Strange bedfellows, or at least field fellows…

While rooting for team you love is best, a one-night fling with someone playing “your” team’s rival can also be very satisfying.  Thank you Eagles, on behalf of all Saints fans. #BeatLA

Have to think a lot of casual NFL fans are wondering why this Nick Foles guy isn’t the Eagles regular starting QB.
Come to think of it..


Meanwhile,  Steelers Patriots features a team led by (alleged) rapist against the  cheaters… Sometimes choosing who to root for in NFL football can be so confusing…


-Christmas PSA – hey folks, if you care about American jobs, forget spending money on a wall, spend your money at small businesses.

A farm tied to an outbreak of E.coli  with romaine lettuce now is recalling other lettuce and cauliflower.
Once again, a chance for anti-science Trumpster to “own the libs” – proudly eat those vegetables.


So was calling his former long-time personal attorney a “Rat” another moment Donald Trump became Presidential?

Meanwhile, now there are rumors that Ross, Nielsen and even Devos might be leaving Trump White House. This ship of state  is losing rats faster than a boat carrying a cat convention.

Maybe the point of having Stephen Miller in White House is to convince immigrants they don’t want to come to a country that includes people like him?

Was spending the third Sunday in December shut up in the White House rage-tweeting another way Trump was saving Christmas again?


The real  reason Trump was so upset by SNL It’s a Wonderful Life spoof? – he always sided with Mr. Potter.

Who knew Rick Perry MIGHT end up being one of the least harmful Trump cabinet members?

Can’t decide for sure the windows this weekend for Democratic Virtual Advent Calendar.  But a strong case can be made for SNL’s “It’s a wonderful Trump” and Stephen Miller’s Wooly Willy hair. (google it, youngsters.)

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2 Comments on “Strange bedfellows, or at least field fellows…”

  1. TC in BC Says:

    But a strong case can be made for SNL’s “It’s a wonderful Trump” and Stephen Miller’s Wooly Willy hair.

    Stephen Miller & You Broke My Heart Fredo are friends on FB.

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