Within sight?

As we get to mid-December, casual basketball fans can rejoice in fact that we are only about six months away from NBA finals.

Lakers were so upset with officiating in their 126-111 to Rockets, that several players purposely held their hands behind their back while on defense.  Which was effectively different from some regular NBA defenses how?

A Southwest Airlines flight to Texas returned to Seattle after an unidentified someone left a human heart on board. Well, pretty sure it wasn’t a GOP member of Congress, none of them have one.


QB Cam Newton says he’s still upset about a broom he got last season after Panthers were swept in three games against the Saints, and that though they’re not sure who sent it, that it was “disrespectful, disrespectful… ”
Uh, is he sure the broom came from New Orleans and not a pissed off Carolina fan?

White House has apparently cancelled their annual Press holiday party. Well, probably most members of the media wouldn’t want to attend without a food taster anyway.

Federal prosecutors in New York now reportedly investigating President Trump’s inaugural committee for misuse of funds and illegal access for donors. Hmm, California might lose its place as number #1 on Indvidual #1’s sh*tlist.

So any chance Melania dyed her hair because being blonde is becoming a requirement for women in this administration and White House?

Trump to Fox News today “I think I have the greatest face in the history of politics. I have people that I love and that love me, frankly, that includes a lot of women. I’ve got a tremendous percentage of women last time, remember?”
Someday, Trump may be the first person to have his own DSM page.


We know it must have been a bad day for Trump. Fox News website headline is about Hillary Clinton and Uranium One.

Wow, so many choices for today’s Democratic Virtual Advent Calendar….Maria Butina, inaugural committee investigation, Trump in room for Enquirer hush money talks…. We’re going to need a bigger window.

Amazing how Trump only chooses “the best people” when he hires them, but they all they become complete idiots and liars when they leave.

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