay been lying about sex his whole career?

Maybe Trump didn’t need to kill stories about his affairs to be elected. But the point has never been whether the crimes and cover-ups were necessary to win. Ask Richard Nixon.

Lou Dobbs on the FBI––”corrupt, politically corrupt…. a legion of evildoers…” I’m so old I remember when the FBI was good and North Korea was bad.

GOP thinks when child dies after walking for weeks in hopes of life away from poverty & violence, parents are responsible. But when child is fatally shot because a gun was left unsecured, parents are not.


So what’s behind today’s Democratic Virtual Advent Calendar?
Chris Christie preemptively turning Trump down as Chief of Staff.
Or Ivanka being implicated in a scheme to enrich the Trump family with inaugural funds?

Within sight?

December 14, 2018

As we get to mid-December, casual basketball fans can rejoice in fact that we are only about six months away from NBA finals.

Lakers were so upset with officiating in their 126-111 to Rockets, that several players purposely held their hands behind their back while on defense.  Which was effectively different from some regular NBA defenses how?

A Southwest Airlines flight to Texas returned to Seattle after an unidentified someone left a human heart on board. Well, pretty sure it wasn’t a GOP member of Congress, none of them have one.


QB Cam Newton says he’s still upset about a broom he got last season after Panthers were swept in three games against the Saints, and that though they’re not sure who sent it, that it was “disrespectful, disrespectful… ”
Uh, is he sure the broom came from New Orleans and not a pissed off Carolina fan?

White House has apparently cancelled their annual Press holiday party. Well, probably most members of the media wouldn’t want to attend without a food taster anyway.

Federal prosecutors in New York now reportedly investigating President Trump’s inaugural committee for misuse of funds and illegal access for donors. Hmm, California might lose its place as number #1 on Indvidual #1’s sh*tlist.

So any chance Melania dyed her hair because being blonde is becoming a requirement for women in this administration and White House?

Trump to Fox News today “I think I have the greatest face in the history of politics. I have people that I love and that love me, frankly, that includes a lot of women. I’ve got a tremendous percentage of women last time, remember?”
Someday, Trump may be the first person to have his own DSM page.


We know it must have been a bad day for Trump. Fox News website headline is about Hillary Clinton and Uranium One.

Wow, so many choices for today’s Democratic Virtual Advent Calendar….Maria Butina, inaugural committee investigation, Trump in room for Enquirer hush money talks…. We’re going to need a bigger window.

Amazing how Trump only chooses “the best people” when he hires them, but they all they become complete idiots and liars when they leave.

Blame Canada

December 13, 2018

Well, Kawhi Leonard certainly has made Toronto impressive as Raptors dismantled Golden State tonight in Oakland. Oh, wait, he didn’t even play? Wow. Never mind.

Shaq said his Lakers team could have beaten the Warriors.
“Oh, he’s dead wrong,” Curry said earlier today. “Of course we’d beat them.”
Los Angeles maybe, but what about the Raptors?

Kentucky sophomore point guard Quade Green, who has had reduced playing time this year, has announced he will transfer “I just felt like it was best that I explore other opportunities for my athletic and academic future”
And he said “academic future” with a straight face.


Costco has stopped selling their “Kirkland Signature Light Beer” which customers apparently said tasted like “urine.”
So did Costco get caught stealing the recipe for Bud Light?

Trump morning rant on twitter was about border security after attack in France. Except the alleged gunman is a Frenchman, radicalized in prison. So what are we going to do about prison reform?


Just wondering, how many Trump stories did the National Enquirer “catch and kill” that we don’t yet know about?

But with all due respect, why would a man who was heard talking about grabbing women by the pussy AND said he could shoot someone in the middle of 5th Ave and get away with it CARE if it came out he had more affairs?

Sarah Sanders says Mark Meadows will not be WH Chief of Staff. “The President told him we need him in Congress so he can continue the great work he is doing there.” Translation, either Jared or Ivanka don’t like him.


Melania tonight, said it “is hard to deal with ‘opportunists’ who use my name or my family name to advance themselves. Right, how dare any one try to muscle in on the Trump grift?


Ah, such a mature fundraising effort and suggested petition to sign from Trump today….
TO: Chuck Schumer & Nancy Pelosi


Newt Gingrich now apparently on short list for White House Chief of Staff. Apparently Trump was draining the swamp just to do a search for bottom feeders

Slouching towards Spring Training.

December 12, 2018

Yankees GM Brian Cashman on Gary Sanchez as catcher “He’s certainly someone that we’ve invested in and believe in and expect to be a part of this place moving forward.”
Translation “We haven’t been able to work out a deal for anyone better.

Pirates fans who are just getting over team trading their beloved OF Andrew McCutchen to SF Giants now have to watch him play for cross-state rival Phillies.

So the halftime show, featuring “Imagine Dragons,” for the January  9 College Football Playoff National Championship won’t even be at Levi’s Stadium, but at Treasure Island between SF and Oakland.
Because not even a band can count on making it to Santa Clara in weekday rush hour traffic?

Ouch, Pirates fans who are just getting over team trading their beloved OF Andrew McCutchen to SF Giants now have to watch him play for cross-state rival Phillies.

You really know Donald Trump got schooled by Nancy Pelosi when Fox News headlines are about Stormy Daniels.

Sad an awful story about  Christmas market shooting in Strasbourg, Frrnce, with at least 4 dead.  Don’t expect to hear from Donald Trump about it though. Per police “The suspect is a 29-year-old man who was born in Strasbourg,”


Chris Christie is now being mentioned as a possible WH Chief of Staff. Although Christie, who threw Kushner’s father in prison, has a frosty relationship with Jared and Ivanka.
Maybe Trump figures he’ll close down that bridge when he comes to it.

Anyone who doesn’t understand why Nancy Pelosi should and will be our next Speaker of the House needs to watch her with Trump this morning.

Seriously since most illegal immigrants fly in and overstay their visas, how about spending some of the money Trump wants for his stupid wall on a better computer system to track people who come in legally but allegedly short-term

Truth be told, Trump doesn’t want a completely secure border & end to illegal immigration. He needs racism and fear as cover for fact his tax cuts and other pro-business policies are REAL reason things aren’t getting better for the working class.

Report from Scott Dworkin from a GOP consultant ” Trump is “absolutely enraged” by news coverage of his meeting with Pelosi and Schumer today. Trump apparently blames Pence for not speaking up. He thinks Pence “lost it for him.” And he wishes he never held the meeting, calling it a “set up.”


On the virtual Democratic advent calendar, the window for Dec 11 has a particularly pretty picture.

Getting late earlier?

December 11, 2018

ESPN announced they are moving Sunday Night baseball up an hour to 7pm. What a disappointment for all those Yankee and Red Sox fans who love East Coast midnight baseball.

Now it’s Stephen Curry who says the moon landing was faked?   Is it time to start checking NBA players regularly for concussions?

Monday night’s Seahawks uniforms gave gave me 1970s Spencer’s Gift black light poster  flashbacks…spencers

Meanwhile the Vikings offense gave me World Cup flashbacks.

But so  after watching Vikings get shut out until a meaningless late 4th quarter score thinking maybe all of the Redskins’ problems this year AREN’T the result of letting Kirk Cousins go…

The finalist list for Time “Person of the Year” is out. Think the explosion from  “Individual #1”  would register on the Richter scale if it’s Robert Mueller.

Smocking gun? Methinks Mueller has a smocking arsenal.


Former NRA operative and alleged Russian spy Maria Butina has apparently negotiated a plea deal. December is becoming an advent calendar of little gifts. Can’t wait to see what’s behind tomorrow’s window.

Remember watching those old black-and-white movies featuring the “Keystone Cops?” Seems like it’s about time to dub Trump administration ‘The Keystone Criminals.”

Today’s effort from Lara Trump and her Trump fundraising email team-“Now we’re getting ready to embark on the second chapter of the world’s greatest political movement in history.” Uh, more like Chapter 11.


Whether you are mildly worried or terrified about climate change, one thing stands out – in opposing a UN climate report this week, the US joined with only Kuwait, Russia, and Saudi Arabia.

Maybe if she dyes her hair blonde to fit in better with women in his administration Donald Trump would consider Sarah Palin for Chief of Staff?

How long until Donald Trump asks for an H-1B visa to hire a Chief of Staff because he can’t find any Americans to take the job?