A game of bowls?

First five College Football Bowl games start on December 15. And if you can name more than one of them, you just might need a life.

A announced three-team NBA trade between Wizards, Suns and Grizzlies fell through tonight, allegedly over confusion over whether it involved Dillon or MarShon Brooks.  Now the fun for all three teams’ coaches  convincing the players who were supposed to be gone that the team really values them.

Up to 40 foot waves are forecast for SF Bay Area beaches this weekend, the Mavericks surf competition has been cancelled, and National Weather Service is saying “Don’t go to the beach. Don’t step on the sand. Stay on the sidewalk.”
Too soon to start a pool on the number of Darwin award candidates?


Chris Christie turned down Trump for the Chief of Staff position. So did he burn that bridge or just close it down?


Mark Mulvaney is already Trump’s OMB director and acting czar of the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau. So now being acting Chief of Staff will be a third job he doesn’t do.


Michelle Obama spoke before a sellout crowd tonight in San Jose as part of her book tour. Wonder if Melania had one of her staff there to take notes for future speeches.

Lindsay Graham now says he’s fine with Trump ‘lying about sex.’
Uh, hasn’t Lindsay been lying about sex his whole career?

Maybe Trump didn’t need to kill stories about his affairs to be elected. But the point has never been whether the crimes and cover-ups were necessary to win. Ask Richard Nixon.

Lou Dobbs on the FBI––”corrupt, politically corrupt…. a legion of evildoers…” I’m so old I remember when the FBI was good and North Korea was bad.

GOP thinks when child dies after walking for weeks in hopes of life away from poverty & violence, parents are responsible. But when child is fatally shot because a gun was left unsecured, parents are not.


So what’s behind today’s Democratic Virtual Advent Calendar?
Chris Christie preemptively turning Trump down as Chief of Staff.
Or Ivanka being implicated in a scheme to enrich the Trump family with inaugural funds?

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