And yes, we all expected the New Orleans Saints to be on the cusp of clinching home field advantage throughout the playoffs because of their stellar…. defense??


And also  didn’t everyone have the San Antonio Spurs going 5-1 on their homestand by beating the now 20-12 Philadelphia 76ers and losing to the now 7-24 Chicago Bulls?

Your post Saints-Panthers game reminder, that while Cam Newton is a very good QB, it took a lot to be expelled from the University of Florida under Urban Meyer.

Must admit I liked the Woody Allen  movie “Manhattan”  MUCH more before I knew it was autobiographical.


Got an online ad for “official” Trump merchandise on sale for Christmas, IF you use the code ‘NOEL.” Wait, Noel is a French word. I thought we’re making America great again


Just thinking, if we have a Government Shutdown presume Secret Service still needs to guard Donald Trump. But to save manpower and money shouldn’t it only be indoors, meaning he shouldn’t venture outside to say, a golf course?


Utah just lowered DUI blood-alcohol content limit to 0.05, strictest in US. So any guy who wants to party this holiday season should be sure to be driven home by his most sober wife.


New report says that after the election, Russian disinformation teams targeted Robert Mueller. Now we might be talking the REAL witch hunt.



Your reminder that most people working illegally in this country flew in on visitor’s visas. You know, like at first Melanija Slavs, now FLOTUS.

If you are more outraged about Sarah Sanders not being able to finish her cheese plate than a 7-year old girl dying after being detained by the Border Patrol, you just might need to rearrange your priorities.

So if we DO have government shutdown Dec. 21 would that mean Air Force One is grounded from flying to Florida? Asking for a country.

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